November 28, 2021

Dance Plus 6 Winner

Dance Plus is a highly popular television dance show on Star Plus. The show has competitors from various walks of life. On July 3, 2015, it aired for the first time on the Star Plus channel.  The current season began a while back in this year, and this time the program is being streamed on the OTT site Hotstar rather than being shown on TV. Every season, the show’s talent level rises to new heights, and the variety of talents on display is unrivaled. 

Since we all are aware, owing to the current epidemic, the program was broadcasted on an online medium this time. Nonetheless, the program has received positive feedback from viewers. The creators have done everything in their power to entice the audience. Raghav Juyal’s mind-blowing and incredibly amazing anchoring earned the program a lot of attention from the viewers. Moreover, the show has reached its finale and we have got the Dance Plus 6 Winner!

Meanwhile, many well-known people have appeared on the program this season to encourage the candidates on their way to earn the fame and Dance Plus 6 Winner trophy. Mithun Chakraborty, Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Badshah, Jacqueline Fernandez, Yami Gautam, Farah Khan, Neeraj Chopra, Prabhu Deva, Ayesha Singh, Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt, V Unbeatable and others were among the esteemed guests who attended the show.

Shakti Mohan, Salman Yusuff Khan, and Punit Pathak, all three captains, contested for the Ultimate Title. If you’re a dance enthusiast who enjoys the show, you’re probably wondering about Dance Plus Season 6 Winner! All of the information regarding the Dance Plus 6 Winner who received a trophy in a Grand Finale programme has been provided. So, stay tuned and continue reading! 

About Dance Plus 

Before knowing who is the Dance Plus 6 Winner, it is better to know about the show itself. The show’s theme is that the participants are coached by three trainers. Remo D’Souza, a prominent performer and choreographer who later became a movie director, is the show’s main judge. This is a fight between three captains’ teams, in which they must compete for the championship and reward money by performing a choreographed dance sequence. There are no limitations on dancing forms in this contest; participants may act solo or in groups. 

Dance Plus 6 Winner

Dance Plus 6 Winner
Dance Plus 6 Winner

The winner of Dance Plus 6 has already been unveiled in the Closing Segment. The golden trio of Harsh, Sneha Chakraborty, and Tejas from Team Shakti Mohan won Dance Plus 6. 

Team Shakti Trio Harsh-Tejas-Sneha first appeared in a show as individual contestants. During the selection of the Top 15 Contestants. Remo chose these three and formed a Trio out of them. Later, they put on the performances together. Finally, Team Shakti Mohan takes the lead this season and became Dance Plus, 6 Winner team, for the first time ever!

Contesting Participants on Dance Plus 6

You’re probably wondering which Dance Plus 6 Winner was chosen from which participants. The following is a breakdown of all the performers who featured in the most recent season of the show.

S. No Performers Type Style Team
1 Shivanshu Soni Solo Ballet, Classical, Popping and Animation Punit
2 Kuldeep and Pranshu Pair Lyrical
3 Romsha Singh Solo Hip-Hop & Contemporary
4 Hot Indians Group Urban Choreography
5 Pratik Surve Solo Contemporary
6 J.S Angels Group Bharatnatyam Shakti
7 Dhananjay Joshi Solo Lyrical and Contemporary
8 PS2 Trio Animation
9 Shweta Sharda Solo Popping & Hip-Hop
10 Harsh, Tejas and Sneha Trio Contemporary
11 Ajay and Sara Pair Freestyle Salman
12 Rohan Parkale Solo Lyrical and Animation
13 Tom and Jerry Pair Vernacular/Street dance
14 MD Hassan Raja Solo Contemporary and B-boying
15 N House Crew Group Lyrical


All these contestants participated in Dance Plus 6. All of them were tough contenders for the Dance Plus 6 Winner trophy!


Semi-Finalists (Top 6) on Dance Plus 6

These six contenders have been putting in a lot of effort to achieve the Dance Plus 6 Winner crown.

S. No. Performers Type Style Team
1 Pratik Surve Solo Contemporary Punit
2 Romsha Singh Hip-Hop & Contemporary
3 Kuldeep & Pranshu Pair Lyrical
4 Dhananjay Joshi Solo Lyrical and Contemporary Shakti
5 Harsh, Tejas & Sneha Trio Contemporary
6 Rohan Parkale Solo Lyrical & Abomination Salman


These six contenders are worthy finalists, having made it to the finals following a grueling battle. The candidates worked extremely hard to battle and develop themselves. 

How Dance Plus 6 Winner was decided?

Well, talking about the Dance Plus 6 Winner, some of you might be thinking up how the contenders get evaluated! We got you covered, hereunder are how the points are assigned to the Dance Plus 6 contenders:

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  1. A captain awards a rating out of ten, while Super Judge Remo assigns a rating out of twenty. Remo also have the ability to give the squad a dual bonus, which resulted in the squad receiving an extra ten points.
  2. Beginning with Season 6, D’Souza introduced a new captains’ task. Remo launched a dancing icon battle, with the victorious team receiving the Battle Plus trophy. The team that wins, together with the highest two teams from the captain’s task round, will compete in the ultimate battle.
  3. The Captain’s Challenge Round is the second round. Each captain issued a challenge to the other captains. Each team sent one artist to the stage. The top two scoring teams compete in a final clash with the Battle Plus winner.
  4. In the final encounter, one artist from each squad performed. Remo chooses the champion of the last battle. That week’s champion is the squad whose talent won the final battle.
  5. The triumphant captain selects two Finalists from their squad, and Remo picks up one from them.


Well, this is the way contestants got the score and the highest scorers kept moving ahead week by week and ultimately battled for the prestigious Dance Plus 6 Winner title!

Dance Plus Winner List

Well, we told you about the Dance Plus 6 Winners but you might be interested in knowing about all the season winners. Worry not! We have compiled the list here for you. Here is the list of winners from all the Seasons of Dance Plus:

  • Season 1 Winner – V COMPANY

In season 1, Captain Dharmesh Yelande’s squad V Company earned the crown of Dance Plus. V Company is a band of 50 performers from Vasai, Maharashtra, who perform in the Hip Hop style. Hardik Rawat, a lone artist from Team Dharmesh, was the season’s second runner-up.

  • Season 2 Winner – TANAY MALHARA 

It began on July 2, 2016, and was claimed by Tanay Malhara of Team Dharmesh. This season, Puneet Pathak took over as captain from Sumeet Nagdev.

  • Season 3 Winner – BIR RADHA SHERPA

Season 3 was won by Team Punit Pathak’s Bir Radhe Sherpa. Except for the champion, the other three candidates in this season’s Top Four were from the Dharmesh team. Runner-up, Second Runner-Up, and Third Runner-Up, respectively, are Amardeep Singh Natt, Aryan Patra, Shivani, and Tarun. It was a new high for the number of finalists. Well, Dance Plus 6 Winner Team Shakti failed to get into the Top 4 too.

  • Season 4 Winner – CHETAN SALUNKHE

Season 4 was won by Chetan Salunkhe of the Punit Pathak squad. It started to broadcast on Star Plus on October 6, 2018. S-Unity Crew staged a guest appearance on the program and reached the top ten. They first appeared on the show as a crew from team Raghav, but as they reached the top ten, they switched to team Dharmesh. Vartika Jha (Solo) and V Unbeatable were the other Top-4 contestants (group).

  • Season 5 Winner – RUPESH BANE 

Rupesh Bane of Team Dharmesh managed to win the show, which aired on November 9th, 2019. This season 5, Sugandha Mishra and Raghav Juyal joined the hosting team. Karishma Chavan joined the squad as a captain this season. Sanchita & Subroto and Deepika & Rupesh were the other two finalists, both of whom were Pair artists. Dharmesh Yelande’s team claimed the dance plus title three times this season, while Punit Pathak’s team won two times.

  • Season 6 Winner – TEJAS, SNEHA, AND HARSH

As already mentioned, Harsh, Sneha, and Tejas won the competition and emerged as Dance Plus season 6 Winner. Dhananjay Joshi and the pair of Kuldeep and Pranshu finished second and third, respectively.

Dance Plus 6 Winner Prize Money

The winner for Dance Plus 6 got a cash prize too along with the fame. Winners took home the trophy, which came with a cash award of Rs. 25 lakhs.

Well, hopefully, you have discovered everything you wanted to know about Dance Plus 6 Winner. If you do not have a premium membership of Disney+ Hotstar and still wish to see the show, don’t worry! Dance Plus 6 will premiere soon on Star Plus on TV too!

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