December 1, 2022
Pradosh Vrat Posters

All About Pradosh Vrat, Posters, Dates, Katha

According to the Hindu calendar, it is a bimonthly occasion performed on the thirteenth day of every fortnight connected with the worshipping and pleasing of Lord Shiva. The propitious time is 1.5 hours before and after the sunset. The fasting is done in the period which is known as the Pradosh Vrat. A staunch lover of Lord Shiva will please by performing the fast, wearing Rudraksha, vibhuti, sandal paste, bael leaves, and food offerings. 

What does Pradosh mean?

Pradosh means the son of Kalpa and dosha. He had two brothers Nishitya and Vyustha. During every month and every paksha, triyodash (13th fortnight) meets the end of Dwadashi that is the 12th fortnight and this is called pradosh. 

In South India During Pradosh vrat, the bull Nandi is worshipped, this festival idol of Lord Shiva with Parvati is posed on Nandi is taken in the temple complex. The worshipping is performed during the sandhya kaal along with the fat by a vigil. After taking a bath before sunset, the pradosh story is also read out after the worship.

Pradosh Vrat dates 

Pradosh vrat starts at 4:26 PM on July 21 and ends at 1:32 PM on July 22, 2021. It can be started early in the morning after sunrise, while triyodash should be prevailing at this time. This is the time all the devotees would be doing Shiva Abhishek and the fats depend on the time of sunset which varies from city to city.

Krishna Pradosh Vrat-05 August 2021, Thursday

Pradosh Vrat Katha

There are different stories relating to the pradosh vrat. Like we have discussed one when one of the rulers of the planet moon i.e. Chandra Dev suffered from an illness because of the curse given to him. After many pleasing and offerings made by Chandra dev to Lord Shiva, lord shiva blessed him and freed him from the curse and disease on the day of triyodasha.

This day is since then observed as the triyodashi pradosh and all the staunch worshippers of Lord Shiva revered him by offerings and performing fast. According to legends, the devas appealed to seek help in fighting with the demons or asuras. They all went to Kailash parvat on the pradosh evening and were received by the bull Nandi lord Shiva helped them in fighting with the demons by drinking the poison and danced tandava on the bull Nandi. So this way the tradition continues to worship lord shiva along with the bull Nandi.

What to do on Pradosh Vrat?

 Pradosh means erasing all your sins. In the evening all the devotees visit Shiva temples and perform Abhishek and during the time of Pradosh Nadi Bull is also worshipped. In some temples, adorned idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati are placed on the Bull Nandi and carried to the temple complex. 

Pradosh Vrat posters

To celebrate this propitious day, we have also provided you with posters, illustrations, images, etc on Pradosh vrat with beautiful enchanting mantras and hymns written on it.

Pradosh Vrat Poster
Pradosh Vrat Poster
Pradosh Vrat Posters
Pradosh Vrat Posters


To conclude, we have mentioned all about the Pradosh Vrat in detail along with the pradosh vrat dates, pradosh vart Katha and the significance of performing the vrat. All the devoted lovers of Lord Shiva can perform the rituals all by heart to seek blessings from him. 

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