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National Milk Day 2022

When is National Milk Day India

National Milk Day Week DayNational Milk Day DateNational Milk Day Year
Friday26 November2021
Saturday26 November2022
Sunday26 November2023
Tuesday26 November2024
Wednesday26 November2025
Thursday26 November2026

National Milk Day 2022 India

You remember the peak summers when your mom would bring you a massive glass of buttermilk, and you would gulp it down. Or the time when you pulled an all-nighter because of so much workload, and the only thing that kept you sustained was a mug of strong coffee. Or the time you slowly sneaked into the kitchen to eat a cube of cheese. Do you know what all these memories have in common? Yes – Milk!

For something that has so much importance in our lives, we sure don’t know much about it. And that is what every year on November 26 is the National Milk Day in India. Milk is, in fact, the only food on which newborns survive. The calcium-rich gift from heaven is so versatile. Milk can lead to the birth of tea, coffee, buttermilk, cottage cheese, ghee butter, etc.! Not only is it good for your health, but it is also remarkable for your taste buds.

According to many reports, the day is dedicated to honouring Dr Verghese Kurien, more popularly known as the father of India’s White Revolution. People also credit The success of India’s White Revolution to him. Indian Dairy Association (IDA) initiated the very first celebration of this day in 2014. Numerous milk producers from 22 states all over the nation participated in it with great vigour.

National Milk Day:

What is National Milk Day?

National milk day is celebrated on the 26th of November every year in India. It was initiated in the year 2014 by the IDA (Indian Dairy Association). On 26th November 2014, the first national milk day in India was celebrated. On that day, many milk producers from all over the country had participated in it. It is observed to raise awareness on the importance of milk in our day to day lives. And another interesting fact is that according to the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) of the United Nations, India ranks first in the world milk production. Our country contributes about 22 per cent of the global production of milk since the year 1970. 

National Milk Day 2022 26 November

National Milk Day
National Milk Day

What is the Story behind the National Milk Day of India?

The national milk day of India is celebrated to remember the birthday of Dr Verghese Kurien who is popularly known as the Father of the White Revolution in India. He is also called the “Milkman of India”. The decision to mark the 26th of November as national milk day in India was taken by leading bodies of the country related to milk and dairy like the NDDB (National Dairy Development Board), the IDA (Indian Dairy Association), along with 22 state-level milk federations.

More about the Father of India’s White Revolution:

He was born on November 26 in the year 1921, in Kozhikode, Kerala, to a Christian family. His mother tongue was Malayalam. He did his schooling in erode at the Diamond Jubilee Higher Secondary School. He graduated in physics from Loyola College in Chennai. He later obtained a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the College of Engineering, which is in Guindy. He then studied dairy engineering via a government scholarship. In 1949, he decided to form a dairy cooperative known as the KDCMPUL (Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited) to help the farmers. He is the recipient of many awards, namely the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Water Peace Prize, World Food Prize, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan. He died in the year 2012.

His Contributions to the Milk Industry in the Country:

Dr Kurien is responsible for the significant development in the field of dairy farming. He also plays a major role in achieving India’s first position in world milk production. He is the one who made it possible for India to have its centres for the production of milk. He worked at AMUL as the general manager and then as the chairman. He was part of the Dairy Cooperative Movement, which prevailed in the country. He encouraged democratic enterprises in the country. He never stopped learning all through his life. Wherever he was, he continued to get educated. He always believed that the country’s economic development could progress a great deal if the dairy sector was improved. He regarded milk as a useful product with respect to the economy.

Who is Dr Verghese Kurien

Dr Verghese Kurien was a social entrepreneur who came up with the “billion-litre idea”. This plan was called Operation Flood, responsible for making dairy farming India’s largest self-sustaining industry and the sector that provides the most significant employment in villages.

In 1949, the government assigned Kurien one of its experimental creameries located at Anand, Bombay (present India Gujarat). Kurien resigned from the government job mid-way and established Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Limited (KDCMPUL). You might recollect if I tell you that it is also commonly known as AMUL Dairy.

I bet most of you weren’t aware of that. The next time you scoop into your AMUL ice cream or apply AMUL butter on your toast, remember. Who is Dr Verghese Kurien. His accolades also include Ramon Magsaysay Award, World Food Prize, Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Water Peace Prize.

White Revolution and Operation Flood

A rural development programme was commenced In 1970 by India’s National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) called- Operation Flood. Its primary objective was to create a nationwide milk grid. Apart from that, it also assisted in diminishing the malpractices by milk traders and merchants. What this did was that it transformed India into the largest producers of milk. Therefore, it is also known as the White Revolution.

The Objectives of Operation Flood

  • To increase milk production
  • To improve the rural economy
  • to introduce Fair prices for consumers

Interesting Facts about Milk!

  • Although milk is composed primarily of water, the protein and fat content are responsible for milk’s white colour.
  • Daily, a cow produces approximately 6.3 gallons of milk.
  • Adding salt or baking soda to milk helps increase its shelf life.
  • People have started using Donkey’s milk to make the world’s most rare cheese. A Serbian cheesemonger has created this kind of cheese, selling the same for 500 dollars per pound.
  • Milk has every nutrient you need for survival. Humans can survive entirely on milk, making it the only food to have the ability to do so.
  • Cows who are Lactating consume 420 pounds of water daily, which can double in the hotter months.
  • According to the myth, Zeus’s wife, Hera, while pushing baby Hercules, dropped several drops of milk from her breast and into the sky, which started to be known as the “Milky Way.”
  • Milk alternatives have occupied 13% of the milk market. And the good news for vegans is that the numbers are growing. Traditional dairy milk sold less by more than a billion in 2018 and was substituted by plant-based product To Conclude

Milk is almost an indispensable part of our life. The deficiency of milk from the diet of young children can cause innumerable health disorders. The life-giving properties of milk are genuinely magnificent.

As a child, when your mother would force you to drink unflavoured milk, you’d often despise that idea and try to run away from it. However, you realise that everything from your bones to your hair is so widely impacted by proper milk consumption. It is the primary protein source for vegetarians and also a rare food source of Vitamin D.

However, milk is beneficial only if it is of good quality. Organic or not, both manufacturers and vendors should have handled your milk with cleanliness. Milk of an inferior nature v=can has profound health implications. Medicinal modification of the same has led to various severe problems and infections, including cancer.

So always treat your milk like a ‘friend. Never leave its side, but always make sure they don’t have any characteristic that can negatively impact you.

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