August 9, 2022
International Day of Cooperatives

International Day of Cooperatives 2021

What is International Day of Cooperatives all about?

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in the latest interview said that the covid pandemic, as well as the changes in the climate, has shown the dark side as well as the fragility of the society and the mother earth. The two crises, one which has been there for decades which are the global climate change as well as the coronavirus which hit us hard and also affected most of the vulnerable countries and regions all around the world creating large disturbances and crises with massive rifts. These all show the need to enhance the quality and to strengthen the solidarity and cooperation all around the globe. He concluded by saying we all should unite and cooperate in order to fight climate change.

About International Day of Cooperatives:

International Day of Cooperatives
International Day of Cooperatives

We know that no country has got immunity for global climate changes. Each and every region would obviously suffer from the ecological balance in the system. There is a rise of 50 percent in Greenhouse emission since the 1990s, and climate change has threatened human beings due to which irreversible climatic adverse effects may occur.


 Climate change hampers the counties balance and affects those countries which are underdeveloped and have fewer resources. Minority groups, ethnic tribes, and disadvantaged people are not self-sufficient to cope up to tackle the extreme natural calamity and disasters. It can obviously ruin their livelihood and may cause a crisis as well. International Day of Cooperatives 2021 will be recognized for the international movement for cooperation and other acts.


The International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated annually in order to celebrate the movement of cooperation which took place on July’s first Sunday in the year 1923. The International cooperative alliance has decided the theme of the International Day of Cooperatives since the year 1995. 

The aim of the International Day of Cooperatives is to spread awareness regarding the cooperatives. The event deals with the cooperative movement in order to deal with the problems related to the issues raised in the united nation. On the day of International Day of Cooperatives, we pledge to strengthen and extend the relationship between the movements of the cooperative and the other actions which took place, and the steps which are the need of the hour.  

Cooperative Movement:

The oldest record for the cooperatives is traced from Scotland in the year 1761. In the year 1884, a group of around 28 artisans came together who all worked in a cotton mill. In the north of England, they established the first known Cooperative. Which can be known as a modern business.

The cooperatives can be called associations by the means by which citizens can strengthen their livelihood with a valid contribution to the social and the economic advancement of a community as well as the nation. The main of the International Day of Cooperatives 2021 would be to unify the policymakers, the locals, nationals, and other organizations to learn the need of the cooperatives and contribute.

International Day of Cooperatives 2021 – Our Part:

International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated all around the world in many different ways. The list mentioned below shows the ways through which people celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives all around the world.

  • The speeches and the message from the United Nation are broadcasted all around the world in their local languages and is spread to media and the government officials.
  • We use the newspaper and the radio in order to spread awareness. They also issue the release of the press on the day of International Day of Cooperatives.
  • Various contests and fests are organized to spread awareness.
  • Several meetings with heads and other government as well as private officials are held on this day.
  • Different organizations also come up with innovative ideas like some kinds of gatherings or rallies to promote the cooperatives.
  • The corporate sector also comes up with creative ideas in order to create awareness both socially and economically keeping the concern of the environment as a major point. 
  • They organize tree planting events and blood donation camps as well.

So, let us hope the on this International Day of Cooperatives 2021 we will raise awareness and become a part of an uplifting society.

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