October 2, 2022
National Simplicity Day

National Simplicity Day 2022

National Simplicity Day-When everything seems to be all glitters and sparkles in the millennial generation, where is the importance of simplicity that our parents and older generation used to have? We all have heard the word simplicity, but what does it mean when it comes to its implications in our lives?

 Today in the modern world, when everything that matters for people is how they look on social media, how they look better than somebody else on social media, and how they can make their life appear to be fun and relaxed in the eyes of others; what is the true meaning of leading a simple life!

 The younger generation might not know the significance of simplicity, but the older generation undoubtedly knows. You all must have heard your parents say, ” In our times.” Have you ever given a single thought why they say that? 

Your parents or any other older generation keep on using this phrase because nowadays, the meaning of life has changed completely. Things have become highly complicated, relationships have become complex, and everything now is just a step towards winning a race. People nowadays are overburdened with immense responsibilities, and they have to juggle around two to three tasks daily.

 The advancement of technology and the presence of digitalization in our lives has undoubtedly provided us with some level of convenience, but it hasn’t made our lives simple. 

Today we all need a reminder to lead a simple life, and in the form of a reminder, we have a national simplicity day celebrated on 12th July every year in India. Sounds weird?

 Like who would have thought that a day like National simplicity day would exist? Well, it does. The national simplicity day exists with major significance. 

Why is National Simplicity Day Celebrated? 

National simplicity day has a major significance, and whenever we talk about this state, the one name that comes to our minds is Henry David Thoreau. 

You must know this name if you are a fan of poetry and novels; however, we must tell you he was “A know it all” man for those who don’t know about Henry David.

 Henry David Thoreau was an author, environmentalist abolitionist poet, and transcendentalist. His poetry and works are taught in high schools and colleges. 

National Simplicity Day
National Simplicity Day

He was one of the greatest philosophers of his time. Henry David believed in the philosophy that each person knows what they are, and they have the power to push out all the external forces and not let them affect them. 

He was known as a transcendentalist, and he used to believe that a person can transcend above all the superficial and materialistic forces.

Along with his fellow transcendentalists, David Henry used to preach the belief in simpler life so that people can get in touch with their feelings in a much better way. In simple words, it’s like yoga. 

Yoga is all about knowing your inner self and focusing on your internal forces and mechanism. 

The only point that Henry had was not to abandon the life that you have in a country or a house but to understand what matters to you and your priorities. 

Henry David Thoreau has also written a book named Walden that reflects the idea of simple living and how people can imply that in their real life. 

This philosophy is somewhat lost in modern times because now people don’t want to understand their internal forces, but they try to refurbish their external outlook.  

Significance of National Simplicity Day

On the philosophies and beliefs of Henry David Thoreau, National simplicity day was created to make people aware of the importance of living a simpler life and breaking the shackles of the immense complications and hustle they have every day.

 Because of social media presence, every person has started to compare their life with somebody else. In that process, they have forgotten to value what they have. Everybody knows that a person who leads a simple life can not influence others or even mark the so-called social life.

 It’s basically like we are engrossed in the fake world so much that we have stopped paying attention to our authentic selves.  Therefore the national simplicity day emphasizes the value that we should give to the simple life and how we should focus on internal aura instead of being worried about what to post next on Facebook that will provide you with the most likes.

 In a world where everything is uncertain, we don’t know when would be our last call with our loved ones; we must declutter everything necessary for our life and understand the importance of the phrase less is more. 

Simplicity in Other Countries

The idea of simplicity is celebrated and given importance to almost all countries, and recently in Japan, the concept of minimalism has become extremely popular. 

Japan is one such country that believes in the matter of simplicity, and while leading a simple life is extremely important for being happier and stressless. 

There have been many Japanese poets and philosophers who have emphasized the significance of simplicity and why people should get rid of the things that do not serve any good purpose in their life. 

One of the most famous writers of Japan who has written a lot of books on simplicity and how a person can lead a happy life is Ikigai. Ikigai is a must-read writer. 

In various countries, the idea of minimalism and simplicity has even taken its turn in fashion, where people have turned to Vintage clothes instead of running after fast fashion. 

Why is National Simplicity Day Important? 

National simplicity Day 2022 will be celebrated this year, and those who just got to know about this day with this article can celebrate this day. 

This day is not celebrated with cultural programs for an extravagant ceremony, but this day is more like adopting a philosophy in your life. We all must have thought someday, “why is my life so complicated? I wish I had a simpler life”. 

The most important thing that people should understand is that a simpler life is not something worldly that you can buy somewhere.

 It comes from within, and it is a belief and a daily activity. Everybody can have a simpler life with zero complications or stress, but all you have to do is accept a few things. 

National simplicity day is significant, and the reason we should mark this day every year is to have a much happier life. We have mentioned a few reasons why National simplicity day is essential. Take a look.  

  1. We all have a continuous hustle-bustle in our lives where we have to wake up in the morning to get ready for school, college, or office. Drop children to school, take care of your family, and much more. 

In managing so many things, our mind gets highly stressed, and the only thing that can save us from that trauma is simplicity. Simplicity is an idea that we should focus on simple things instead of looking at the bigger picture.

 We all think about what will happen in the future, and then we stress out on that, but what is the point of stressing out about something that you don’t even know will happen for sure? 

Right! Simplicity means focusing on what you have right now, pause all the stressful elements, and celebrate what you have. 

  1. Simplicity is not a new term, but it is something that exists since ancient times. Remember we told you why our parents use the phrase in our times. 

Well, the idea of simplicity existed in their time as well, and this principle started in the 19th century, and it is available in various cultures. 

Various yoga practitioners and monks of eastern and western cultures emphasize the importance of simplicity and how simple life is beneficial for mental and physical existence. 

  1. National simplicity day allows us to detach from the external world and spend some time with ourselves. 

Henry David Thoreau believed that our lives are so complicated because of the number of distractions, and we can get rid of those by spending time with nature

Have you ever felt peace when it rains or when you feel the cold winds on your face? That is simplicity. Spending time on social media, worrying about the number of likes you get is a mere distraction that can never give you a peaceful mind. 

How can you Celebrate National Simplicity Day 2022?

We have told you 2022 National simplicity day is not celebrated extravagantly because it is a philosophy that is important for internal change. Therefore to celebrate and mark National simplicity day 2022, you can do your bit on your own. Such as 

  1. Read the writings of Henry David Thoreau, especially Walden. Walden is one of the greatest works of Henry David Thoreau that he wrote with the motive of changing society in a good way. 

To write Walden, Thoreau went into complete isolation for two years near Walden Pond, and he wrote his philosophies on simplicity in the two years.  We are not expecting you to leave your home on national simplicity day and start living in the forest or even give up social media forever. 

All you can do is spare some time, read Walden, and understand what David Thoreau is trying to explain in those surreal pages. 

  1. Another essential thing you can do is detach yourself from social media and electronic devices for a while.

Even if it is just for 2 or 3 hours, we all know that change does not happen immediately, but with small steps, it can happen. 

In modern times, when social media and technology have become a part of our lives, we cannot completely get rid of them, but what we can do is use it wisely so that it does not negatively impact us.

 We can agree how social media platforms can take a toll on people’s mental health, especially the younger generation; therefore, it is important to be off from those platforms for a while and involve yourself in different activities. It can be reading, dancing, cooking, writing, anything that makes you happy. 

  1. Another aspect of simplicity is to have less. In Indian households, we all have humongous things in our homes that we don’t even use. 

Then what is the point of keeping them and cleaning them every Diwali and then storing them again? 

On national simplicity day, another thing that you can do to mark the importance of simple life is to declutter unnecessary items. 

Few things that you do not use or wear can go out of your house to have a simple home with necessary items.

 Now the most important thing that you should know is not to throw away what you don’t use. It is always better to donate something to the people who need them the most. 

  1. Another thing that you can do is make others aware of the importance of simplicity or even tell them about Henry David Thoreau.

 Sharing is the essential power that humans have. So, instead of sharing memes online with your friends, share the knowledge that you have received related to the simplicity and the ideas of the great transcendentalists. 

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Summing up

National simplicity day 2022 is one such day that can be beneficial for people who want to fix their complicated lives. You cannot adopt the philosophies of the simplicity of the ideas of Henry David Thoreau and other transcendentalists in one day. If you want to adapt to a simpler life, you must keep practicing the simple way of living.

 Involve yourself in meditation yoga that connects you with your inner self, and it can help you be detached from the external forces that can have a negative impact on your life. 

Parents can especially teach their kids who are new in this world regarding the importance of simplicity and how children can improve their way of living because it can get a little complicated when they have grown as it is for you right now. Happy National simplicity day 2022 to All

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