June 28, 2022
National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day 2022

National Friendship Day 2022

Friendship is one of the most important aspects of any person’s life. Friends hold significant value for every person, and every person often derives a lot of satisfaction and happiness while talking/interacting with their friends.

I mean, look into your own life, can you imagine spending time without your friends. Can you imagine going to school or work every day and not talking with anybody? No one can. Humans are biologically designed to be social creatures, and without friends, our life becomes dull and a bit sad.

To encourage people into making friends and connect with friends, National Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August each year.

The National Friendship Day 2022 is on 7th August, and the people celebrate it by appreciating their existing friends, giving gifts to each other, or wearing friendship bands to school. The best way for anyone to celebrate National Friendship Day is by reconnecting with old friends or connecting with people worldwide to make friends.

Friendships are essential in everyone’s life, and friends are the first people we vent with, in times of distress. Many people often take their friends for granted, which is wrong. Friends should be of utmost importance to you as they will come to your aid whenever you want.

Friendships often differ in details and closeness. You may be friends with the shopkeeper near your house, but can you actually talk about your crush with them? I’m guessing the answer is no for everyone unless your best friend owns a shop. 

We often develop friendships with people around us from an early age and spend most of our playtime with them. Friendships may differ in some qualities, but some characteristics are common to every friendship, like kindness, love, virtue, sympathy, empathy, loyalty, generosity, honesty, forgiveness, mutual understanding, and compassion. 

When is National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day Week DayNational Friendship Day DateNational Friendship Day Year
Sunday1 August2021
Monday1 August2022
Tuesday1 August2023
Thursday1 August2024
Friday1 August2025
Saturday1 August2026

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National Friendship Day India is celebrated to remind everybody about the importance of friends and make new friends while still having contact with our old friends. National Friendship Day is meant to celebrate a loving, and platonic relationship called friendship. Friendships are the purest form of human relationships. Thanks to social media, we can maintain friendships with people who live far away or the people we don’t meet regularly. 

Humans are complicated creatures, so we can’t expect our relationships to be simple and straightforward. Friendships are also complex relationships, and every complex relationship has its ups and downs. Still, in the end, friends are often the people responsible for our happiness and support us when the world seems to end or when we feel down.

How to Celebrate National Friendship Day 2022

  • Connect with your friends by arranging a chat or a meet: The best way to celebrate National Friendship Day 2022  would be to bring together all of your friends and spend some quality time. To be honest, you could also turn this opportunity into a sort of party or a friendly get-together to enjoy this day to the fullest.
  • Try to meet new people: You can also try meeting new people and make new friends on National Friendship Day. You might make lifelong friendships with the people you just met as all friendships start with two strangers talking to each other and getting to know each other. 
  • Share a memory with your friend or a photo collage of some activity you did together: You can celebrate this day of friendship by looking back at the fun times you had with your friends. You can also start a fun conversation with your friends about these memories and enjoy those moments once again.
  • Share a meal with your friend: You can catch up with your friend by treating them to a meal and using this opportunity to catch up with them. If you have any friends who live far away, you can treat them to a meal filled with the local cuisine of your area and make their evening special.
  • Appreciate your friends: While being occupied with our work and our busy life, we often forget to appreciate people around us. So, take this day meant for friendship and spread positivity to your friends. Tell them how much you appreciate each of them individually.

Try complimenting them on their good qualities and make them feel special. Often, people around us are sad, and your compliments will provide much-needed positivity in their lives.

  • Give your friend a gift: To show your appreciation for your friend, you can use this day as a way of giving your friend a gift. The gift may be anything from a small piece of jewelry to a friendship band because it’s the thought that counts. It’s the feeling of gratefulness towards your friend that matters.

This way, you can show your gratefulness, and your friend will feel special, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

  • Send your friend a card: Remember thank you cards? The most common gift given to teachers. Well, you can also send your friends a card which contains your emotions for them. It may sound generic, but everyone likes to receive compliments, and cards are the best way to give them.

National Friendship Day was initially meant for sending cards as a marketing strategy for Hallmark Cards in 1919. The founder of Hallmark Cards designated August 2 as the day to celebrate the people closest to you by sending them cards. Later on, it was decided to dedicate the first Sunday of August as National Friendship Day.

  • Send your friends flowers: you can also send flowers to your friends with a note containing your good wishes. You can also mention how thankful you are to them. The best way to give them flowers is by delivering them yourself. 
  • Help your friend: You can also celebrate National Friendship Day by giving your friend a helping hand and showing how much you support them.

There are indeed some friends around you who are working day and night to achieve their dream. By providing some help to them, you can also be a part of their journey and help them achieve those goals.

People who are giving everything to achieve their lifetime goals often lack support and help from close ones. If you choose to help them, it will make them feel special and express your appreciation for what they are doing.

These were the many ways to celebrate National Friendship Day, and you can try any of them to make this day a bit more special.

History of National Friendship Day:

National Friendship Day
National Friendship Day

Hallmark started the National Friendship Day in 1919 as a day of celebrating friendship by sending your friends cards and expressing your gratitude towards them. This strategy dried up by the 1940s.

In 1998 the U.N. declared Winnie the Pooh as the global ambassador of friendship and announced 30th July as International Friendship Day. However, people still celebrate it on the first Sunday of August. 

In this age of social media and the vast amount of people you talk/chat with daily, it is essential to know how to discern your friends from people who just act like your friend. 

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Here are some signs to look in a good friend:

  1. Good friends are always there for you: The significant difference between a real friend and a fake friend is that real friends will always be there for you. You may become broke or move to a distant location, they will still be there by your side.

Real friends understand that everyone faces tough times, and life is unpredictable. Despite this, your real friends will be there to support and motivate you.

2. Keep your secrets: A good friend will always treat your secrets as their own and protect your secret at all costs. If you ask them to keep something to themselves, they will. True friends don’t allow your secrets to leak.

3. A good friend listens to you: A good friend will allow you to be vulnerable and open around them, they will listen to everything you have to say with attention and you can tell them everything you have on your mind. A real friend will not gossip with anyone about whatever it is you tell them.

4. You feel good around them: This is a significant factor. You are in a good mood around them and enjoy spending your time with them. You should pay attention to your energy, while everyone has good or bad days, if you are getting positive energy when you’re with someone, it is a good sign. A good friend will make you feel good about yourselves and bring out positivity in you. If you get negative energy around some people constantly and they bring down your mood, it is a sign that something is wrong with your friendship.

5. You are empathetic around them: If someone is your real friend, you feel bad if something bad happens to them, and a friendship where two people are not compassionate to each other may become one-sided or may end soon. You should make sure to care for your friends if something is causing them pain or making them feel bad. In the end, everyone looks for their friends during tough times.

6. A good friend is a forgiving one: Any friendship has its ups and downs, and having arguments with your friends is perfectly normal. Having arguments with your friends may result in a better friendship as you will know more about each other and have a better understanding. 

 A good friend will not hold a grudge on you or hold a past argument over your head for a long time. Great friendships often rely on the feeling of forgiveness, and a good friend will not let an argument end the friendship.

What are the features of a bad or fake friend:

  • Only come to you in need: These are the people you should always maintain a distance with; they will contact you if they need any money or want to take your car for a ride. They are the people who become friends with you during your good times but forget you as soon as your life starts to go downhill.

Now, friends need to be there for each other and help one another, but if the help is one-sided, it may be that you are being used.


  • The friend who talks trash about others: If you have a friend who always talks badly about other people in front of you. These are the worst kind of people, you may want to keep your distance from them as they are not only talking trash about other people with you but also talking about you with their other friends in a negative sense. 

Everyone talks bad about other people behind their back because the truth hurts, but if that person is talking trash about others, they are a bad friend.

  • The friend who always makes excuses: One of the significant signs of a fake friend is that they often cancel plans and avoid meeting or talking with you. There may be some genuine reasons, but it’s hard to tell with the number of excuses they make. 

So, if you have a friend who always comes up with different excuses to avoid hanging out with you. 

Now, there are always some socially anxious people, so they find it hard to commit to plans. You should not just end friendships with people based on this.

It is difficult to imagine our life without friends as they are the people who make your life enjoyable after all. Having a good friend is a blessing for anyone and helping your friends in bad times is one of the kindest things any person can do in his/her time. Friends provide us with emotional support whenever we feel low, and we enjoy every second that is spent alongside them. 

Spend this National Friendship Day 2022 alongside your friends and try to make them feel unique and essential for you. Show your appreciation for them and start complimenting them more enough as positivity is required in everyone’s life at all times, and you can contribute to this by spreading positivity.

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