August 9, 2022
Pongal Gift Ideas

Famous Gift Ideas for Pongal Festival

Knowingly, India is a land of festivals, customs as well as traditions, and hold utmost importance in the lives of people. Well over years, India’s affluent legacy has resulted in a wide range of Indian history, philosophy, and celebrations. The Indian provinces are diverse, and these differences result in a plethora of festivities and ceremonies. Thus, following this comes in the picture frame the ideas of spreading love through gifts such as sweets, acrylic wall photos, decorative items as well as fresh flowers.

Every faith does have its own schedule for determining the day that the celebration is to be observed. And following the same line of thoughts is Pongal, but do you know why and when is Pongal celebrated? Here is an answer. This is a historic event celebrated by Southern India. The word Pongal comes from the Tamil language and signifies boil. It is essentially a reaping celebration observed for 4 days in Tamil Nadu during the months of January to February following reaping crops such as maize, jaggery, saffron, and so forth. A pongal carnival is a multiple-day event. Every day is commemorated by a distinct celebration: the foremost day is known as the Bhogi carnival, the next as Thai Pongal, the following as Mattu Pongal, and the final as Kaanum Pongal.

Pongal festival gift ideas

Pongal Gift Ideas
Pongal Gift Ideas

Following are some of the gifts you can gift your loved ones:

  •  Artistic items

During the first day of Pongal, known as Bhogi, people would normally remove useless items and innovate their homes with fresh and creative decorations. As a result, woodwork handicrafts, table decorations, culinary and domestic products are regarded as ideal Pongal gifts. Because the following day during Pongal, known as Surya Pongal, is devoted to the Sun, it is regarded exceedingly fortunate to offer god sun carvings on the event. Sun God statues and picture frames come in a multitude of unique systems and designs such as copper, whitish steel, and silver.

  • Best fortune flowers

Flowers are seen to be the most attractive way to send well sentiments and affection varied celebrations. Flowers might be combined by a great present for exceptional people to leave a permanent impact. Some other excellent Pongal Gift Idea is to give best wishes to plants. Pongal souvenir purchasing store offers a diverse and exquisite selection.

  • Devotional decorations and ornaments
    The most popular Pongal offering is Pooja Thalis and decorations. Puja Thalis include connected decorations such as categories, fragrance stick stands, Diya stands, and a ring. Puja Thalis are available in different metals. Pongal gifts might also include accouterments such as a reading holder, chimes, deities, and statues.


  • Basket of sweets and treats

From a number of traditional gift ideas for Pongal is a hamper of sweetened dishes. Each native celebration requires the sharing of presents since it is thought that sweets serve to soothe and establish relationships. For maximum effect, the user’s preference should indeed be considered when selecting desserts, and particular attention must be paid to present packaging. Sweet boxes for exceptional people must preferably be complemented by a truly unforgettable gesture.

  • Nuts hamper

The tradition of presenting dried fruits would live long in India.  These would be cherished for their exquisite flavor and prolonged storage value. Dry fruit packages and dry fruit hampers are packaged beautifully, giving these an immediate favorite. Whenever sending a present over a great range or even when transport takes a while, dried fruits are favored preferred sweets.

  • Photo frames

An amazing gift idea that makes it an ideal deal is a good picture frame. Treasures are kept in picture frames. There’s not much that compares to giving the one that will hold fond moments. Picture frames create special presents since they assist to retain all of a person’s emotions. You should anticipate the framework to help sustain this experience, whether that’s a picture, a memo, or everything else that may slide within it.

Photo frames, chocolates, wall pictures, cushions are some of the modern gift ideas for Pongal.

The final takeaway

Pongal is a traditional festival that has its roots deep in the land of traditions and customs. Garnering optimism and strengthening the bond of love, happiness, peace, and prosperity among individuals Pongal is a highly embarked festival of Southern India. Make this Pongal extremely delightful for you by gifting some sweet presents for the dearest ones.

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