December 1, 2022
National Technology Day

National Technology Day 2022

We all know India celebrates many important achievements in the form of national days; one such day is the national Technology day, observed every year on May 11 all over the country. 

Technology has a significant role in our day-to-day life and considering its contribution to the strengthening of the economy; National Technology day becomes substantial. 

When is National Technology Day

National Technology Day National Technology Day DateNational Technology Day Year
Tuesday11 May2021
Wednesday11 May2022
Thursday11 May2023
Saturday11 May2024
Sunday11 May2025
Monday11 May2026

Why and When is National Technology Day Celebrated?

National Technology day holds a major significance in the history of India. This day is celebrated as an achievement of the technological innovations of India as on May 11, 1998, India successfully tested the nuclear bombs in Pokhran. 

The name National Technology day was given by the late prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, to celebrate India’s technological achievements on a larger scale. The successful testing of India’s nuclear bombs is considered a groundbreaking achievement by the scientists and engineers of Science and Technology. When is National Technology Day Celebrated-11th of May 

National Technology Day
National Technology Day 2022

 Every year ministers give a tribute to the scientists of India for their achievement on this day. We all can agree how the advancement of technology is changing the country’s livelihood and condition. National Technology day India is celebrated to commemorate the exceptional hard work and achievements of Indian scientists. 


History of May 11, 1998

India has tried nuclear bomb testing before 1998 as well. The nuclear bomb testing in Pokhran in 1998 involved the testing of five nuclear bombs that was conducted by the scientists of India in the test range of the Indian army. India conducted its first nuclear test in May 1974 under the code name smiling Buddha. The nuclear testing of 1998 was conducted with the code name operation Shakti. 

This nuclear test had to face many criticism and sanctions by various countries like Japan and the United States of America. All of the five nuclear bombs were tested underground in Rajasthan. The nuclear bomb testing conveyed the strength of the Indian technological department worldwide, and it also showed the nuclear capability of India. 

Operation Shakti

Back in 1998, the Central intelligence agency had advanced technology through which it could take clear pictures of everything. When India decided to test its nuclear bombs, there was a risk that the CIA would capture their move.  India tested their nuclear bombs in Pokhran, a plain desert without mountains on which any satellite can spy easily. To maintain the secrecy of the test, India had to take measures.

Measures by the Indian government:

  •  1. India knew that nuclear bomb testing would require transportation and construction that can be recorded by the spying satellites.
  • As a measure, India conducted fake exercises for one and a half years to look like a regular exercise in the eyes of the CIA.
  • Another measure that the Indian government took was for the scientists to visit the site in Pokhran in military uniform so that it does not raise any suspicion. 
  •  Since the operation Shakti was done under the supervision of APJ Abdul Kalam, he never traveled with the group of scientists. Whenever he had to visit the site, he traveled alone in the military uniform. 
  • Major work on the Pokhran site was done at night. Before the sunrise, trucks and drills were re-installed in their original place, and the prints of the tire were also removed.
  • The people involved in this operation always used code words and names for having a conversation. 
  • Before conducting the actual test, the team conducted a dummy test to see if they raised any suspicion or alert by the CIA.

With all these measures, India conducted Operation Shakti without raising suspicion and was surprised that India could keep everything in the dark so easily. 

Importance of Technology in our Lives

Technology is essential in strengthening the country, but it has also become a much intricate part of people’s lives. Technology is helping people connect and work better in the education sector, business, and much more. Without technology, you could not have imagined talking with your loved ones on the mobile phone or reading news on a device like a laptop and getting to know what is happening in different countries. 

Technology has held us to have a better standard of living, and it has offered a variety of employment opportunities to people. With the help of technology, you can access the internet, without which you could not have imagined globalization. The education sector and entertainment industry have become much more advanced with outstanding graphics 3D games. With online schools and colleges, distant learning has become accessible.

 In a global pandemic right now, the thing that is keeping us sane and connected with the world is technology only. So, we should all celebrate a day dedicated to technology and pay gratitude to our scientists and engineers’ efforts and advanced innovations. 

How is National Technology Day Celebrated?

Since National Technology day is one of the most auspicious days in the history of India, it is celebrated by the government of India by handing over awards to the people who have contributed immensely to the advancement of technology. 

By appreciating the efforts of the scientists and engineers, India marks the importance of science in our life and how young people should adopt this field of career. Many students do not opt for science or engineering because they think it is a complex subject. 

Therefore, this day is celebrated to spread awareness regarding the significance of technology in our lives and how young children can make a difference by entering this field of study. The awards are given to the note-worthy achievements of the people by the technology development board. The award is presented to the individuals, institutions, and businesses of the year as well. 

Technology Day in India is celebrated in different ways by different institutions to mark the importance of this day and remember the efforts by those scientists in 1998. On the national level, the event is organized by the technology development board.

 The Department of Science and Technology, Biotechnology, the ministry of earth sciences, the council of scientific and industrial research, and other departments related to Science and Technology participate and grace this National event. The President of India graces the event organized by the department and hands over the awards to the people for their tremendous contribution to technology.

 The events are organized all over India and are coordinated by the Ministry of Science and Technology so that the entire nation can celebrate the importance of the national Technology day in the country.

 Every year, the celebration of National Technology day is based on a particular theme. 

The department of Science and Technology keeps a unique theme as a plan for which the department will be working in the coming years. The entire event is decorated and plants as per the theme of the day. 

National Technology Day 2022 Theme

Since 1999, every year, the technology development board has held a webinar on different themes related to science and technology.  In 2019, the theme of the webinar was “Science for People and People for Science.” In 2018, it had the theme of “Science and Technology for a sustainable future.” The 2020 technology development board kept the webinar theme “Rebooting the Economy through Science, Technology, and Research Translations.”

 These themes focus on the importance of science and technologies and how innovations can uplift the economy and make a sustainable future for India. National Technology day 2022 will be celebrated on 11th May as well, and we are sure that this year and the theme will be something unique and informative.

 However, the celebration can be a little different from the past years considering the global pandemic. The conference will be held virtually on this year’s national Technology day celebration as well. 

Celebration of National Technology Day in Schools and Other Institutions

National Technology Day is celebrated by the government of India every year, but it is also celebrated in schools, colleges, and other educational institutes with the same zest. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, especially in the colleges related to science and technology. This day is celebrated in the schools and colleges by minor events and quiz competitions such as debate declamation poster making essay writing, etc. 

The entire motive to celebrate this day in schools and colleges is to impart awareness regarding the importance of science and technology in our lives and how children should be interested in innovation and can contribute to the Nations technology if they want to. In several science colleges and engineering colleges, webinars and conferences are conducted in which guest speakers are welcomed and talked about the importance of technology and on unique topics related to this field.

 In various institutions, the conference run by the technology development board is also showcased for the students to know about that year’s theme. Various government organizations also conduct competitions on the national level and present awards to the winners to appreciate their efforts. 

How Can You Do Your Bit?

To celebrate national Technology day, it is not essential that you have to be involved in government events or your college’s event, but you can also do your bit on your own in simple ways. 

How can you do that? Let’s see

  • Parents can educate their kids on the importance of technology and how to use it properly because we all can agree that technology comes with positive and negative sides. We must use technology for the betterment of the people. 
  • Since technology has grown so much, we all know that social media has a significant influence. 

On national Technology day, you can post something on your social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter by using hashtags and spreading awareness about this day. Well, it is not wrong to use some technology on national Technology day.

  • Another thing that you can do is to participate in the events organized by your school and colleges and motivate other students to do the same. 

As it is said that change begins from home, every individual and citizen of India should do something on their end so that in totality, this day can become more significant in the history of the achievement of Indian Technology. 

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National Technology day is of utmost importance in the history of India. All the efforts done by the scientists and engineers give inspiration to all the budding scientists and aspirants that nothing is impossible. This day has been celebrated since 1999, and since then the technology development board has created several technologies that have contributed to strengthening the country’s economy. 

National Technology Day is celebrated worldwide to pay gratitude to those scientists who have been working day and night to create a solid place for India in the world and contribute to the easy livelihood of the people across the nation. It is our duty as an Indian to celebrate this day and pay homage to all the scientists of our country. 

When is National Technology Day Celebrated- 11th of May 

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