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National Pollution Control Day

National Pollution Control Day 2021

When is National Pollution Control Day

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National Pollution Control Day 2021

How important is the environment to the general public? How can harm to the environment affect the life of human beings? Any harm to the environment or pollution can affect human beings. Human beings cannot even imagine the intensity of damage that the environment is going through can lead to the destruction of the people. Indirectly or directly, the life of human beings is connected with the environment. 

Almost all the human activities we do, whether drinking, eating, bathing, and working, are related to the environment. You all must have heard the news in newspapers and televisions regarding the pollution and the degradation of the environment.  Prevention of the environment and pollution reduction has become the primary concern of almost every country in the world right now because most of the people living on earth cannot get clean air, water, or even a healthy place to live. 

As human beings, we all deserve natural resources in their purest form, but we have affected the environment at an extreme level in our greed. In our negligence, we have ruined the earth. To remind people of their responsibility towards the environment and how they should not pollute their motherland, India celebrates National pollution control day every year. 

When and Why is it Celebrated? 

National pollution control day is celebrated on December 2nd every year. Even though this day is celebrated to remind people regarding the consequences of pollution, this day has a lot more significance than this.

 National pollution control day is celebrated as a remembrance day for all those who died in the Bhopal Gas tragedy on December 2nd in 1984. 

On the night of December 2nd, hundreds of people died in an industry located in Bhopal, and in memory of those people, National pollution control day is celebrated every year. National pollution control day 2021

National Pollution Control Day
National Pollution Control Day 2021

What is Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

On December 2nd, 1984, a gas leak happened in an industry located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The incident is popularly known as the Bhopal gas tragedy. In Bhopal, there was a pesticide plant known as Union Carbide India Limited. In the plant, an extremely toxic gas named methyl isocyanate leaked at night.

 In the gas leak, almost 3790 people died, and around five lakh people were affected in this tragedy. In the history of India, the Bhopal gas tragedy is known to be the worst disaster that killed several people.  This accident ruined many lives, and to remember the lost souls, National pollution control day is celebrated in India. 

What is Pollution? What are its Effects? 

Pollution means when a toxic substance gets diluted in the environment in any form, whether solid liquid or gas. Harmful substances affect the normal functioning of the environment, and it is detrimental to human beings. Pollution is something we all have read in our elementary education, and we all know that there are four types of pollution: air, water, sound, and soil.

 Different kinds of pollution have different impacts on the environment and human beings. Therefore, we have to be highly aware of its effects so that we can take suitable measures. 


Air Pollution

Air is one of the essential sources of life, and when air gets polluted, it harms not only human beings but also flora and fauna. Air pollution leads to severe global warming and the greenhouse effect that can be extremely dangerous for humankind. If living beings inhale the polluted air, they can have fatal diseases.

 Air pollution can lead to the worst respiratory problems. Human activities can also lead to air pollution, such as burning wood, crackers, papers, etc. Smoke that vehicles produce can also lead to air pollution

Water Pollution

As per the statistics, it is believed that most of the diseases that spread are waterborne. Waterborne diseases such as Cholera typhoid dysentery can affect people immensely. Studies have also shown that majorly these diseases are found in poor people or those near the rivers. Since the people living in villages drink water from the river as that is the primary source of water available in the area, if the water gets polluted due to the industrial discharge of insecticides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals, waterborne epidemics can spread. 

Water pollution is not only toxic to human beings but also to animals. Water pollution also happens because of human activities like baking in the river, washing clothes, throwing garbage in the rivers, etc. These activities pollute the water, which children, adults, and animals further drink. 

Sound Pollution

Another type of pollution is sound pollution that can not only have an effect on our ears but also causes a lot of psychological problems in human beings. Sound pollution happens through the noises of the surroundings such as loud music on the stereo honking of the vehicles, processions on the large scales burning of the crackers on the festivals, and much more.

 Even though it does not significantly affect the environment, it is still deadly for human beings. Many people can have severe headaches, anxiety issues, insomnia, and visual disturbance due to loud sounds. Majorly sound pollution can cause problems for older people, infants, and also pregnant women. 

Soil Pollution

The last pollution is soil pollution that can impact the environment on a much larger scale. We all know why soil is essential. Soil is used for agricultural purposes that further give food to the entire country. If the soil gets polluted, it will become infertile, which will cause significant destruction in the life of animals and human beings. 

Soil pollution majorly happens because of the non-degradable substances which the soil cannot consume. Those substances harm soil, which can make the land productive and infertile. 

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As per the report of the National Health Portal of India, on average, 7 million people die every year because of air pollution worldwide. Air pollution and water pollution are considered the deadliest pollution as their impact is much severe, and these are the two necessary resources for humankind.

 It is also believed that almost 4 million people die because of indoor air pollution. Nowadays, we do not have access to clean air and water, leading to the deaths of millions of people worldwide. Environmental pollution can damage the lungs, heart, and brain, which is hugely worse. 

How is National Pollution Control Day Celebrated? 

National pollution control day is highly significant in the history of India, and it is not only because of the Bhopal Gas tragedy but because of the increasing pollution in the country. This day focuses on imparting awareness regarding the four types of pollution and how the general public can control it. 

It is also celebrated to be aware of the industry runners regarding the proper management of their industry so that no disasters such as the Bhopal gas tragedy can happen again.  The government has established a lot of laws related to the control of the population. On this day, the government also makes people aware of those laws and how all of the citizens of India are together in this fight against pollution.

 The only objective of celebrating National Pollution Control Day every year is to make India a pollution-free country. 

Since this day has a lot of significance and purpose, various NGOs, schools, colleges, and government organizations celebrate this day. Many organizations prepare campaigns and rallies to make people aware of the significance of this day.  Most schools start a drive in which they clean their streets, parks, and other areas. Several organizations also organize competitions such as essay writing, a debate speech, etc. 

National pollution control day 2021 will be celebrated in India on December 2nd this year. Still, considering the ongoing situation of the country, it is believed that the day will be celebrated virtually only. 

Measures Taken by the Government

National pollution control day contains a lot of importance, and therefore the government celebrates this day in the entire country. In the past, many years ago, the government has imposed a lot of preventive laws and measures that control pollution in the country. Some of the rules are mentioned below. 

  • Water prevention and control of pollution act of 1974.
  • Air prevention and control of pollution act of 1981.
  • Environment protection rules of 1986 and environment protection act of 1986.
  • Biomedical waste management and handling rules of 1998.
  • Recycled plastic manufacture and usage rules of 1999.
  • Noise pollution regulation and control rules of 2000.
  • Ozone depleting substances regulation rules of 2000.
  • Solid waste management rules 2016.
  • The National Green Tribunal Act 2010.
  • Plastic waste management rules 2016
  • Construction and demolition waste management rule 2016. 

Other than passing these laws related to pollution prevention, the government has also established the Central Pollution Control Board that looks after the control of pollution in the country. The central pollution control board was established in September 1974 under the water prevention and control of pollution act 1974. The central pollution control board also looks after the air prevention and control of pollution act 1981. 

The primary work of this pollution control board is to guide the ministry of environment forest and climate change as to how they can control the pollution in the country and what kind of measures they can pass according to it. 


What Can the General Public Do to Reduce Pollution?

The government is doing its bit in controlling pollution. Still, even the general public can make their efforts and help the government control the pollution and make India a pollution-free country. We have mentioned a few steps that can reduce pollution.

  • Do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and non-degradable substances, why steel and preferably in small quantities. Also, make sure that you do not dispose of them in the river.
  • Planting more and more trees can help immensely reduce pollution if not today then at least for the future.
  • Try to use public transport as much as you can instead of taking your vehicle. It can reduce the smoke on the roads.
  • Besides public transportation, you can also use sustainable vehicles like bicycles as it does not emit harmful gases in the air.
  • Avoid listening to music at a loud volume and try to minimize the noises of the public processions.
  • On special occasions like Diwali, do not burn crackers as it does not just lead to air pollution but also noise pollution.
  • Do not throw plastic bags on the roads, rivers, or sewage. Plastic is non-degradable, which can affect soil and water. You can reuse the plastic bags in your home for keeping necessary items.
  • People should not wash clothes and make their animals bathe in the common river. 
  • Avoid throwing garbage on the roads.
  • Opt the solution of recycling and reuse. 
  • Do not flush the harmful chemicals and substances in your toilet or even in sewages.
  • Get your vehicle regularly maintained so that it does not emit smoke that can pollute the air.
  • Other than these things, the simplest thing you can do is to be aware of the people regarding environmental pollution.


Spread awareness in your neighborhood your children and family members can also opt for a healthy and informed lifestyle. 

Summing up

2021 National pollution control day is one of the most important days celebrated in India to make people aware of the importance of a clean environment and how different pollution is ruining the necessities for a healthy livelihood. The government takes several measures and steps and celebrates this day on a vast level. Even the Government of India will celebrate National pollution control day 2021 virtually this year.

 The details of the celebration are not confirmed yet, but it will be marked with the similar objective of imparting awareness towards this day. Being the citizens of India, it is the primary duty of the people to educate and inspire others to win this fight against pollution. 

Since the world is under a pandemic situation, you can spread awareness on various social media platforms by sharing quotations related to this day. You can even share inspirational messages with your family members and friends. 

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