November 27, 2022
National Dog Day 2022 Poster

National Dog Day 2022

National Dog Day 2022- National Dog Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the adoption, love, and care of the canines. It also focuses on the importance of providing rescue with a safe and loving environment. It is observed on August 26th every year so that the dogs can be loved and protected by all and adoption can be done to the caring families. It encourages dogs’ adoption of all breeds and celebrities to give them love and affection.

No man can ever match the companionship of a canine, that is why a dog is considered to be a faithful and man’s best friend.

How is National Dogs Day 2022 Celebrated?

National Dog Day 2022- Dog’s shelters and rescues are healthy and hygienic. They are loveable with an amiable attitude to be adopted. This day is also known by different names like World Dog Day, International Dog Day, etc. 

Their main focus is to raise awareness about dog adoption and give them a family who can fulfill their every need. 

The day is all about paying tribute to the incredible man’s best friend for giving us unconditional love, comfort, and safety. Every day, they put their lives for our safety by detecting bombs, drugs as well as bad situations. 

We also have dogs for the disabled, blind, and law enforcement for their heroic achievements. They hold a special space in our hearts by their cuteness and activeness. The day is sure to remember their importance in our lives and give them their share of love and care.

History Behind Celebrating National Dog Day

The day started when Collen who was an animal advocate and a pet and family lifestyle Expert adopted her first family canine Sheltie. The importance of the day has been written into legislation in New York, holding the great significance of the day. National Dog Day can be celebrated in many ways- let us have a look at how National Dog day is observed by people all over the world?

  1. Adopt a dog– anyone can search for the pet through the shelter pet project or a pure rescue breed organization. These days adoption of a street is on the trend to give them their share of love and care.
  2. Find out a shelter–  Shelter including basic support like cleaning their kennels, providing them toys to chew, nutritious food, etc can be provided by financial support and charity.
  3. Street Dog- This day is also observed to raise awareness for the street dogs to give them the required love and affection. This day is to educate the people so that they do not buy dogs from the pet store rather than adopt street breeders.
  4. Social Media Influence- One can also take the help of social media n opt to take a selfie with your hound. You can simply use the hashtags like #InternationalDogday, #dogappreciationday, #nationaldogday, etc to raise awareness and educate more people to join the good cause.
  5. Dog-related gift- send dog-related gift hampers to humans too to make them feel special about their companion and encourage them for the good cause.

National Dog Day Quotes

We have jotted down some beautiful quotes on National dog day to realize how beautiful and healthy the relationship is between a man and a canine. These quotes can be shared with everyone to raise the awareness and rationale for these faithful friends. Let us have a look at some of the beautiful quotes to make our hearts melt towards their loyalty and friendliness-

National Dog Day Quotes 

 “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”- Josh Billings

 “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

 “The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.” – Charles de Gaulle

National Dog Day Posters

National Dog Day 2022 Poster
National Dog Day 2022 poster

We are providing you with the National Dog day posters to be shared with all dog lovers around the world. These can be shared to raise awareness for the hound so that they can get their share of love and happiness from the humans. No humans can ever harm them.  Some of the posters are also handmade by ardent dog lovers to stop their exploitation. 

When is National Dog Day 2022

National Dog Day-Date ( When is National Dog Day 2022- 26 August 2022 )


To sum up, National Dog Day is marked every year on 26th August to educate and raise awareness for the dogs. It is celebrated to rationalize the thinking of the people towards these hounds. One can do petty things to take initiative like cleaning their kennels, feeding them, taking care of them, etc. Moreover, one can also adopt a street dog to avoid buying and selling dogs from the pet store. Happy National Dog Day 2022.

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