November 27, 2022
National Tourism Day

National Tourism Day 2022

When is National Tourism Day

National Tourism Day Week DayNational Tourism Day DateNational Tourism Day Year
Tuesday25 January2022
Wednesday25 January2023
Thursday25 January2024
Saturday25 January2025
Sunday25 January2026
Monday25 January2027

National Tourism Day 2022

India celebrates several glorious days that have historical importance. We all are aware of days like Republic Day and Independence Day because these are celebrated extravagantly since India’s independence. But most of the population of India is not aware of a day known as national tourism day. We all have heard the term tourism and tourists in our school colleges or day-to-day life. 

But the thing that we are not aware of is the importance of tourism and its contribution to the growth of a country’s economy. In this article, we will be sharing all the details that you need to know about national tourism day, and why this day is so significant in the history of India.

What is Tourism?

The term tourism refers to when people visit different countries or even places in their own country for entertainment or business purposes. Tourism is one such activity that can fall under the social, cultural, and economic sectors. The primary reason for the existence of this industry or activity is to explore the communities outside one on the neighborhood. 

Tourism is an essential activity if you want to build professional or even personal relationships with other countries or local communities. This activity is undertaken by several people worldwide as a part of a hobby and even in the form of employment. 

What is Tourism Day?

The national tourism Day in India is celebrated every year on 25th January by the government of India. Worldwide, India has a remarkable position because of magnificent places that are famous as tourist destinations. India being a culturally rich heritage, attracts a lot of foreigners. To celebrate the diversity of the country, the national tourism day is celebrated on 25th January.

 This day is marked with a motive to appreciate the country’s beauty and make people aware of the importance of tourism and how it impacts the Indian economy. 

The national tourism day promotes the tourism industry and makes sure that the tourist destinations of our country remain sustainable and preserved. 

Apart from the national tourism day, India also celebrates the World Tourism Day established by the United Nations organization on 27th September every year. With tourism being one of the fascinating activities, the tourism industry of India has grown immensely. 

History of National Tourism Day 

National Tourism Day
National Tourism Day 2022

In 1948 after India’s independence, a tourist traffic committee was created by the Indian government that was formed with the motive of promoting the tourism industry of India.  It was the first tourism committee of the independent nation, and its headquarter was set in Mumbai and Delhi. But when the committee started to flourish, more offices were established in cities like Hyderabad and Chennai. 

When the government realized the importance of tourism on the economy, they found a separate department for tourism in 1958 that was overlooked by the ministry of transport and communication. The motive of this department was to take care of the tourist destination and keep them in the proper condition so that formals can be attracted towards its beauty. 

Significance of Tourism on Indian Economy

Tourism not only plays a significant role in strengthening the bonds between countries and communities but also impacts the country’s economy.  The economy of India has benefited from tourism immensely, and especially the local communities that live around the tourist spots have got various advantages financially from this industry. 

The tourism sector of our country is a significant part of the industrial sector. For earning foreign exchanges, the tourism industry is substantial, and over the years Indian economy has been able to record the foreign trade of up to Rs.21,828 crores. 

The tourism sector in the Indian economy grew 17% more than the previous year. 

India is one of the most famous tourist spots for foreigners in Africa, Australia, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia that have been visiting India and contributing to the growth of the Indian economy. Since Indian tourism is full of diverse traditional culture festivals, tourists have various options when they visit India. Even though tourism was degraded in the past few years in other countries; the Indian economy did not face a decline in its tourism sector. 

What leads to the Growth in the Tourism Sector?

The growth of the tourism sector depends on various factors such as:

  • Increase of the income level of the people. When people have a higher income level, they tend to visit places to spend quality time with their family and friends.
  • Advertisement and promotion campaigns. The government of India does aggressive advertisements of tourist destinations to attract fauna all over the world.

 For advertisement Government of India has also started to use famous faces like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, and other well-known celebrities. 

  • Growth of the Indian economy. When the Indian economy rises, they spend money on improving the infrastructure of the tourist spots to make them more magnificent. 

Popular Tourist Places in India

Some of the popular tourist destinations in India are:

  • Delhi
  •  Agra
  •  Kolkata 
  • Varanasi 
  • Mumbai
  •  Rajasthan 
  • Bangalore
  •  Shimla 
  • Dehradun
  •  Kerala
  • Goa

The tourism sector is believed to be the primary source of income for developing countries. 

When a nation has a higher foreign exchange, it directly impacts its economy; therefore, all the services provided in India are provided at a higher rate for foreign visitors. The government of India is very well aware of the importance of the tourism sector. They take all the possible measures and steps to promote tourism in India for domestic and international tourists.

 For tourism promotion, the government is bringing various campaigns like Incredible India to attract global tourists and show what India has to offer them. The income generated by the tourism sector in India has been tremendously significant in the past many years. With a higher income rate, job opportunities in the tourism sector are also increasing every year. 

With the celebration of Tourism Day, the government also spread awareness regarding the various employment opportunities that youth can avail themselves of in the tourism sector. 

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Employment Opportunities in the Tourism Sector of India

As we have discussed, travel and tourism are among India’s most significant economic sectors. It has provided enormous employment opportunities for the people. The job opportunity in the tourism sector is high in both the public and the private sector. As far as government jobs are concerned, you can apply for tourist guides, information assistance, tourism state officer, etc. 

Whereas in the private sector you can open your travel agency or work in a travel agency. You can also apply for employment in hotels, transport airlines, etc. The way the tourism sector of India is increasing, it is believed that by 2025 the government will create almost 40 million job opportunities for the youth.

 It sounds unbelievable, but with the history of the country’s tourism sector, it is not impossible.  Working in the tourism sector can be extremely exciting as you travel around the world, assist foreigners and get good pay. To work in the tourism sector, you must have good communication skills, excellent English proficiency, and fantastic hospitality skills. 

Popular Job in Tourism

The significant jobs that are most in-demand in the tourism sector are:

  • Travel agent
  • Tourist guide
  • Tourism managers
  • Airlines staff
  • Travel agency coordinator
  • Transport officers

National Tourism Day 2022 and its Theme

Since we all know the importance of the national tourism day and to be up to the mark of the motive of the state government organize various events to celebrate this glorious day. The celebration of the national tourism day goes on for 30 days, during which the ministry of Tourism organizes multiple seminars on the decided theme of the year. 

The theme of national tourism day is always related to India’s diversity and culture and how people should be grateful for all of that. The Ministry of Tourism also organizes competitions such as poster-making essay writing debate competitions on the national level in which the winner is awarded a prize. In 2021 the national tourism day in India was celebrated from 21st January to 22nd February.

Since the world is under a global crisis because of the covid-19 pandemic, this day was celebrated virtually.

 Thousands of people from all across the country attended the seminars organized by the Ministry of Tourism on the themeDekho Apna Desh.”  Keeping this theme was to motivate Indian people to visit tourist destinations of India and appreciate its beauty. On this theme, all the seminars that were organized were about how to share the importance of tourism and how domestic tourism is also beneficial for the country’s economy. 

For a country, international tourism is essential, but inland tourism is equally important as the former.  So to make people aware of the benefits of inland tourism, this theme was kept for national tourism day in 2021. 

Some of the Previous Themes of National Tourism Day

Every year the ministry of Tourism keeps a different theme on the national tourism day that reflects the upcoming agenda of the tourism sector. 

In 2020 the theme of the national tourism day wasTourism and Rural Development” that reflected that; this year, the Ministry of Tourism will be focusing on better livelihood and infrastructure in the rural areas so that tourism can expand in the local communities. 

In 2019 the theme wasTourism and Jobs: a better future for all”. This theme was related to the employment opportunities in the tourism sector for the youth. 

The government of India will celebrate national tourism day in 2022 with the same enthusiasm and appreciation towards the tourism sector. 

The Ministry of Tourism will organize National tourism day 2022 to have various seminars for the students and all the people around the country on a unique theme. If the day will be celebrated was solely or used to before the pandemic is not sure because of the uncertain times that we are living in right now.  But without any doubt, even the virtual celebration will be over the top to celebrate the national tourism day of India. 

Contribution of Other Institutions on National Tourism Day

The Government of India celebrates national tourism day 2022 and involves people worldwide in the seminars and the events that they organize. 

But, apart from this the small Institutions like schools and colleges also play their part in spreading the awareness among the students and people on this day.  Apart from the national level competitions, various schools and organizations conduct poster-making contests, essay writing, and debate competitions to have a brief knowledge about the importance of the National tourism day. Most of the NGOs and schools also organize picnics and visits to the historical monuments and places to acknowledge the tourism activity. 

Apart from the contribution of the schools, colleges, and government organizations in making this day most successful, even parents and families can celebrate this day. How? By visiting the tourist spots and teaching their children about the importance of tourism and how they can contribute to the Indian economy by being a part of the tourism sector when they grow. Every citizen of India must be grateful for their heritage and should permanently preserve them for a sustainable future. 


India is rich in heritage, and tourism is one of the best ways to make the best use of it. However, it has seen that governments always spend their financial assets On the growth and improvement of the tourist destinations and leave out other areas. In that case, the significant responsibility should be of the local people to maintain the beauty of their site. National tourism day is one of the most critical days in the history of India, and it should be celebrated in the same manner.

 We all like tourist places like Goa, Kerala, and Shimla, and we want to visit these places during vacations. Being Indian when these places can entice so much then it is evident that it would be something of a significant attraction for the foreigners. As we mentioned, domestic tourism is equally essential as International tourism is. We should visit the tourist spots and embrace the beauty and culture of the Indian states. 

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