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MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition Date 2021, Host, Registration

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition Date 2021, Host, Registration

In India, the latest season of Splitsvilla will premiere on MTV shortly. MTV Splitsvilla will begin auditions in the near term. If you want to earn well and be famous at the same time, this show is for you. Of course, the show makers will not pay the contestants but the contestants will get many future opportunities once they earn fame through the show. 

MTV’s show is one of the most renowned, and many young men and women have now become famous as a by-product of the show. Another famous TV reality show, Bigg Boss, is often presented to well-known contestants.

The show has been able to complete 13 seasons and is shown on the official channel MTV. Splitsvilla is one of the programmes aimed at youngsters. Boys and girls are selected in a fixed ratio for this show. They must next establish a bond after being chosen. They always form a Jodi (couple) and carry out the necessary tasks. After a little time, the king and queen are chosen through a series of contests.

MTV Splitsvilla

Show Name  MTV Splitsvilla
Season Auditions Season 14
Show Telecast  MTV India and Voot app
Hosts Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone
Official Website MTV India /
Starting Date of Audition To be Updated Soon
No of Seasons 13

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Eligibility Criteria( MTV Splitsvilla 14 registration online)

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition Date 2021, Host, Registration
MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition Date 2021, Host, Registration

Before you go for MTV Splitsvilla registration online, you should know whether you are eligible for the show or not!

In order to participate in the show, applicants must meet specific eligibility requirements. Anyone interested in competing in MTV Splitsvilla season 14 must follow the requirements below.

  • The applicant must be an Indian permanent resident.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old to be considered for participation in the show.
  • Only the online registration process will be available.
  • During their digital audition, people must describe everything about themselves in order to be selected for the programme.
  • You must upload a video about yourself as a component of the registration procedure. This video serves as a self-introduction


Splitsvilla Season 14 Selection Criteria

You will be picked for the final round based on your application form and video, and you will be notified. Once you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how to register for MTV Splitsvilla X4’s online application process.

Candidates are also picked based on a number of factors, including the following:

  • Splitsvilla players should have a good physique and a pleasing appearance.
  • The applicant should be able to exhibit his or her abilities in the video submitted for trials.
  • It is necessary for the individual to be open-minded.
  • It is vital to have a high level of self-assurance and the capacity to respond to a wide range of questions.

How to sign up for MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition 2021?

You must be thinking about how to register for MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition 2021. Let us discuss everything about MTV Splitsvilla registration online! You can register for the performance in one of two ways. The first option is to visit the official Voot website or to download the Voot App.

  • Visit the main website or download the Voot App on your phone to register for the upcoming Splitsvilla X4 season. 
  • When you first access the site, you’ll observe a link to the relevant registration page.
  • This registration form must be filled out completely, including the participant’s name, phone number, email address, age, gender, and other information.
  • Submit the photo and video along with the online application form.
  • In the final phase, you must send a high-quality film about yourself as an introduction.
  • Attach the audition video to this registration form in the format and duration requested.
  • In your audition video, make sure you’re at ease in front of the camera. Also, create an outstanding introductory video that displays all of your strengths.
  • Finally, before clicking on the accept button, read through all of the terms and conditions.
  • Check all of the details one more time because any inaccuracies will lead to rejection.
  • Once you’ve completed the form, use the submit button. Splitsvilla will review your information and respond as quickly as possible. Await a response from the show’s representative.


MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition 2021 Start Date 

No official date has yet been announced by the show organizers. However, it is expected that the Auditions will begin soon. So, don’t think about the MTV Splitsvilla Audition start date and start your preparations for this wonderful opportunity!

Concept of MTV Splitsvilla

Now, if you are impressed by the show, you must know everything about it in detail. So, let us find out about the concepts of all the MTV Splitsvilla seasons.

The show features young boys and girls as they compete for a spot in Splitsvilla, a villa in which they are isolated from the outside world. It’s a love hunt in which guys and girls participate in tasks to remain relevant and competitive and mix with other competitors in the hopes of finding love.

In the conclusion, a girl and a boy have proclaimed Splitsvilla victors. When the competitors battle, there is envy, anger, camaraderie, betrayals, heartbreaks, and a lot of conflicts. Each season introduces a fresh theme.

From Season 1 to Season 8, the villa was ruled by a King and a Queen who were given absolute power. There have been two Queens and no Kings in Season 9, where women ruled. The Queens were given the authority to remove the warriors and princesses from the kingdom.

Ideal pairings were given authority over the house in Season 10, and the construction of an ideal match resulted in the elimination of a competitor. The Oracle, a being that examines the influence of science on love, announces the best unions. Ideal matches are couples made up of a girl and a boy who share a lot of psychological and emotional traits. They are chosen based on the responses they provided during the assessment. In the villa, all of the participants may not find a perfect match.

Season 11’s perfect match could vary due to the change in the villa’s dynamics, and there was a secret session. In Season 11, the ideal match could change owing to changes in the villa’s dynamics, and there were a few private sessions with Oracle.

Season 12 introduced the chosen ones, who possessed special abilities. The chosen ones will be the first to find their perfect match. To keep their position of Selected One, the chosen one on the construction of an ideal match had to battle with the ideal pairings. During the assignments, the chosen people had the ability to save, delete, or be given special abilities.

There was a golden villa and a silver villa in Season 13 of the program, which is inspired by Greek mythology and cupid’s arrow. The Oracle has two sides: a gold side for finding ideal matches and a silver side for finding compatible mates. There’s also a hidden villa called Wild Villa.

Host of MTV Splitsvilla

Rannvijay Singh Singh, a well-known video jockey, hosts the show, which also features Sunny Leone, a well-known Bollywood actress from the previous many seasons. This new season 14 will also most probably feature the two as the hosts.

Here is the list of all the hosts of all the Splitsvilla seasons to date:


1 Rannvijay Singh
2 Nikhil Chinapa
3 Nikhil Chinapa and 

Deepti Gujral

4 Nikhil Chinapa
5 Nikhil Chinapa
6 Nikhil Chinapa and

Sherlyn Chopra

7 Nikhil Chinapa

and Sunny Leone

8 Rannvijay Singh

and Sunny Leone

9 Rannvijay Singh

and Sunny Leone

10 Rannvijay Singh

and Sunny Leone

11 Rannvijay Singh

and Sunny Leone

12 Rannvijay Singh

and Sunny Leone

13 Rannvijay Singh

and Sunny Leone


Information required to apply for MTV Splitsvilla Audition 

The Participants must upload the video along with all of their private details, including:

  1. i) Name, ii) Date of Birth, iii) Gender, iv) Address, v) National origin, vi) Email address, vii) Social networking accounts, viii) Contact number/mobile, ix) City, x) State, xi) current social media account details (via which the Respondent has selected to log in), and (xii) basic information publicly available on their social networking accounts.

What to expect after MTV Splitsvilla First Audition?

For this assessment, the judges will evaluate all of the submissions, and the most original and amusing entry will be given a one-time opportunity to take part in the MTV Splitsvilla X4 auditions.

Candidates who have been selected will be invited to the main audition. The last round will be held for those who pass the primary auditions. Those who are chosen will take part in the season.

Now, when you have learnt everything about the MTV Splitsvilla 14 Season, you must have understood whether you fit the bill or not! And where else can you hang out with Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone in a villa? The registration procedure could begin at any moment. So don’t waste any time, make the most of this chance, and be ready to meet your Ideal Mate on MTV Splitsvilla Season 14!

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