October 3, 2022
National Vaccination Day

National Vaccination Day 2022

Every citizen is aware of the ongoing situation where the entire world is fighting against an outbreak of a pandemic. Every day thousands of people are dying in the country because of covid-19, and in this situation, the importance of vaccination has increased a lot. Indian government provides a lot of vaccinations for different diseases and young children. However, with covid-19, the drill of vaccination has grown even more. 

In no time, the country will be marking the national vaccination day, which we believe will significantly impact because almost everybody has understood the importance of getting vaccinated against a particular disease. 

National vaccination day is also known as immunization day, which is celebrated every year on March 16. 

People might have come to know about the importance of vaccination in recent times; however, for several decades, vaccination has saved humans from diseases. 

What is the Meaning of Vaccination?

Even though the vaccination day is also known as immunization day, there is a significant difference between the two that not many people are aware of. Vaccination refers to the act of getting a vaccine; however, immunization means being immune against a particular disease by being vaccinated. 

To maintain the primary health ratio of a country, vaccination plays a significant role. Hence, celebrating National vaccination day is undoubtedly really important. The entire world is getting to know the importance of vaccination, and in 2021 even the World Health organization emphasized the investment in vaccines significantly and how countries can provide vaccinations to all the people and in every region. 

Importance of Vaccination

The entire country is hustling right now to get a slot for vaccination of covid-19. But earlier, people did not know about the importance of vaccines that they understand now. Vaccination helps in preventing the spread of diseases, and it makes people immunized against particular diseases. Vaccination is entirely safe and effective, and they help your body fight against bacteria and germs. 

In the long term, vaccines do not have any side effects on the body, but it depends on person to person. People who already have severe health issues should carefully take vaccinations.  In the general public, you may also see few short-term side effects such as redness on the place where the person is injected, mild fever, and pain in hand. However, these side effects also happen based on the immune system of the patient. 

National Vaccination Day 2022 and its History

National Vaccination Day
National Vaccination Day

As we told you, the national vaccination day is celebrated on March 16th every year and the popular name of this day is immunization day. The national vaccination India was first celebrated on March 16th in 1995, and on this day 1st oral dose of polio vaccine was started in the country.

 The polio vaccine was initiated to eradicate polio, and along with this, the pulse polio campaign was also started by the Indian government. In the pulse polio program, two oral vaccine drops were given to children below five years. In India, the pulse polio program was a huge success because, in 2014, India was announced as a polio free country by the World Health organisation.

 It was a massive achievement in the history of India. As per the medical reports, the last case of polio was reported in January 2011 in West Bengal. Since the polio pulse program was a huge success, India started to pay more attention to vaccination. The Indian government also began to vaccinate people against severe diseases like TB, tetanus, mumps, and much more. 

Significance of National Vaccination Day

To say vaccination is not essential for the world is an understatement, and we cannot ignore the fact that if people are alive in this severe pandemic, it is because of vaccination only. Vaccines are beneficial when it comes to fighting against dangerous diseases that are known to humanity. With many vaccination campaigns, worldwide countries have eradicated hazardous and infectious diseases such as smallpox, measles, etc. 

As per the World Health Organization report, vaccines save almost 2 to 3 million people every year. Since covid is prevailing in the atmosphere right now, the Indian government is taking all the necessary steps and trying its best to get every citizen of India vaccinated for covid-19. With the celebration of national vaccination, the day the government makes people aware regarding the importance of vaccination and why people should get themselves their family members and children vaccinated in a particular disease. 

National Vaccination Schemes Adopted by the Government

The Indian government has launched various vaccination programs and schemes to help people. To make people aware of the schemes, we have mentioned a few of them below. 

Mission Indradhanush

Mission Indradhanush was launched in 2014 by J.P Nadda, who was the then Union Health minister.  Under this mission, the government planned to increase the immunization drive up to 90% all over India and keep it running by 2020.  Under the mission, Indradhanush people were provided vaccinations against eight treatable diseases such as diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus polio, measles, hepatitis B pneumonia, childhood tuberculosis, rotavirus diarrhea, and Japanese Encephalitis. 

Universal Immunization Programme

In 1978 The ministry of Health and Family welfare, the universal immunization program was started. Few modifications were made in 1989 so that the immunization program can cover all the states’ districts in an organized manner. 

In the universal immunization program, people were provided back scenes of oral polio hepatitis B, adult diphtheria, vaccine rotavirus vaccine pentavalent vaccine PCV, and much more. Other than these, also the government has launched various vaccination programs to provide more health security to the citizens of India. 

How is the National Vaccination Day Celebrated?

National vaccination day 2022 will be celebrated on March 16th. The government will hold various campaigns to make people aware of the importance of vaccination and boost their immune systems. The Ministry of Health conducts multiple programs and discussions so that citizens in large amounts can be educated about the national vaccination day. 

However, all the details regarding the day’s celebration are not revealed yet. Still, there might be chances that the Government of India would be releasing a new program to mark the national vaccination day 2022. And since India is under the severe attack of covid-19, the celebration of this day holds much more significance than it used to. 

The government does its bit, but what can the general public do? It is essential that People educate their fellow citizens and talk about the importance of vaccination. Right now, every citizen needs to get a shot of covid-19 vaccines because it is the only medium that can save lives. 

We understand these are dark times, and people might be drained physically, mentally, and emotionally with everything happening around them, but we cannot lose our hopes right now. 

People must also understand that since covid-19, vaccination booking is only happening through the internet. Few people don’t connect to the internet or don’t even know how to use it.  People with access to the internet and power should help needy people, and they can help their household help by booking a vaccination slot for them. 

These little things right now and showing humanity towards others can save India. We are in this together, and we can fight this. Make people aware of the importance of getting the vaccine. Tell your children, relatives and ask them to share this information further and educate the uneducated. 

Summing up

India will be celebrating National vaccination day 2022 on March 16th next year, and it is a massive day for the nation, considering whatever is happening right now. Every citizen must participate in this celebration and fulfill the agenda that the government initiated in 1995. In the entire world, immunization day is celebrated. 

As per the reports, India has become one of the widely vaccinated countries, which is another golden feather in the history of India. We can fight against every disease and make India the top country with the best healthcare facilities and ratio. Early vaccination is essential, especially for newborn babies. Educate uneducated people regarding the importance of polio vaccination that can help children in their future immensely.

 India is a country with a vast population, and most of the deaths in the country happen because of a lack of knowledge; and with proper knowledge, we can save tons of lives. 

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