August 9, 2022
Kali Puja 2022 Date, ( Kali Puja Kab Hai )

Kali Puja 2022 Date ( Kali Puja Kab Hai )

A festival which has been originated from the Indian Sub-continent called Kali Puja and it is also known as Shyama Puja or Mahanisha Puja. The festival is basically to goddess Kali one of the goddesses from Navratri goddess.

Kali Puja is celebrated on a newly arrived full month of Kartik month according to Hindu Mythology mainly in the region of South-Eastern including states like Bihar, Odisha, and West Bengal, Assam, etc.

Kali Puja has a very interesting history as this festival is not one of those which have been celebrated from the ancient period but this festival was newly introduced in the late 17th century and came to the limelight in the 18th century.

Lately, on 19th century this festival was widely spread in India and mainly gained its importance in West Bengal and other surrounding states. Durga Puja and Kali Puja are two major festivals that are celebrated in a very grand way in the above-mentioned states. 

Kali puja 2022 Date ( Kali Puja Kab Hai )

Kali Puja 2022 Date, ( Kali Puja Kab Hai )
Kali Puja 2022 Date, ( Kali Puja Kab Hai )

Kali Puja 2022 will be celebrated with worshiping goddess Kali either in homes of devotees or in pandals with clay sculptures of goddess Kali. Goddess Kali is worshiped in a completely different way as goddess kali is said to be one of the most violent and aggressive goddesses. 

( Kali Puja Kab Hai ) Kali puja 2022 date is Monday 24th of October and on this day Kali Puja 2022 will be celebrated with pride and grace as the festival arrives once a year. And as being Thursday on Kali Puja 2022 it will be a good opportunity for all the devotes to give their all in preparation.

Also, the dates for Kali puja change every year due to the Hindu calendar as dates are affected by the movement of stars, planets, and the moon. And knowing Kali Puja is important because there are many festivals in the month of November and there has to be planning to execute every festival in a smooth way.

Kali puja Vidhi

Goddess Kali is said to be a goddess of death and life and goddess kali also killed many demons due to which it said that goddess kali tends to choose violence.

And hence Kali Puja vidhi involves a lot of blood and other violating things. Kali Puja vidhi is started with praying Lord Ganesh as according to Hindu Mythology Lord Ganesh has to be prayed first. After that Goddess Kali is prayed with Skull and animal blood because goddess kali is said to be the goddess of death and blood.

After that, there is a necklace of skull and lemon which is presented to a goddess as a sign of appreciation and respect. The sculpture is made of the goddess is made up to clay and then devotes pray and preset all the things.

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