October 3, 2022

BJP MP Tejasvi Surya Withdraw’s “Hindu Revival”

BJP MP Tassavi Surya “unconditionally” retracted his views on the Hindu Renaissance and turned “all who” into the Hindu community “throughout Indian history” a video of his controversial talks.

Tejasvi Surya sent out a morning tweet that stated:

“I spoke on the issue of ‘Hindu Revival in Bharat’ at an event held recently in Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt. Unfortunately, some of my remarks have sparked an unavoidable debate. As a result, I am withdrawing the statements without reservation.”

On Saturday, the Karnataka BJP chief suggested that people who abandoned their “mother faith” should be reintroduced first, as it was the “most practicable answer” to an “anomaly.”

“Hinduism has been expelled from his mother’s faith. There may be just one viable solution and only one approach to deal with this oddity,” Tejasvi Surya remarked on the Sri Krishna Mutt.

“Those who have abandoned their mother faith for various socio-political and financial reasons throughout India’s history, as well as those who have long since left the Hindu fold, should be returned back into the Hindu faith. They need to acknowledge their mother faith,” The 31-year-old MP from Bangalore South said.

New Delhi:

Tejasvi Surya, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), sparked outrage on Monday after a video of him making controversial remarks about ‘Hindu revival’ and “bringing lower back to the Hindu fold” all those who converted “through the course of India’s history” went viral.

Hate speeches and blatant calls for genocide spoken during a “Dharma Sansad,” or spiritual conclave, in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, went viral last week.

Ashwini Upadhyay of the BJP was also present at the event and distributed copies of the “Bhagwa (saffron) Constitution,” as he called it. Following public indignation over the conclave’s videos, the Uttarakhand police initiated a complaint but only named one person with “others.”

Some of the organizers of this conclave even flaunted their BJP links by sharing images of themselves with BJP members.
He was quoted as adding in the same speech on Saturday that annual goals should be provided to mutts and temples in order to re-convert those Hindus who have abandoned the faith.

  • Tejasvi Surya, the BJP’s Yuva Morcha (kids’ wing) chief, is known for his divisive strategies and controversial outbursts.
  • The MP removed his remarks, claiming that “positive statements” from his speech had caused “unavoidable controversy.”
  • Earlier, in an exchange with a few academics, he claimed that the forefathers of modern Muslims and Christians were forcibly converted from Hinduism.

“The Constitution begins with the words ‘India; this is Bharath.’ If India is to maintain its identity, it must have a Hindu majority,” he continued.

Wrapping Up

This was the latest news from the Indian media about the outburst that was caused by Tejasvi Surya’s statement during an event. More news will be updated on the website soon.

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