October 3, 2022
Global Day of Parents

Global Day of Parents

Global Day of Parents – A Walk Through 

As Henry Ward Beecher once said, “There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child”. Honoring every parent’s sacrifices and love for their children, the 1st of June of every year was declared as the “Global Day of Parents” by the United Nations in the year 2012.

When one grows old and looks back at the wonderful life that they had, the most important people will be their parents. It is not always your birth parents who have an important piece of your life. Being a parent is more than just giving birth, it is about nurturing and having one’s back in time of trouble. 

Global Parents Day – History behind it: 

Long before it was recognized by The United Nations, nations like South Korea celebrated May 8th as Mother’s Day and this started a controversial conversation about fathers and to avoid this controversy, South Korea declared May 8th as Parents’ Day and is even a national holiday. 

Children and adults on this day do small gestures like giving a speech or a card to show their appreciation for their parents and grandparents. This day in turn was recognized by The United Nations in 2012 and was made an official global day for everyone to celebrate. This day is to not only commemorate parents but it was also to promote familial commitments. 

Influence of the parent on the child: 

Global Day of Parents
Global Day of Parents

The reason for this day to be recognised globally is because the General Assembly realises the importance of the role a parent plays in a child’s life. Being a parent comes with a bigger responsibility other than just providing children with a good lifestyle. Being a parent means to be a role model for the child, someone whom they want to be like when they grow up. In the early stages of a child’s life, they spend all their time under the care of their parents.

 This is the most crucial time in a child’s life as they learn to speak and comprehend the situation under them. At that very moment, it is the parent’s responsibility to create a loving environment for the child to grow up in. In every single stage of one’s life their parents always accompany them. In order to recognise these efforts and to show gratitude to the parents for being a good influence on the child is why The Global Day of Parents is important. 

Working parents and COVID: 

Living amidst a global pandemic, everything is going south. Many parents of the inferior economic status are bending over backwards to make ends meet. This truly showcases the responsibilities of being a parent. Even when there are strict curfews, parents can never take a break, it is a duty for their lifetime.

The pandemic has caused it difficult for them to even provide their children with good education and the necessities of life, as they are losing their jobs and there are several restrictions for stepping outside. During difficult times like this, it is the responsibility of the organisations they work in to provide working parents with day care facilities and give them incentives to support their families. 

The theme for Global Parents’ Day:

Just like any other internationally recognised days Global Parent day also has themes for each each year, although the theme for Global Parents Day 2021 is still undecided, the global parents theme for last year was “Appreciate parents all parents throughout the world”. The purpose of this theme was to recognise the efforts of parents globally and to improve inclusivity. 

What can you do to show your love for your parents? on Global Parents Day 2022

After dedicating most of their lives to the well-being of their children, there are some simple things which can be done by the children to show their parents that they appreciate the effort and the life they have provided them with. 

There is no need to do any extravagant surprises. One can simply arrange for a dinner date with their parents or cook something special. An appreciation card or some handmade gifts is also the perfect way to celebrate this day! Make sure that you plan something which is personal and from your heart! 

All the children who have lost their parents during this pandemic need to remember that no matter what their parents are always looking after them, even if they are not with you! And to all the children who had abusive households, you have proved that you are strong and you need to go on and be stronger and learn from the mistakes your parents made and you need to vow to be a better one in your future! 

Every day needs to be a parent day because a good parent never takes a break! One day will not be enough to appreciate all the sacrifices they have done! Parenting might be a difficult job but it is surely the most rewarding one! Happy Global Parents Day 2022 to all the amazing and strong parents out there! 

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