July 2, 2022
Onam Images

Happy Onam 2022 Wishes, Images, Songs, Quotes

Happy Onam

The Onam festival is celebrated majorly in Kerala, also known by the name of Thiru-Onam or Thiruvonam. It is one of the harvest festivals and usually falls in August and September. This year, we are going to celebrate Onam on 30 August 2022 and it will continue till 2022 September 9. Every festival has a history attached to it and it holds cultural as well as traditional significance. The celebration remains for 10 days and people enjoy it with great zeal.

Significance Of Onam

Onam is celebrated in August and September which is the month of Chingam, and the people of Kerala marked this festival to honor the Demon- King. King Mahabali was kind-hearted and benevolent, he returned to his kingdom during the propitious time of the Onam festival.

According to the Vaishnava legend, King Mahabali had quashed all the Gods and was ruling in all three worlds. Mahabali was not like other kings, instead, he was less tortuous and shared a sweet repo with all of its citizens. People usually love him and his personality. But he was not liked by the other kings. 

Other Gods felt insecure about his popularity and asked for help from Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu soon came disguised as Vamana, a brahmin dwarf, and went to meet Mahabali. Vamana was Lord Vishnu’s fifth incarnation. When the King asked for his three wishes, he replied he wished for three pieces of land. 

The king soon granted his three wishes and grew giant before all the three worlds. When he was about to reach heaven, King Mahabali offered his head. This act of benevolence made Lord Vishnu happy. So, Vishnu God granted his wish that he can go to his kingdom during the time of Onam. 

How is Onam celebrated?

Onam is celebrated by the Keralites and they celebrate this with great joy and with cultural events. The purpose to celebrate this auspicious day is to commemorate the kind-hearted King Mahabali. People of all ages celebrate Onam with traditional style, full of happiness and enjoyment. 

The festival of Happy Onam is celebrated in the month of Chingam, as per the Gregorian calendar. People marked this festival with boat races, traditional folk dances, like The Kathkali, Pulikali. A grand feast is also made consisting of nine or more vegetarian dishes served on a banana leaf which is called Onam Sadya.

Families make floral decorations with intricate designs called Pokkalam on the ground to welcome their great King Mahabali. On this day, street parades and various traditional art like folk dances, music, and decorated elephants can be seen.

People of all ages celebrate Onam with equal enthusiasm and each day holds its importance. Let us take a look at the importance of each day one by one.


  1. Atham- people decorate their houses to honor their great king Mahabali. People use yellow flowers and have pookalam on the ground just like we make rangolis during Diwali. Every day a new layer is added.
  2. Chithira– on the second day, houses are cleaned thoroughly and people usually purchase fresh vegetables and other provisions.
  3. Chodi- on the 3rd of Onam celebration, people buy gold, clothes, and gifts to celebrate Onam. people while giving new clothes say Onakodi to each other. 
  4. Vishakam- on the 4th day, Kerala people usually start with the preparations of Onam Sadya, where several dishes vary from one family to another. But usually, each family makes 26 cuisines on the day of Onam.
  5. Anizham- this is the snake boat race which begins on the 5th of the celebration. This is also the oldest boat festival in Kerala. This also marks the beginning of the snake boat race which is called Vallamkali.
  6. Thriketa– Students, office goers, children came in full swing with Pookalam getting bigger day by day.
  7. Moolam- This is the seventh day of the Onam festival where Families and friends pay a visit to each other’s houses. They also go to temples together and share Sadhya. 
  8. Pooradam- On the 8th day, statues of Mahabali and Vamana are placed in the center of the Pookalam( rangoli).
  9. Uthradom- King reaches the state on the 9th day of celebration and this is the most auspicious day for all of them. People start buying fresh vegetables and fruits from the market to cook traditional delicacies.
  10. Thiruvonam- On the 10th day of celebration, people applying rice batter on the ground after cleaning their houses. They also get dressed up in traditional and beautiful attires, play games, and do a lot of activities together to celebrate the day of Onam.


Happy Onam Images 2022

To mark the celebrations of this traditional and beautiful day, we are providing you with Onam images to share with your kith and kin. These Onam images can be shared to fill the atmosphere with the positive and pious vibes of the festival. Onam images are provided with very beautiful quotes, hymns, and mantras related to the return of King Mahabali. You can download Happy Onam images 2022 from below.

Onam Images
Onam Images

Onam 2021 Images

Happy Onam Images
Happy Onam Images

Happy Onam Wishes

To celebrate the festival of Onam, Onam wishes can be sent to your family and friends. Happy Onam wishes can be sent with pure heart and soul to send positivity and prosperity in their house. Good wishes always fill good vibes in everyone’s thoughts, so you can download Onam wishes in this article very easily.

Happy Onam Wishes
Happy Onam Wishes

Onam Wishes

Onam Songs

The celebration is incomplete without the melodious and traditional songs of Onam. The Onam songs can uplift your joyous mood and make your day way brighter. Her ibn this article we will provide you with traditional Onam songs to make your celebrations reach the Zeal. 

Onam Quotes 2022

We are providing you with beautiful Happy Onam quotes to share with your family and friends about the importance of the festival. Happy Onam 2022 quotes with pious and positive vibes can be shared with everyone to uplift your celebrations.

Onam Pookalam

Pookalam is a rangoli made with fresh and yellow flowers to welcome their King Mahabali. This term is a fusion of two words poo means flowers and kolam means decorative pattern on the ground. On the first day of the Onam celebration, intricate patterns are designed on the ground and each day one layer is added. This remains continues till the time on the last that is on the 10th day, the King’s statue is put in the center of his honor. 


To conclude, Onam is celebrated every year in the month of Chingam, as per the Gregorian calendar, usually in August and September. This year it will be observed on 30 August 2022 and will continue till 9 September 2022. The 10-day celebrations are observed with great joy and enthusiasm. We have also provided you with Onam wishes, Onam songs, and Onam images 2022 to share with your friends and relatives. Happy Onam.

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