August 9, 2022
National Mathematics Day

National Mathematics Day 2021 India

There is positive popularity of Indians as being much better in mathematics, so why shouldn’t we appreciate this quality and devote a whole day to mathematics? Good news, someone thought about this much earlier and decided to make December 22 National Mathematics Day.

It isn’t a coincidence that December 22 is also the birthday of world-renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. India celebrates National Mathematics day each year on December 22 to celebrate the birthday of Ramanujan as a way of appreciating his contributions in mathematics and making a name for India in the field of mathematics.

Srinivasa Ramanujan is often called “the man who knew infinity” and was given a seat in the Royal Society of London for his works on Elliptic functions and the theory of numbers.

Universities across India celebrate this day by issuing scholarships and fellowships for academically gifted students who cannot continue in the field of mathematics due to a lack of resources. 

National Mathematics Day Date

National Mathematics DayNational Mathematics Day DateNational Mathematics Day Year
22 December2021
Thursday22 December2022
Friday22 December2023
Sunday 22 December2024
Monday22 December2025
Tuesday22 December2026

National Mathematics Day 2021 falls on a Wednesday, and like previous years, this year will also have many schools and universities giving out scholarships and fellowships to students. The day is celebrated across India, and since it is mathematics day, there are also different math-themed events like quizzes or other competitions.

Why is Mathematics Day Dedicated to Srinivasa Ramanujan

This question might have popped into your head as to why Ramanujan is given so much importance in our country’s history and proclaimed as one of the greatest mathematicians ever to live. Well, it may sound surprising that Ramanujan didn’t have any formal education in mathematics but became prominent in the field of mathematics due to his significant contributions. 

His best quality was that he made efforts to find new and more efficient ways to solve mathematical problems. His journey effectively began when he sent a set of 120 mathematical theorems to a Cambridge-based professor who got impressed by Ramanujan’s works and called him to London. Ramanujan got enrolled into Trinity College in the Cambridge Campus.

However, his success was just starting. In 1917 he got elected into the Indian Mathematical Society and got into the Royal Society in 1918 (one of the youngest to achieve this). On April 26, 1920, he died due to poor health but had three notebooks full of unpublished works left behind as his legacy.

Those notebooks were worked upon by mathematicians across the globe for many years after his death. In 2012, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared 22 December as National mathematics day as a way to cement Ramanujan’s esteemed position in the field of mathematics in our country.  

Mathematics day is also a way to promote the study of mathematics and make the new generation of India aware of its importance in our day-to-day lives. It is also a way to empower the non-privileged students to get a chance to show their prowess in this field by allowing them to gain higher education without taking a significant toll on their finances. 

In 2019, the Royal Society also honored Ramanujan’s legacy by tweeting a special message for him.

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How is National Mathematics Day Celebrated

National Mathematics day is celebrated in many ways in India and the world.  NASI(National Academy of Sciences, India) celebrates National Mathematics Day by having workshops about different applications of mathematics and the theories of Ramanujan. These workshops are attended by many famous mathematicians and researchers from other parts of the world. They also involve discussions about the breakthroughs happening in mathematics and Ramanujan’s contribution to mathematics.

Every state of India celebrates mathematics day by conducting math quizzes and competitions in various schools, colleges, and universities. Such competitions help in recognizing the mathematical talent of students across India.

Ways to Celebrate Mathematics Day 2021

  1. Try Learning Trigonometry: 

The journey of Ramanujan as a Mathematical genius began at an early age. As a young kid, he devoted his time to learning trigonometric concepts and form his theorems about the topic. 

Reading about trigonometry will prove to be quite helpful for you in the future as it is one of the most important branches of mathematics. Also, taking an interest in learning mathematical concepts from an early age will give you an advantage over the others in higher classes.

2.Watch Movies about Ramanujan or Other Renowned Mathematicians

A brilliant way to show your appreciation on National Mathematics Day 2021 would be to watch a biographical movie on the life of Ramanujan like ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity, which stars Dev Patel in the lead and received critical acclaim. You can try watching some other movies based on mathematicians or scientists, this way you will become curious about the various topics shown in the film and subsequently in the field of science and maths.

3.Start Encouraging Other Students Around You

The story of Ramanujan is a story of perseverance and dedication. Even after so many hurdles during his early days, like failing to get admission in his preferred college due to his ignorance towards other subjects, he still made it a world-renowned mathematician. 

You can learn from the story of Ramanujan and be pervasive towards your goals in life and encourage your peers in their journey towards their goals. If you find someone in your friend group or someone you know, who is excellent in a particular field, try and encourage him to progress forward in that specific field and motivate them to follow their dreams to also achieve something remarkable in life.

Who knows, maybe your words inspire him to leap forward and work harder to achieve his/her goals.

4.Try to Read Up About Other Mathematicians and Their Contributions:

India has a rich history in different scholars from many fields like botany, zoology, chemistry, medicine, economics, and mathematics. So, on National Mathematics Day India, you can read about the works of other scholars that have come from the rich land of India. 

The works of Aryabhatta have become a topic for research in the world of Science and Mathematics. You should give them a read to further increase your knowledge base and develop your interest in these topics.

Many more Indian scholars such as Brahmagupta, P.C. Mahalanobis, C.R. Rao, Dr. Kaprekar, Harish Chandra, Satyendra Nath Bose, etc., are also remarkable. They will thrust you in the positive direction in Mathematics. 

Why Mathematics is Loved Around the World

  1. Mathematics is a Universal Language:

No one can identify that mathematics is a universal language and provides order to our world and provides sense to other branches of science. National Mathematics Day 2021 India promotes certain qualities among students like reasoning, creativity, and spatial thinking. 

2.Promotes Self-Learning:

As many of you already know that mathematics is about practice and self-determination in learning. The story of Ramanujan tells us about the importance of self-learning and how it proves to help make a name for yourself in a specific field.  

By providing many different problems on similar topics, mathematics encourages the student to solve them independently as they can’t take help on every question. 

The ability to effectively and efficiently self-learn complex topics is one of the essential skills in a person’s life and helps in almost every sector. Hence, National Mathematics Day promotes some excellent skills in the students.

The story of Ramanujan indeed shows us the limits we can reach from the worst of conditions to being on the top of their field. 

Hence, hard work and perseverance can lead us to become the best versions of ourselves.

3.Applicable in Every Field

Mathematics is applicable in almost every field possible.  The application of maths is used in scientific sectors of commerce, architecture, design, sports, etc.  

If speaking the truth, no sector will function adequately without applying mathematics as no business can run without proper finance and management.

4.Promotes Critical Thinking:

Mathematics involves the application of theory during problem-solving.  This promotes students not just to memorize stuff and not apply their brains. Mathematics encourages the use of critical thinking and judges the student’s aptitude in his ability of problem-solving. 

These characteristics of mathematics make it such a favorite among scholars and students alike.

National Mathematics Day 2021 India

National Mathematics Day 2021 will be celebrated on 22nd December as usual and will involve scholarships from universities such as:

National Mathematics Day
National Mathematics Day
  1. Institute of Mathematical Sciences: 

This institute provides scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students with the addition of doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships.

It also gives research fellowships to Ph.D. students. The stipend for fellowships is around 25000-30000 per month, and for a postdoctoral fellowship, it is around 30000-40000 per month.

The fellowships are only provided for Ph.D. holders, and the duration is up to 5 years which can extend if the student performs well.

The selection process involves a written test and interview.

2.Chennai Mathematical Institute: 

This institution provides scholarships to undergraduate students based on their academic performance and the renewal of subscription is done annually if the student can maintain his/her academic record.

The students eligible for a full scholarship get a waiver on their tuition fees and a monthly allowance of ₹4000, while a half scholarship involves a waiver of tuition fees. All the students will get an additional monthly scholarship of ₹1000.

3.Indian Statistical Institute:

The Indian Statistical Institute provides a research fellowship to Post-graduate and postdoctoral students for six months.

The monthly stipend provided will be ₹16000 per month for the first and second-year applicants and ₹18000 per month in subsequent years. 

Candidates who have a postgraduate degree in mathematics, statistics, electronics, and computer science can apply for the fellowship program.

4.Tata Institute of Fundamental Research: 

TIFR has the option of an integrated Ph.D. program in mathematics and other doctoral programs.

TIFR will provide the eligible candidates with a monthly stipend of ₹21000, while other Ph.D. students can get up to ₹35000. The fellowship students are also provided with accommodation facilities, and the admission process usually begins in August.

5.Indian Institute of Science Bangalore: 

It is one of the most renowned institutes for Scientific research in India and offers an integrated Ph.D. program for students in mathematical sciences. 

The stipend provided depends on the merit of students and ranges from ₹16000 to ₹35000.

Additionally, the institute also provides fellowships ranging from ₹31000 to ₹35000 for Ph.D. students and ₹12,400 to MTech, MDes students.  

The institute also gives scholarships and fellowships to some students who have participated in GATE/JAM or to ME/MTech/Msc qualified students. 

Hence, National Mathematics Day India is celebrated to provide incentives to talented students for their better future in mathematics. It is worth noting that many Coaching Institutes also hold Scholarship tests on this day to give a chance to a student with a poor financial background to sit on par with the students of much higher financial resources and receive equal tutoring. 

As a day of celebrating mathematics and recognizing the legacy left behind by Srinivas Ramanujan in the world of mathematics and making Indians all around the globe proud of their academic prowess. 

This day is being celebrated every year since its start in 2012. It will continue to be celebrated for many years to come as a way to empower and inspire students to take an interest in program mathematics.


Therefore, 2021 National Mathematics Day is a day for every student in India and around the globe to appreciate mathematics in their daily life and the importance it holds in the world.

Hence on the birthday of one of the best mathematicians this world has ever known, Srinivas Ramanujan, let us begin taking an interest in maths and inspire others too.

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