May 17, 2022
Teachers day 2022 images

Happy Teachers Day (2022)Images, Wishes, Quotes, History

The day of our idols, who taught us about life, how things work and all the important pillars of this universe, Teachers Day, this day is celebrated as the day of Teachers when we show our love and respect of our teachers by dedicating a complete day for him.

Teachers Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of India’s biggest scholar and teacher, “ Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan” who was also India’s first vice president and second president which is the highest authority in India.

Dr Radhakrishnan played a very important role in India’s freedom fighter and he followed non-violence and ethics of an idol human, He has won several designations and awards in his life span which makes him an idol teacher.

Teachers Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Dr Radhakrishnan which is 5th of September of every year. Teachers Day 2022 will also be celebrated on this specific date and this year this divine day will be fall on Sunday.

In India, Teachers Day holds a special significance as according to Hindu Mythology Teacher aka “Guru” is the highest designation in humans, nothing is more important than a person who gives knowledge and guides anyone.

Significance of Teachers Day in India

As mentioned earlier, teacher’s day hold special significance in our nation, according to our ancient books called “Purans” nothing is above than teacher and in India the day is celebrated in a similar way.

There are many functions, Hawan, Puja and other events which are done by the school and college organizers to retain and maintain the significance of the day as this is really important, we must keep everyone aware about this day and pass on this knowledge to others.

In India, teacher’s day is celebrated on the 5th of September which is the birth date of India’s first vice president and biggest scholar Dr Radhakrishnan. Teacher’s day in India is different from world teacher’s day which is celebrated on the 5th of October.

Celebrating Happy Teachers Day in India 2022

As we are discussing teachers’ day which is celebrated in India, then we must know about the diversity when it comes to celebrating this day.
India is a diverse nation and we have already discussed the significance now we are heading towards different way’s, patterns by which different states celebrate this day.

Celebrating Happy Teachers Day in Schools-
The most interesting way to celebrate this day can be seen in our schools due to the obvious reason which is existence of teachers at schools.

There are competitions such as speech in Hindi in English in which students write down speech about the significance of teacher’s day or how they feel about teacher’s day and they are judged by the teachers.

Then there are drawing competitions about teachers of on any patriotic topic, students are asked to present poem of posters based on this day and there is n number of leanings from these fun activities along which spreading awareness about this day.

Then there are singing and dancing competitions in which students preset any patriotic song and dance performance which is a delight to watch. If you have passed your school education then you are in nostalgia right now.

Making greeting cards and giving those cards to your teacher is a trending thing in India on celebration of this day.

There is one more trend which is way more interesting, this trend includes portraying your teacher in real life for one day, the students wear traditional outfits like Saree and kurta’s and portray the role of their teacher and give tribute to the hard work and dedication of their teachers.

Celebrating teachers day 2022 in colleges & offices-

The students in colleges and employees in offices are in mature age and the fun activity part in reduced and people shifts to more professional ways to celebrate this day.

In Colleges and offices people start celebrating this day by sharing happy teacher’s day quotes and messages to each other and to their idols.

Teachers are termed as seniors in offices and people often wish them on wishes via messages or sharing quotes in Hindi or English

Also, the mode of language is also shifted from Hindi to English; this is a very strange thing that people often compare educational knowledge with English communication in India and hence with maturity people start sending wishes in English to their teachers and idols.

Celebrating Teachers Day in locality or societies

Celebration in societies depends on the committee which is formed by some group of people in any locality to organize such functions and days; the availability depends from area to area.

The celebration in such sector is way more mature on comparing with above-mentioned areas. There is mainly speech and poems about this day and some local leader of teacher is invited as chief guest.

The best part is this is also a great way to spread awareness about this day.

Best teacher’s day quotes, wishes, and images

The best teachers day quotes wishes and images than we recommend you all to make these things by your own by some personal customizations.
The knowledge that a teacher transfers to a student cannot be repaid by anything but the best that we can do it to keep the things more realistic so that our teachers can relate with it.

Teachers Day 2022 quotes

Happy Teachers Day Quotes
Happy Teachers Day Quotes

You can make teacher’s day quotes by simply adding some sort of beautiful words which define the personality of your teacher. You can add some small, funny or inspiring interaction with your teacher and that will result in having a realistic quote.

Teachers day 2021 quotes
Teachers day 2022 quotes

It’s not much difficult to make such quotes but these kinds of quotes will be highly effective when it comes to delivery. Your teachers will be stunned and overwhelmed with this sweet gesture.

This is human nature that we all are attracted towards the realistic things and that what happens with quotes as well, it is damn easy to copy any quote and sending it to your teacher but that specific quote is copied and there will be many other sending the same quote and that’s not impactful.

And it takes a small effort to design and make your own quote and this Teachers Day 2022 quotes will be impactful and sweet.

Teachers’ Day 2022 images

Happy Teachers Day Images
Happy Teachers Day Images

In the same manner, as real quotes, real images make a huge impact to the receiver, there are millions of good quality animated images available on webs that are free, but none of them are as impactful compared to the real image of your teacher.

Teachers day 2021 images
Teachers day 2022 images

It will just take some minutes for you to search the image and edit them according to the occasion. Send this edited and real image with a real quote and see the impact that it delivers to your teacher.
Teachers’ Day is a special occasion and this is the least that we can do for our teachers.

Teachers’ Day 2022 wishes

There are multiple ways to wish your teacher on this day but the best way is to meet them, greet them and this day with them.
Get some gifts which deliver some meaning to them like Pen, a greeting card or any other meaningful gift.
But if due to any reason if you’re unable to meet them then do the most that you can do, send them wish on voice text, call them or do a face time. Wish them in the best possible way.

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You can select any good image of your teacher and you can add the self made quote on to it and that will be a real teacher day image for you which you can send or use to make a greeting card.
Their kind of self made things can be also used as status for WhatsApp; this is also an ongoing trend in India, adding pictures of your teacher on status for WhatsApp.
Celebrate this teacher’s day with some innovation and show love and respect to your idol.

Best Teachers day 2022 Wishes 

Wishing you joy and happiness, you are an amazing teacher, and you only deserve the best…
Happy Teacher’s Day!

No words can express my gratitude to you.
I am really thankful to God for blessing me with a teacher like you. Happy Teachers Day

You have always been an excellent educator who knew how to illuminate a soul with its light. Happy Teacher’s Day to my favorite teacher.

You are not only our teacher you are our friend, philosopher, and guide All molded into one person we will always be grateful for your support. Happy Teachers Day


Happy Teachers Day 2022 to all Guru’s

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