November 28, 2021

National Brothers Day 2022

When is Brothers Day 2022 ( Brothers Day Kab Hai )

Brothers Day Date

Monday24 May2021
Tuesday24 May2022
Wednesday24 May2023
Friday 24 May2024
Saturday24 May2025
Sunday24 May2026

We need someone in our life who plays the role of mother when we need care and love, and we need a father who can give us correct advice on what to do and what not to. A brother is the combination of these two. No matter how old you get, you will still be their little kid if you have a big brother. The one they believe is their responsibility to take care of. So, in honor of this special bond, we celebrate Brothers day.  

To have a brother is a blessing. We fight with him, and we compete with him. Brother is the only person we share our childhood with, the one who stays when you fall, who protects you from an uncertain world. Let it be the younger brother or the elder brother, and they will always be caring towards their sisters.

Sisters have an extraordinary bond with their brothers. They love their brother with all their heart. Brothers, in turn, promise to keep their sister safe, happy, and cheerful.

History of Brothers Day:

Brothers day is celebrated in honor of the family—the one relationship you have with this person of your family, a brother. A friend in bad times, a brother is always there by your side. It’s a perfect day to tell your brother how much he means to you, and it’s celebrated as National Brothers Day 2022 on 24th May.

The brotherly relationship is so pure and deep that you have the most precious bond to preserve for life. Brother is such an important part of many people’s lives that it has influenced hundreds of novels, movies, drawings, poems, and songs. Brothers will understand your situation, how to react and handle the problem. He is your savior.

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Happy Brothers Day

Brothers Day 2022 is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the day at home with family and other siblings. To honor someone you consider a brother, even though you are not biologically related. You can remember those siblings who are no longer with you and take this occasion to reflect on the good times you had with your family, relatives. Whatever you choose to do on Brothers Day, make sure you give enough time to your family.

The day is to celebrate the great things you can achieve when you have your brother by your side—the famous brother duo like Wright’s brother who invented the first aircraft. 

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How to Celebrate Brothers Day 2022?

House Party:

In this pandemic situation, you cannot go out like usual and enjoy the day. But it is not that you cannot enjoy the day at all. You can plan an evening party for your brother at home. Arrange some cool stuff, which he would love to have at the party. You know your brother, his likes and dislikes, keep the party short and sweet.

If possible, surprise him with his friends coming over for the day. You are not only supposed to celebrate Brothers day 2022 with your real brother but the one who behaves like a true brother.

National Brothers day can be when you cherish the happy times and remember the bad times you all stuck together, how your brother was a hero who helped you with your emotions and did not let you lose hope.

Cook Food:

Your brother will always pull your leg when you do cute little things for him. Even though you still keep fighting over small things, let him know the bond is not breaking down at any cost. Pamper him with handmade gifts, make a bed breakfast for him.

Search for some cool cousins to make for the dinner night. Have the dining room decorated, be prepared with a speech as you will be the host for the day.

Play Childhood Games:

Your childhood was great as your brother was the friend you had to pass the time with. You played multiple games in your summer days. To bring those beautiful memories back, you can arrange the games like Monopoly, Ludo, playing cards, the power ranger cards.

The bond will stay the way it was if you put some effort into getting the aura back from time to time. Don’t wait much, and this National brothers day 2022, let your childhood memories flash back and relive them for some time.

Gift Ideas for Brother’s Day:

  1. Sketch:

Try your hands on sketching his photo. Even if you are not so good at sketching, try to make something funny for your brother. He won’t mind it. Instead, you will have the fights you had when you were kids.

You can start sketching a week or a month before the event. Frame it, paint it and write a short message on Brothers day. He will definitely keep the frame for life long. You can be the one who makes him unique on that day. You can develop a stronger bond with him by doing these small things for him.

  1. Handmade Greetings:

Your brother will be surprised to know that you have made him a handmade greeting on Brothers day. You check out DIYs websites on google to get some idea on how to add more creativity to the cards. Don’t forget to mention the best part of your brother, how much you love him, and how grateful you are to have him in your life.

You can make small cards and give him after every hour on that day, or make a giant greeting card with all the best things written on it. You call cut paste family photos on the card, border the photos with glitter pens to highlight them. Also, you can preorder handmade gifts, customized gifts from online websites.

Fancy soaps, face care kits, etc. All this stuff will be trending in the month of Brothers day, so grab your deal and make your brother feel incredibly amazing.

  1. Gadgets:

More than half of the brothers are crazy about gadgets. The new fancy gadgets in the market are fascinating. To do small things and make your life easier.


Find such a gadget for your loved one, and your brother might have talked about the gadget he wants. Remember that, and purchase it for him. He will be so happy to know that you know what he likes; his choices do matter for you. 

  1. Gaming Gadgets:

How can you not buy a cool play station for your brother? This Brothers Day 2022, get the awesome video game for your brother and have a match planned. Brothers will never say no to playing video games. You can find the games online on e-commerce websites.

Order the game and see your brother’s reaction. No matter how old or how young your brother is, he is the only one you will love to play with, love to share funny things about other family members. You feel safe when he is around. He ensures the best of the world for you. So, National Brothers day is for you to adore him.

  1. Clothes:

You know what your brother’s clothing choice is. You can take him shopping or buy some branded clothes for him. You can have those graphically printed t-shirts. You can print the pillowcase with his picture on it. 

  1. Vacation:

Outings with family are a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Plan a vacation for your family. You will find offers of tour and travel agencies online on National Brothers day 2022. Book the day, make the arrangements and start packing. Look for the destinations you have planned, make sure your brother loves the places. You must be knowing his places to visit from his bucket list.

Brothers day is the best day you can make his wish come true to travel to his favorite place. You can also book a solo trip for him if he loves traveling alone.

  1. Gifts to Courier:

On Brothers day, if your brother is not with you, he lives somewhere else; if he is far away from the family or stays somewhere else, make sure you don’t let the distance stop you from celebrating the Bothers day 2022. You can courier him the gifts you have purchased for him.

Wrap the gift, add a heart-touching greeting card to the present. He will be waiting for your gift; make sure you send the gift as a token of the love and bonding you have with your brother.


We all know men are not quick when choosing gifts, shopping, but they are curious, caring towards you. This year, take some time from your busy schedule and surprise him with his favorite food, shower him some gifts; this year, on Brothers day, be that person who makes him unique. Let him know you are there when he needs a shoulder to lean on.

Not necessarily you constantly go along but remember the good old times, the ice cream your shared, the time when you helped each other to study and focus. These things you can remember, and on National Brothers Day 2022, you can make new memories to keep them safe for life long.

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