August 9, 2022
National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day 2022 India

National Girl Child Day 2022 India

For ages, girls have been facing problems and discrimination in society. They have always been an easy target for everybody. People do not consider a girl worthy and a person with capabilities. The condition of the girl child keeps deteriorating over the years. Only the problem of the girl changes, but not her situation. So, to remove the discrimination and to improve girl’s conditions, an initiative was taken by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to celebrate National Girl Child Day on 24th January. 

National Girl Child Day And Its Objective

India celebrates the National Girl Child Day on 24th January every year.The nation has been celebrating this day since 2008. The aim of girl child day in India was the upliftment of the girl child. The objective of celebrating this day is to change the perspective and attitude of society towards the girls. The day is organized with a different theme every year. Girl child day 2022 will also be organised on 24th January.

History Of National Girl Child Day

It was the decision of the Ministry of Women and Child Development to have and celebrate girl child day. The Government of India was also part of this decision. The initiative of celebrating the day started in 2008. The objective they had back then was to remove the inequality from society. The motive behind celebrating this day was to improve the condition of girls in Indian society. The decision was to celebrate this day on 24th January every year. The initiative was for the development and growth of the girl child in India.

When is National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day Date

Monday24 January2022
Tuesday24 January2023
Wednesday24 January2024
Friday24 January2025
Saturday24 January2026
Sunday24 January2027

Objectives Of National Girl Child Day

Everything has an objective for its existence, and the same is with National Girl Child Day. There are various objectives as to why we should celebrate this day and to why it came into existence. Now without wasting much time, let us move forward and see the objectives of National Girl Child Day. So the first point is-

1- The objective of National Girl Child Day is to create awareness about the rights a girl owns. 

2- Its objective is also to give girls the opportunities like everyone else. 

3- The objective is to support the girl child of the nation. 

4- To highlight and remove gender-based biases.

5- The objective of celebrating is to promote awareness about the inequalities that a girl child faces. 

6- It is to educate people about girl’s education. Basically, the objective is to promote the education of girl children. 

7- To value them and to respect them like everybody else. 

8- It is to promote their health and nutrition. 

9- To give a new perspective towards girl child and to decrease discrimination. Its objective is to change society’s attitude towards girls. 

10- To decrease female foeticide and create awareness about the decreasing sex ratio. 

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Importance Of Girl Child Day

The importance of celebrating National Girl Child Day In India is to uplift the girl child. The condition of a girl has not been up to mark in the country. A girl child in India goes through a lot. The position of girls has improved a lot over the years, but there is still a lot to improve. Girl child day is important because it creates awareness among the citizens. On this day, people participate in various programs and speeches. These programs take place to educate people about the importance of having a girl child. 

The importance of this day increases, even more, when we see a change in society. With the help of this day, we can change the attitude and perspective of people. It is important because it educates people and makes them aware. The Girl child day gives you an opportunity to celebrate the girl child. It is not only essential for creating awareness but also to provide equal opportunity to them. 

It asks people to treat girls equally and tells girls they can bloom in every field. The girl child day’s importance is also that it gives girls a platform to express themselves. The girl child day makes people aware that girls are also the future of the country, and for the growth of the country, their growth is also crucial.

How Is It Celebrated?

National Girl Child Day
National Girl Child Day

For celebrating National Girl Child Day in India, there is organization of various programs and events. The programs are not only organized by people, but the government also organizes them. There are several campaigns to promote the education of girls in India. The Government of India organizes various campaigns to create awareness among the people about the inequalities faced by girls in society. 

The main aim of these campaigns is to highlight the problems and discrimination that a girl child face in India. There are various advertisements telecasted and published on TV and in

newspapers. The motive of these ads is also to highlight several issues related to them. The Government of India telecasts these advertisements on different platforms. The celebration of this day is done by NGOs also. The NGOs across the country organize several events for the upliftment of girls.

It’s not that only the government or NGOs can celebrate this day. You and I can also celebrate this day. It is not compulsory to have a celebration on a big scale. You can also do this at a personal level by wishing your sister, by putting up statuses for educating people. Good intention and a will is what it requires to do something and be part of it. You can even organize or participate in Nukkad Natak, which is one of the best ways to portray the condition of a girl. 

These are best because it is easier to explain things through acts. The message gets delivered more effectively. You and I can together contribute towards improving the condition of girls in society. All we have to do is highlight the issues girls face and create awareness. There is no rocket science in educating people about this. All you have to do is tell people about its importance and propagate the message of girl child development. 

Why Celebrate It?

We should celebrate to educate and uplift the standard of girls in society. There are several reasons for celebrating girl child day. We should celebrate this day so that there is awareness among the people. This awareness can be about anything, be it her importance in the country or her suppression in society. We should not celebrate it for the sake of celebrating but should celebrate it so that the condition of the girl child improves and she gets to do everything she can. 

We should celebrate this day so that there is at least a day when people talk about the girls. Usually, society ignores the problems and restrictions that a girl child in India faces. So in such a situation, it is necessary to celebrate this day every year. The answer to why celebrate this day is that it will help a lot in giving the voice to the girl’s child so that they can fight for themselves and stand on their feet. We should celebrate this day to make the girls independent. 

If we continue celebrating this and creating awareness soon, we will have a country without gender discrimination and inequality. We will get a country where everyone enjoys their rights and live with the freedom to do things as per their wish without any problem and discrimination.

Theme Of Girl Child Day 2022

The theme of girl child day in India keeps changing every year. There is no fixed theme that the country follows. On girl child day, the theme is usually the latest and topmost issue in society. A few of the themes are as follows- 

2019- Empowering Girls For A Brighter Tomorrow

2020- My Voice: Our Equal Future

2021- Declining Sex Ratio

2022- Yet to be decided

The themes mentioned above are just a few to name. There are themes other than that too. Hopely the National Girl Child Day 2022 theme will be decided and disclosed soon. And the National Girl Child Day 2022 will be organized on the same day as every year, on 24th January. 


What are the issues faced by Girls? 

Lack Of Education

Lack of education is the biggest problem the girl child in India faces. The literacy rate of girls is low in comparison to its counterpart. It is the field in which we should start focusing. The condition in urban areas is still better than the condition in rural areas in terms of education. The girls in the villages are still not allowed to go to schools. 

It is still taboo to send them to school because people fear if they send girls to school, they will be uncontrollable. People till date do not realize how important it is to educate a girl child and that a girl can also contribute to the growth of society. 

Marriage Of Girls At Early Age

Girls in India get married at an early age, not because they want to do it but because they are under pressure for doing it. Families force them to get married and to start a family soon. These girls who get married at an early age are mostly from poor and uneducated backgrounds. The issue of child marriage is because of a lack of education. 

If the girl gets proper education, then they would easily save themselves from early marriages. The no. girl child brides in India is higher than in any other country. It is not that only girls get affected by this, but they are the majority to face this. 

Poor Health

The nutrition value of girls in India is very low. They face problems like malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Not only this, but girls in India are anemic too. They do not get proper nutrition and diet. This problem is so big that we should start looking into this matter and find out a solution. If not taken into consideration, the condition of the girl child will keep deteriorating. To give them a better future, we should start with their health. 

Acid Attacks And Rapes

The issue of acid attacks and rapes is increasing day by day. The girl these days cannot even go out without fear of rape or attack. The issue is not just rape, etc., but also the mentality of society. People feel if girls are getting raped, then it is their fault. They feel it is not the boy or the rapist who is responsible but the clothes and timings of the girl. There should be strict laws for these issues so that girls can move around freely. 

Poor Sanitation

There is a sanitation problem in the country. Girls in many parts of the country do not even get separate washrooms. They are not comfortable going out of the house during menstruation as there is no privacy. Many of the girls go through problems related to menstruation because they do not have the proper knowledge. They have several diseases related to personal hygiene. There is a high need to create awareness about this and educate girls to maintain it. 

Domestic Violence And Labor

Girls in society go through a lot. Domestic Violence and labor are part of the problems they face. In many families, girls are the bread bearer of the family. Instead of going to school, they go to work to earn money. They are not sent to school and asked to take care of the house. Not only this, if the girls do not do the work, they get beaten up. They have lots of burdens and responsibilities on their shoulders. Young girls are prone to sexual harassment and trafficking. 

Various Schemes For Girl Child

There are various schemes that the government has initiated to give the girls what they deserve. Below are a few of those schemes that work for the girl child in India. So, let us move forward and have a look at them.

1- Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

In this yojana, the girl has the right to have an account in her name, and her family will be just joint holders. The contribution in this account should be for a minimum of 15 years. The parents of a girl child can open this account, but the age should be below ten years. It is an opportunity for the parents to save for their girl child. This account has access everywhere in the country. Per family, there can be two accounts only. But in the case of twins and triplets, they can have more. 

2- Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

It is the central government scheme. Every girl in the country is part of this scheme. The aim is to provide education to the girls. And also to save them from every malpractice. Initially, it was for the districts, but now it is for the entire country’s girls. The motive of this scheme is to give girls a safe environment. It also prevents abortions and supports the education of the girls. It also ensures the girl child’s well-being. 

3- CBSE Udaan Scheme

The Central Board of Secondary Education manages this scheme. This scheme is for the girls from the backward background. The main focus of it is to enroll girls in engineering and technical colleges. It is for the girls who had science in their 11th and 12th class. It also looks into the annual income of the family. The girls who are wanting to enroll should not have an annual family income of more than 6 lakh. 

There are several other initiatives by the government too. Let us hope that the National Girl Child Day achieves its objective. And also, girls in India get an equal opportunity like everyone else. Now let us see if we will be able to achieve discrimination and inequality-free nation or not.  


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