August 9, 2022
National Sports Day Images

National Sports Day 2022, 29 August India

National Sports Day 2022 India

National Sports Day Images 2021
National Sports Day Images 2022

Sports play a very significant role in our lives. A person who engages itself in sports on a regular basis sustains a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. It not only fosters health but keeps your mind fit. Outstanding achievements knock on your door when one is healthy enough to pass all the hurdles in life.

We celebrate National Sports Day to embrace sportsmanship and brotherhood that comes with sports. National sports day is celebrated graciously all over the world to honor national sports teams for their outstanding performance for the respective countries. It is pertinent to embrace sports traditions as it encourages sportsmanship among people and keeps their hardships that they bring to the country in the form of achievements. People celebrate by organizing sports day in schools. In these colleges, students participate in different sports such as basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. sports day is all about motivating and encouraging every sportsman’s efforts that they put forward and commendable teamwork. 

Significance of National Sports Day

The objective of celebrating National Sports day is to highlight the importance of sports in our lives and staying fit and healthy. This day marks the journey of every sportsperson and woman who has made the country proud by representing commendable work achieved through hours of sweat and hard work. 

National sports day in India was first celebrated in 2012. On this day, Major Dhyan Chand, the hockey legend, was born, and in his honor, India decided to celebrate National Sports Day in India. The Union Ministery of Youth Affairs pays tribute by organizing a function in Dhyan Chand Stadium located in New Delhi. 

In the past, a plethora of sports-related schemes was introduced to benefit sportspersons of India. Some of the are Khelo India Movement, Fit India Movement, Sports Talent Search Portal, National Sports Development Fund, High-level committee to address grievances of sportswomen, schemes of Sports Committee of India, and many more. 

The President of India played a significant role in fostering vigor and enthusiasm among sportspersons. On this day, the President of India pays his tribute by awarding the outstanding sportspersons of the year by giving them some highly prestigious awards such as Khel Ratna, Arjuna Awards, Dronacharya Awards, the Dhyan Chand Award, among others.  Amidst pandemic times, unfortunately, the award function could not be held, but a virtual ceremony would be organized to award athletes for their lifetime contributions in this field. 

The History Behind National Sports Day

Dhyan Chand Singh, the name behind every hockey player’s inspiration. National Sports Day is celebrated to memorialize Dhyan Chand’s birthday that is on 29th August 1905. On this day, a hockey prodigy was born in the house of Shradha Singh and Sameshwar Singh in the city of Allahabad. His family belonged to army background as his father served as a soldier in the British Army. Like father, like son, Dhyan Chand was also keenly interested in the army and joined at the tender age of 16. Though his passion always remained in Hockey. He served as well as practiced Hockey tirelessly. 


He learned from whichever source he could. He used to watch army hockey competitions and regimental games that driven him more towards it. He could not resist bt practicing whenever he got time. He used to play in the realm of the moon’s silence at nights after his shifts, and that is why he earned his name Chand which means moon. 

Journey to the Hockey Dream Team

His efforts did not go unnoticed. He was discovered by the Indian Army, and they decided to take a tour to New Zealand in 1926. He was highly appreciated in his first match tournament, which showed his commendable performance. It was a lucky coincidence that turned the tables for Dhyan Chand and gave him his big break. Indian Hockey Federation (IHF), for the selection of players in the newly formed federation, decided to organize an inter-provincial tournament. Dhyan Chand got the opportunity when the army chose to skip the competition. As determined he was, this was not only an opportunity for him but his dream of life. He impressed all the spectators with the quality of ball control that made the opposition lose ground. 

This led to his selection in India’s first match ever hockey team for the Olympics. Afterward, he was awarded Olympics Gold Medal thrice in 1928, 1932, and 1936.

He emerged as the “Hockey ka Jadugar,” translate as “Hockey Wizard” after he impressed Adolf Hitler, who was watching from a distance. His tenacity to become the best in hockey made him a talented hockey player. Dhyan Chand was honored with Padma Bhushan, the highest civilian award, in 1956. He dies at the age of 19679 but is alive in the veins of every sportsperson till today. Many awards are established in his name, the great hockey legend. 

National Sports Day Celebrations 

The National Sports Day India is followed by the organization of various games and competitions in schools, colleges to promote healthy competition and the significant contributions of legendary players. Some have poetry reciting sessions where the fans recite poems on their favorite legendary players such as Sachin Tendulkar, Mary Kom, Virat Kohli, Kapi Dev, Dhyan Chand, and many more. In Rashpati Bhawan, there is a grand organization of event where all the great players are inhibited and awarded different national wards. 

The president of India gives these awards. 2019 marked for the nomination of two athletes for the highest sporting honor that exits- Khel Ratna. Wrestler Najrang Punia and Rio Paralympics Deepa Malik were the two prominent sportspersons who were awarded this prestigious award. Many others received Arjuna Award for their lifetime contribution to our country and made us proud. 

Why do we need National Sports Day?

National Sports Day does not represent only a day to embrace Sports, to know its importance. No one can be made aware of the significance of its value in one day. National Sports Day marks the journeys of all those tenacious over-the-top athletes and players that did not leave any effort in making India proud. Making the public aware of its sports history in order to attain a fitter nation is the primary objective to celebrate this day. 

 The organization of Sports Committee, National Sports Committee received tremendous support from people. Significant donations were made in order to uplift every talented player who would not be left because of the lack of resources. Major sports-related schemes were introduced, which benefits players in various ways. 

National sports day does not only appreciate the contributions. It reminds every player out there who is putting their mind and soul that the country has their support with them. 

When is National Sports Day India?

Sunday29 August2021
Monday29 August2022
Tuesday29 August2023
Thursday29 August2024
Friday29 August2025
Saturday29 August2026

National Sports Day is celebrated across the world on different with the same level of enthusiasm and vigor in their eyes. For instance, it is celebrated on October 17th, known as Physical Education & Sports Day. Tai-iku no Hi translated as Health and Sports Day celebrated in Japan on October 10th. 

National Sports Day India is celebrated on 29th August, commemorating Dhyan Chand’s birth anniversary. Such strong inspiration like him has been witnessed by our nation over time, PV Sindhu, Sumit Nagal, among others. 

When is National Sports Day India – 29th August 2022

National Sports Day 2022 India

To attain discipline that is needed in sports take years of practice and hard work. Sports is not only about playing your favorite sports with enthusiasm and getting better at it. It is about not giving up, the thirst to grow more and more with time. That takes a sportsperson to attain near-perfection performances. 

To boost athlete’s vigor, the public encourages their hard work, which is another significant element behind a successful sportsperson. To promote and support sports, National Sports Awards is provided to help an athlete’s disciplines.

Some of them are the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for formidable performance. Usually, an Olympic medallist takes this award. Another prestigious and oldest award constituted in 1961 is Arjuna Award which recognizes an athlete’s achievements over the years. The Dronacharya Award, formed in 1985, is a special award commemorated for the best coaches of our countries who guide and motivate constantly. 

It also includes coaches from foreign countries who have contributed to the building of ports field in our country. 

The awards are given and nominated by the National Sports Committee on recommendations of various people such as athletes, coaches, etc. an award nominee is specially formed to recommend dormant and deserving nominees to present these awards too. 

Vishwanathan Anand, India’s first grandmaster, was one of the prodigies to have been taken this prestigious award, Khel Ratna, for his exceptional portrayal of intelligence in the field of chess. After being a 5-time world-class champion, the blessing of receiving Khel Ratna was conferred upon him.

Dhyan Chand has been recognized as the latest by the country. This award is conferred to a few people, including Shahuraj Birajdar for boxing, Ashok Diwan for hockey, and Aparna Ghosh for basketball in 2002. 

Happy National Sports Day to all!/ National Sports Day Images

National Sports Day Images
National Sports Day Images

Does your chest pump with pride having to be present in a country of great sportspersons? If yes, celebrate national sports day 2022 with your family. Amidst, it has become difficult to follow the tradition to organize sports day in schools and colleges. People would not be able to appreciate the way they must have been wanting.

National Sports Day Images 2021
National Sports Day Images 2022

National Sports Day Images

National Sports Day 2021 Images
National Sports Day 2022 Images

You can watch the virtual ceremony and watch your favorite athletes reviewing their awards by our President of India, Ramnath Kovind. This National Sports Day embraces the importance of sports in everyday lives. Teach our children all about the heroes of our country. Celebrating national sports day through playing your favorite sports is not the only way to enclasp this day. We can teach ourselves and our families about the history of favorite sports. Families can watch the award show together, marking the underlying principle to motivate people to be fit and lead a healthy life.  

Happy National Sports Day 2022 to All Sports Person and Whole India

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