November 27, 2022
National Voters Day

National Voters Day 2022 India

National Voters Day 2022 India

Every year National voters day is celebrated on 25th January in India.

National Voters Day Date

National Voters DayNational Voters Day DateNational Voters Day Year
Tuesday25 January2022
Wednesday25 January2023
Thursday25 January2024
Saturday25 January2025
Sunday25 January2026
Monday25 January2027

 On 25th January 1950, the election commission of India was founded; therefore, National voters day is celebrated to commemorate the foundation day of the election commission of India. 

Voting is one of the essential aspects of democracy, and the national voters day in India it’s celebrated as a day of encouragement for the youth of the country. In 1951 Indian constitution adopted the concept of the Universal Adult Franchise to mark the importance of voting in the functioning of democracy. 

What is Universal Adult Franchise?

Under the Universal Adult Franchise, every citizen above the age of 18 is eligible to vote in elections irrespective of their caste, class, gender, and gender.

Earlier, only people above the age of 21 were allowed to vote. But, in 1988, with the 61st amendment in the constitution, the Indian constitution reduced that age to 18 years.  The reason behind lowering this age was that it was believed that the young generation is more enlightened and literate when it comes to understanding politics.

 Therefore the national voters’ day is celebrated with the hope that things might change for the better and youth can exercise their responsibility and power to vote.  Every five years, the election occurs, and every citizen votes to elect the national, state, and local bodies representatives. 

The tagline of the national voters day is “Proud to be a voter-Ready to vote”.

Why is National Voters Day Celebrated?

Since votes contain so much power in the functioning of the Government, voter’s day also comes with immense significance to encourage people to come forward and contribute to the functioning of the Government and the constitution. The national voters day in India was first celebrated in 2011, and since then, it has been celebrated every year as a tribute to the election commission of India. 

The election commission of India governs the election process of the entire country and makes sure that the elections are conducted in a free and fair manner. All over the country, on the voters’ day people educate others regarding the importance of voting and the significance of the voters. 

India has a large population, and in the large population, there are many people above the age of 18, and they still do not participate in the electoral process. The reason can be the lack of interest in politics. Therefore to spread awareness among the youth, national voters day in India is celebrated. 

History of Election Commission of India

National Voters Day
National Voters Day

The election commission was founded in 1950 on 25th January. The functioning of the election commission is based on Article 324 of the Indian constitution. The head of the election commission is known as the election commissioner, who has a term of six years and is appointed by the president of India. 

The elections are one of the essential activities for the democracy of India, and for its fair conduct, the election commission states few regulations and overlooks them. In the functioning and the power of the election commissioner, nobody can interfere except the president of India. 

Even the President of India can interfere in matters related to the election commissioner if the election commissioner hasn’t done his or her duty correctly. The election commission has the authority to cancel the application by a candidate if the candidate is not eligible for contesting in the election. 

Why is the Young Generation the Main Target?

It is evident that the youth of India is not very interested in the Matters of politics, and they are not well aware of the significance of their single vote. The primary motive behind celebrating national voter’s day is to impart a sense of importance that the votes have among the young generation. 

Youth has a sense of opinion, and they can perceive things as right and wrong instead of just believing in certain philosophies. But even after reducing the age, the young generation has never been interested in politics the way they should be. The initiative by the election commission of India is proper thread awareness regarding citizenship and the participation by the youth in the upcoming elections so that they can have a better representative. 

Celebration of The National Voters Day

On the national voters day, the election commission of India organizes an event to celebrate this day, which is graced by the government ministers, President of India, and the prime minister of India. National voter’s day is not celebrated commonly, but every year it is marked with a unique theme that gives an essential message to the nation’s people.

 Every year the election commission sets a unique National voters day theme.  In 2021 India celebrated its eleventh National voters day, which has the theme of “Making our voters empowered, vigilant, safe and informed”. 

The motive of the theme was to call for active participation by the voters in the elections. The theme also pointed to the responsibility and the efforts that the election commission of India will make in the coming elections during the worldwide pandemic. With the worldwide pandemic National voter’s day was celebrated differently in 2021 with an innovative theme like every year.

As you know, national voters day has a different theme every year. Let’s look at some of the previous themes of this day.

  • 2020: Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy
  • 2019: No Voter to be left behind
  • 2018: Assessable elections
  • 2017: Empowering young and future voters
  • 2016: Inclusive and qualitative participation
  • 2015: Easy registration, Easy correction
  • 2013: Inclusion
  • 2011: Greater participation for a stronger democracy

India’s election commission kept these themes with a unique motive for working extremely hard in the next elections for these themes to come true as a reality.  It is believed that the national voters day 2022 will also have a unique theme, and it is hoped that by the following year, the condition of covid-19 would be better so that the national voter’s day can be celebrated with the same enthusiasm as every year. 

 Events in National Voters Day Celebration

National voter’s day is celebrated in the presence of various ministers and the President of India. The event that the election commission of India organizes on this freshers day contains a lot of glorifying events.  The celebration of  voters day starts with the welcome speech in which the honorable chief guest, the President of India, is welcomed. 

The event also contains many cultural events in which you can witness a lot of folk dances, folk music, different competitions related to music drawing on various themes. In the celebration of national voters day 2021, the President of India Ramnath Kovind attended the event virtually amid the global pandemic.

 In 2021 on the national voter’s day, the President of India also launched “Hello voters,” a web radio of the election commission of India. To commemorate the day of national voter’s day every year, the Elector photo identity card is distributed to the five new voters as a form of encouragement and appreciation. 

On voters day, the new voters also get a booklet that states their rights and responsibilities.  Celebration these days is significant for strengthening the democracy of the country as it inspires people all over the nation to participate together in nation-building. 

Why Should You Be Part of This Day?

We have discussed the significance of national voters day, and we all can agree that our votes play a significant role in the formation of the Government of India.  In a democratic country like India, citizens are the essential aspect, and therefore the participation by the citizens on the political level is necessary. 

You might think that you cannot change the politics or the way the government is functioning and every morning up to reading a newspaper or news on your phone, you bad mouth the government. 

 But, what is the point if you cannot do your bit in the upliftment of the country? 

It is essential that every citizen understands and realizes the importance of each vote in the election process. National voters day is marked For spreading the awareness regarding that only. If you want a better country, you must choose the leader you think would be the best for you and the other citizens. 

You cannot change politics on a more significant level, but by doing a small thing like just giving a vote in the elections, you can start the change. 

Participation by Schools, Colleges, and Other Institutions

Foreshore National voter’s day is celebrated at the grand level by the government of India, but even small schools, colleges, and government organizations participate in the celebration of this day.  The state government gives instructions to the school’s colleges and other educational institutions regarding celebrating national voters’ day. 

To commemorate National voter’s day, various schools organize debates, quizzes, declamation, and competition related to national voters day. By organizing small quizzes and debates, they try to instill the value of democracy in the students. 

For the encouragement of the voter’s day in 2009,  the election commission of India started a program named SVEEP: Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation. Under this program, the election commission coined two slogans to describe the motive of this program. 

The slogans are: “Inclusive and Qualitative Participation” and “No voter to be left behind”.

The main motive of this program was to look for the complications due to which voters were not able to register themselves and find the reason why voters were not interested in politics at all. The national voters day in India is celebrated in every state differently, and it is one of the most critical government events that brings together the entire nation as one.

 In many states, schools and colleges organize rallies on national voters day in which thousands of students participate and spread awareness about this day. 

Other Institutions 

Various other government organizations also celebrate National voters day. Some organizations organized cultural events, whereas some host webinars related to the importance of voting. On this day, new voters take a pledge for being vigilant citizens of India and do not use the voting power that they have required in the wrong way. 

Various schools and colleges organized a poster-making competition slogan writing competition on the occasion of national voter’s day. All the cultural or political events that happen on the national voters’ day have a single motive of infusing the importance of voting and how votes can strengthen democracy.

How Can You Celebrate National Voters Day 2022?

Even if you cannot participate in the ongoing rallies organized on the national voters day 2022 on a smaller level, you can spread awareness regarding the voter’s day. You can make small efforts on your end to celebrate national voters day. Let’s see how. 

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  • If you are a student studying in school or college, we can organize small events in your institution related to national voters day. 
  • It can be a poster-making competition debate competition for small cultural programs to celebrate the significance of this day. 
  • You can also educate your neighbors regarding the importance of the voter’s day and why they should take the responsibility of being a citizen of India seriously. 
  • If you can not participate in Big rallies organized by the state government in an association, you can arrange a small demonstration for your area. 

The small efforts go a long way, and by doing these things, you can contribute to the motive that national voters day has. 


2022 National voter’s day is one such day that should be celebrated with great pompousness because it marks the establishment of democracy. Every citizen above the age of 18 must vote and participate in the government building. 

National voters day has immense significance as it celebrates the election commission of India’s efforts and responsibilities that has been working tirelessly for the past several years for conducting free and fair elections in India. 

After being inspired by India, several countries, including Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, started to celebrate national voters day in their respective countries. 

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