August 9, 2022
BGMI 1.8 Update APK Download

BGMI 1.8 Update APK Download

The BGMI 1.8 Update APK download is available for early admittance to get the BGMI 1.8 APK+OBB downloads, game patches, OBB downloads, and much more about these fresh updates.

BGMI 1.8 Update APK Download
BGMI 1.8 Update APK Download

Conferring to the official declaration, the fresh update 1.8 has finally arrived and the update rolls out to every country and device from 11 UTC. But this time the update will not see the server as offline.

New BGMI 1.8  Update Download Jan 2022

As we know BGMI 1.8.0 is the Indian version of the legendary multiplayer Battle Royale game PUBG developed by KRAFTON only for the Indian gamers. This game is absolutely free to play and this game is full of fun to play with friends. In this game, you have to go on a journey to achieve the toughest leaderboards and battle with opponents for expensive details.

This game is specially designed for teams, but if you want to play it solo then there is no issue you can play it alone also. Usually, you can play this game with two on one platoon of 4 players in the same time. When you download the updated BGMI 1.8 Version you will be acknowledged to striking prices along with several amazing outfits along with weapon skins and much more.

About BGMI’s new 1.8 update Patch Notes

The BGMI mobile game is released in its net update as BGMI 1.8.0 and this new update contains several new features which will definitely make this game more exciting, fun and overall offer a better gaming experience. The new update will definitely change user interface significantly.

Let’s check what is new with this new update of BGMI 1.8.0

  • The new BGMI map presents a novel futuristic-looking graphic. The chart is presently only accessible on PUBG PC and receives a lot of updates.
  • New weapon novel ammunition is there in this game, together with blue zone grenades. As a result, blue zone grenades and blue zone grenades will be damaged.
  • New Pistol Skin on Halloween the game is releasing a novel skin for the M416
    Carry function This point be accessible in A novel point for conveying teammates is one of the most valuable features available in PUBG PC.

The new BGMI India update updates bring up the following fresh features like.

  • Shaking lobby
  • Change of Ui (Settings, Events, Maps & Mission)
  • New Modes (Aftermath, Spider-Man & Jujutsu kaisen)
  • New Collect Animation Added
  • New Cycle Rewards as Cycle 2 Season 4
  • New 8vs8 Tdm Map (Santorini)
  • Matro Royal Mode Back Again
  • New Companion (Cathy)
  • Lobby Robot First Skins
  • Collab With Jujutsu kaisen

No doubt this new update brings significant improvements to the user interface like easy to access and clean navigation. If you can’t install the new update from the official website then no need to worry, we are here to resolve your issue and provide you with the 1.8 update APK download link.

The download link of BGMI 1.8 APK and OBB

Before we continue further here, we recommend you always download the update from the Google Play Store for the easiest and for your safety. You can update your game via APK if for any reason you are not able to update BGMI from Play Store.

In such cases, we are here to resolve your issue!

How to Install the BGMI 1.8 APK?

Follow the simple steps given below to download and install the BGMI 1.8 update.

  • Make sure you have an unlimited data connection to your device so better to connect with a Wi-Fi network before downloading the APK file
  • Make sure that you have sufficient space on your device.
  • Permit apps to be installed from unknown sources. To do this, navigate to your device’s “Settings > Safety and Privacy” menus and select “Install apps from Unknown Sources”.
  • Access your device’s “Downloads” folder and search for the APK file.
  • Install the APK file by clicking the Install button.
  • Now start the game and log in with your credentials.
  • Let it install the OBB file.
  • You can now delete the APK file from the Downloads folder.

Now you are finished up with the installation process! Just start the game and enjoy the newly update BGMI game.

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