November 27, 2022
National Cancer Awareness Day

National Cancer Awareness Day 2021

When is National Cancer Awareness Day

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Let’s Know About National Cancer Awareness Day 2021 India

National Cancer Awareness Day 2021-All of us are aware of cancer and how people are struggling with this nowadays more than ever. To make people aware, National Cancer awareness day is celebrated in India. 2021 National Cancer awareness day is celebrated on November 7th all over India. National Cancer awareness day is celebrated to signify the importance of awareness regarding cancer prevention and early detection in people. 

In 1975 the National Cancer Control Program was started to offer cancer treatments in India. As per the statistics, around 1.1 million new cases of cancers are reported every year in the country. The majority of the cancer cases are reported at the last stage, in which the patient has the minimum chances of survival. The government has launched various programs and initiatives to make people aware of the importance of the early detection of cancer and how it can be treated. 

Why is National Cancer Awareness Day Celebrated?

National Cancer awareness day aligns with the birth anniversary of the polish scientist Madame Curie. The eminent scientist Madame Curie is popularly known for her discovery of polonium and radium that contributes majorly to the fight against cancer. She has done outstanding work in developing nuclear energy and radiotherapy used to treat cancer. This day is also marked to remember the contribution made by Madame Curie in the history of science and how the development and innovations are helping worldwide patients who are induced with cancer. 

The National Cancer awareness day in India was announced in 2014 for the first time by the then Union Health minister doctor Harsh Vardhan. 

The objective of celebrating National Cancer awareness day was to generate awareness regarding the risks of unhealthy lifestyles and the importance of early detection. 

National Cancer Awareness Day
National Cancer Awareness Day

Cancer Statistics

  1. In India, from the 70% of cancers, 40% are because of tobacco 20% it is because of some infection whereas 10% is because of the other factors 
  2. The most common cancers in women are cervical cancer and breast cancer. Every 8 minutes, a woman dies because of cervical cancer, and every two women are diagnosed with breast cancer with a death ratio of 1:2. 
  3. Because of lack of awareness, education, and taboo, 50% of cancer patients are detected in the last stage. 
  4. Tobacco is one of the primary reasons people are diagnosed with cancer, as the backhoe can induce 14 types of cancer. 

Why Should We Celebrate National Cancer Awareness Day in India? 

We discuss the importance and the objective of celebrating cancer awareness day. Few other essential purposes can be fulfilled by celebrating National Cancer awareness day. 

  1. One of the primary reasons people should celebrate National Cancer awareness day is to make people aware of the lifestyle that can cause cancer.

 People who have an unhealthy lifestyle should know that their activities like alcohol and tobacco consumption can increase cancer risk

Studies have shown that because of tobacco, 14 types of cancer can be induced in a person. People should also understand the risks of unsafe sexual intercourse as it leads to cervical cancer, most commonly found in women.  By slight changes in the lifestyle, people can save themselves and their beloved family members from cancer. 

  1. Another most important reason people should celebrate National Cancer awareness day is to make people aware of the ongoing myths related to cancer.

 Cancer is not a disease that people should be afraid of. Still, people consider it as some untouchable disease because of false statements. Cancer is not at all contagious, and it is treatable, and every people of India must know that so that they can have the necessary treatment. 

  1. By celebrating National Cancer awareness day, people can also spread awareness regarding cancer detection.

 It is always advisable that cancer should be treated when it is in its first stage, and therefore for that to happen, people should detect cancer early. Most of the women are not aware of breast cancer, and therefore on this day, you can impart knowledge as to how they can detect breast cancer, what we can do, how we can become an appointment, etc.  Women in urban areas might have knowledge related to always, but what about those who are uneducated?

 It is time to educate them about breast cancer because in India, the death ratio of women due to breast cancer is 1:2, and it is not because of lack of treatment but because of the lack of knowledge. 

  1. The last primary reason for celebrating cancer awareness day is to save people from dying. When you spread awareness about cancer and its treatment, people will become educated, and that way, you can save the lives of thousands of people. 

Types of Cancers

Cancer is known to be a severe disease that happens because of the uncontrollable division of the cell in an abnormal manner. Let’s take a brief look at the types of cancers. 

  1. Carcinoma

Carcinoma is considered the commonly found Cancer that affects the lungs, skin, pancreas, and ovaries. 

  1. Leukemia

Leukemia is popularly known as blood cancer. It affects the bone marrow tissues that produce blood. Leukemia is the worst form of Cancer. 

  1. Lymphoma

Lymphoma cancer targets the lymph nodes that support the immune system of human beings. 

  1. Melanoma

Melanoma is a skin cancer that affects the pigment in the body responsible for the skin color. This type of cancer can also affect the eyes. 

  1. CNS Cancers

The central nervous system originates in the spinal cord and brain. 

What are the Major Symptoms of Cancer? 

A person can identify Cancer with the help of various symptoms, but those symptoms can vary from different types of cancers, but the common symptoms are: 

  • Loss of weight
  • Continuous throbbing pain in a particular area.
  • Fatigue
  • Regular fever
  • Changes in the skin such as unusual hair growth, discoloration of the skin, pigmentation, etc. 

For women, there are other symptoms as well that they should not ignore. Some of them are as below: 

  • The unusual color and change in the shape of breasts. 
  • Irregularity in the menstrual cycle. 
  • Bloating
  • Presence of blood in the stool. 

What Causes Cancer?

There is no definitive evidence regarding the significant cause of Cancer, but as per the scientists, there are few things that can lead to the disease. 

Some of the contributing factors in Cancer are: 

  • Tobacco or narcotics substances
  • Genetics
  • Alcohol
  • Unnatural radiation
  • Lifestyle and diet
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Infections
  • Unsuitable and unhealthy environment

Myths About Cancer

Cancer is a severe disease, and because of a lack of knowledge, various people consider it to be something that cannot be treated. Even in some parts of India, Cancer is considered to be an untouchable disease that can spread with mere contact with the patient. . In some villages of India, people believe that due to the person’s past actions, they have called this disease upon them.  People need to know the essential information and facts related to cancer to help each other out, so further, we will be sharing a few myths aligned with the disease, Cancer. 


  1. The first and the most common myth is that Cancer is contagious, which is entirely false. If a person has Cancer, they cannot spread it to the people around them. In some cases, sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis B or C lead to Cancer in which also the person is not contagious.
  2. Some people believe that another cause of Cancer is mobile phones. It is pretty funny. As per the scientist, there is no conclusion that cell phones might be one of the factors leading to Cancer. This false information originated because mobile phones contain radiofrequency radiation and unnatural radiation is one of the factors of Cancer. But radiofrequency radiation is non-ionizing radiation that cannot cause CancerCancer.
  3. Cancer is the end. Several people believe that if a person gets cancer, then that means he is going to die.  You must have heard in the news that a cancer patient commits suicide, or even in some of the Indian villages, many families have murdered their family member who had cancer.

 It could be a belief that cancer is contagious or the person cannot be treated even though there are various statistics showing people dying from cancer, however, those numbers have decreased with time. The survival rates of cancer patients have increased. 

  1. Another entirely false statement is that if women consume dairy products, they will most likely get breast cancer. As per the studies published by the international journal of epidemiology, there is no connection between dairy products and breast cancer.
  2. Since India is a land of herbs and in every household, you must have heard that you can cure whichever disease you have by taking herbal medicines. 

However, this is not true in the case of cancer. There is no evidence related to it that herbal medicines can be beneficial in the treatment of cancer. However, patients can take the help of yoga meditation and other therapies to reduce their psychological stress. 

  1. Even though some cancers are genetically spread, that has only limited cases. Several people believe that if the father has cancer, 

then his children will automatically get them. Cancers are not always genetic. It happens in rare cases. So these were the few myths that everybody should know about Cancer and educate people around them because ignorance can be the worst for severe diseases like cancer. 

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How is National Cancer Awareness Day Celebrated? 

National Cancer awareness day is not celebrated by organizing cultural events like dance or music.  It is marked by imparting awareness by social media platforms for discussion sessions in colleges and other organizations. Since national Cancer awareness day holds so much significance, this day is celebrated by various organizations to make people aware of the importance of this day. 

  • National Cancer awareness day, people are educated regarding the types of cancers and how they are treatable. 
  • People are also made aware of the facilities offered by the government hospitals and how they can take the help of CGHS and other clinics for having a free screening of themselves.
  • There are medical organizations and government distribute booklet having information related to cancer in every language so that people worldwide can be educated.
  •  The booklet contains the steps of a healthy lifestyle and the signs and symptoms of the various diseases of cancer. 
  • Various schools, colleges, and other organizations pay a visit to the cancer hospitals and share a little happiness in gifts to the patients who are fighting cancer.
  •  Various summits are organized by the government in which students are educated regarding the contribution of Madame Curie and how they can do their bit in the fight against cancer. 
  • National Cancer awareness day 2021 will be celebrated on November 7th. Since the world is under pandemic right now, it is believed that everything will happen in the digital form if things do not get better by then. 
  • However, the general public should not be dependent on the government’s steps and initiatives. They should also impart awareness in their friend’s circle and family members. 

Summing up

Cancer is undoubtedly a severe disease, and if it is not detected earlier, it can be deadly. People must understand the importance of the National Cancer awareness day to make efforts to make society better.  The government has taken various initiatives for cancer patients. The government has opened multiple hospitals, especially for cancer treatment. Multiple programs have been started to provide financial age to the people who cannot afford the expensive treatment of cancer. 

Various non-profit organizations do their bit to make cancer patients psychologically happy because cancer not only has physical effects and can also be traumatic for mental health. Various billionaires have started their programs in the fight against cancers, and they have donated tons of money for the poor and helpless people. Even if the general public cannot do many things, at least they can spread awareness on National Cancer day 2021 and make people educate about the importance of early detection and a healthy lifestyle. 

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