July 2, 2022
International Plastic Bag Free day, Plastic Bag Free Day ( India)

International Plastic Bag Free day

International Plastic Bag Free day, Plastic Bag Free Day ( India)
International Plastic Bag Free day

Most of us use Plastic bags in our day-to-day life. It may be used to carry some objects or shopping from a retail store. Wherever you go shopping, maximum chances are that you will come home with a plastic bag in your hand. But have you ever wondered what happens to the plastic bags after you reach home and you just throw them in the garbage after using them?

Plastic pollution is man-made pollution. Almost 500 million plastic bags are used globally. So we can easily estimate the number of plastic wastes getting wasted or thrown away to just rot. The thrown plastic bags are very dangerous for our planet and cause an ill effect on wildlife, nature, and even human health.

Water bodies have been heavily affected by plastic bags and are one of the major causes of the deaths of water-based animals and species. Many of the species become endangered due to plastic pollution. The impact of this can be very harmful to the ecosystem and it will lead to an imbalance. The humans will suffer too, as we are not immune to it. The particles of the plastic in the ocean or the other water bodies can have toxic substances present and can be eaten by many animals. This will lead to an unbalanced food chain which is very harmful to the ecosystem.

About International Plastic Bag Free Day

International Plastic Bag Free day is all about creating awareness among people about the harmful effects of plastic bags. The International Plastic Bag Free day also sums up to become one of the most important days, as plastic is a major cause of pollution today. The demand for plastic has increased in the past few years. People take plastic bags, use them for a few minutes and throw them away. plastic Bag Free Day aims to aware people of how to save the ecosystem from plastic pollution.

The International Plastic Bag Free day’s main motive is to tell people that you may pass away after living your life but these plastics do not decompose for almost 500 to 600 years and can dramatically impact the ecosystem, we live in. 

What is Plastic Free Day all about?

The Plastic bag free day was launched by the Bag Free world. Its sole purpose was to eradicate the use of plastic bags around the globe. The Plastic Bag Free Day ensures to keep you away from plastic bags in order to conserve the ecological balance. They always say that if we can follow the protocols to not use plastic bags on the Plastic bag Free Day we can ensure the avoidance of it for the whole year. The International Plastic Bag Free Day is recognized on June 3rd. The key factors of the Plastic bag free Day to aware people regarding the side effects of plastic bags to conserve biodiversity. The plastic which we throw away now may not affect us but it may become a terrible situation for future generations.

It is saying that you should start good deeds from your home itself. To play your part on the International Plastic Bag Free day you can ensure not to use plastic bags. Ensure using paper bags instead of plastic bags. If you are a retailer you can make use of paper bags instead of plastic bags to play a tour part. 

These easy steps will help people regarding the adverse effects of plastic bags and soon our planet will understand the need to avoid plastic bags. Hope you too will play your part to avoid the plastic bag and save our mother nature.

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