August 9, 2022
National Youth Day-Happy National Youth Day Images

National Youth Day 2022-Happy National Youth Day India

National Youth Day 2022

Youth is the building block of the country that takes it to the pathway of success. The greatest asset of the country comes from the youth that leaves a significant impact on how our future’s going to be like. The ideas and enthusiasm oil the machinery of the country with a plethora of innovative ideas. That is why it is essential to acknowledge their importance and commendable contribution of youth to the country. The youth fills zeal and energy and boosts the country in various ways. 

The way to social reformation and liberal thinking evolves through the young people who thrive on having their own opinions. The opinions then bring betterment to society. National Youth Day in India is celebrated to honor the most extraordinary leader, Swami Vivekanand, and spread awareness about the most significant asset that the youth is and how they can contribute to the country’s development. National Youth Day is celebrated in schools, colleges. Various programs are being organized where students or children with processions, speeches, conventions, competitions in writing, debating, etc. It is celebrated on different dates across the world. 

National Youth Day Date

Wednesday12 January2022
Thursday12 January2023
Friday12 January2024
Sunday12 January2025
Monday12 January2026
Tuesday12 January2027

Significance of National Youth Day

The revolutionary ideas put forth by Swami Vivekanand are still recited by students that prompt them to walk in his footsteps. Swami Vivekanand focussed on channeling the energy of youth for the betterment of the country. They wanted the youth to recognize their potential and voice their opinions. His objective was to inspire youth to an extent where they could stand with the Britishers, face the atrocities and attain Independence. 

Swami Vivekanand was called the “National Saint of India” because of his continuous and rigorous efforts to boost youth’s potential. He always carved out paths of success by stepping out of the comfort zone. He believed that a person could attain almost anything if he has the courage to see beyond what it is and what he desires to become.

With having hopes of a developed India, Swami Vivekanand aspired to lead the vision of youth and transform them into reality. National Youth Day is celebrated to honor his principles and ideals that he had for us. On National youth day, we commemorate his revolutionary ideas that hold utmost importance for us. 

Behind National Youth Day in India- History and the Past

National Youth Day is celebrated to honor Swami Vivekanand’s birth anniversary. Swami Vivekanand held the values of thinking out of the box and voicing his opinions. His commendable speeches overseas mortified everyone. His motive was to channel the energy and potential of the youth into concrete ideas. 

Swami Vivekanand was born on 12th January 1863 in Kolkata, a Hindu spiritual leader and reformer whose endeavor was to put humanity to its best use. His outstanding speeches and calculates words driven by thorough knowledge is enshrined in our memories. He glorified India’s image in various countries and made us proud. 

National Youth Day-Happy National Youth Day Images
National Youth Day-Happy National Youth Day Images

In 1893, he was chosen as the spokesperson at the World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago. His speech captivated everyone’s attention. The words spoken by him at this conference immortalized everyone. A newspaper portrayed him as “an orator by divine right and undoubtedly the greatest figure at the Parliament”. Consequently, he was offered to give speeches worldwide. The zeal and wisdom that he poured into millions of minds are still remembered and cherished by everyone. He lectured in the United States and England, spreading pearls of wisdom. 

Swami Vivekanand focussed on the objective of forming ideas and voicing opinions that the youth have so that they could face Britishers and gain independence. He wanted to achieve peace and stability for India through knowledge and Education. He believed that if you have an idea and want to implement it in life, you need to feel the idea every day and work on it, leaving everything behind, focusing primarily on it. And he shall be able to attain what he envisioned in his mind. 

He believed that in attaining thorough knowledge of the subject you are interested in. his speeches were backed by immaculate ideas and a deep understanding of the subject he talked about. He wanted to inspire students to an extent where they put forth their ideas and accomplish them. To encapsulate his hard work and revolutionary vision for youth, we celebrate National Youth Day in India on 12th January every year to promote his ideas and give a push to the Youth. 

How to Celebrate National Youth Day 2022?

2022 National Youth Day is also known as Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, is celebrated to glorify his ideas and values. On 12th January every year, National Youth Day is celebrated in colleges, schools, people organize conventions to encapsulate the learnings and boosting Youth. Everyone reverences the youth, which is the prominent part of the country through camps, society functions, youth conventions, etc. 

Here are a few ways the youth can be utilized to its full potential.

5 steps for the Development of Youth to its Full Potential:

  1. 34 percent of the population comprises of Youth. By enabling them opportunities to put forth their ideas and giving financial support can bring a significant change.  
  2. The children in schools should be given practical classes on what they want to pursue and the liberty to pursue it as a career option. 
  3.  From governance to polity and racism to patriarchy, Youth holds insights and opinions that could be the revolutionary change. They should be able to express themselves freely. 
  4. The formation of youth organizations that could address youth’s primary problems could result in promoting encouragement among them to voice their ideas. 
  5. The policies and regulations should be specifically youth-oriented for the 34 percent population of the country so that they can utilize the resources of the country better and in a uniform way. 


How to Celebrate National Youth Day:

On 12th January, the people of India come together and participate in several activities to promote youth in different fields such as art, culture, education and foster principles of life with the glorification of individuality. 

In different states, National Youth Day is recognized through a plethora of activities. For instance, in Uttar Pradesh, Mission Bhartiyam plans a two-day event on a major scale to remote youth of India. The event is famously called Basti Yuvo Mahotsav. Various government entities and non-profit organizations participate and be a part of this grand event. 

There is another event called the National Youth Festival where people from all over India gather and participate in cultural and educational activities to promote unity and innovation among them. 

In Ramakrishna Math and mIssion centers, National Youth Day is glorified in a traditional way such as divine worship, through meditation, organizing devotional sog programs, a home that is a fire ritual, offering evening prayers (sandhya aarti), and through religious events. 

All the teachings are encapsulated in the book called “The Complete Works of Swami Vivekanand”, available in nine volumes. The teachings and quotes are recited and used in speeches organized on National Youth day as a source of inspiration for many children out there struggling to harness their potential. All over India, National Youth Day is celebrated in schools, colleges, and societies by promoting healthy competitions and youth conventions.

You could celebrate National Youth Day 2022  by organizing an event in your college or taking part in these competitions. You could also be a part of the National Youth Festival and meet people from all over India. It could provide good exposure to the ideas and experience of seniors which you can employ in your life as well.

Or you can simply write a blog or an article about all the teachings and lectures of Swami Vivekanand Ji and enlighten people around you about the progressing ideas and vision. Reach out to youth organizations and ask for volunteer work to get an overall fantastic experience. It gives you a chance to meet a plethora of study circles or service projects.  Above all, you should know the immense teachings that Swami Viveannd has left us. Explore by surfing the net and being small changes in your life by implementing them. 

The theme of National Youth Day 2022-

National Youth Day 2022 Theme is- It’s All in the Mind. 

The Government of India keeps a new theme for each year on the occasion of National Youth Day. The theme is chosen according to the relevant and contemporary scenario in the country. Yuva Diwas becomes colorful and meaningful by adding a  theme to it. It helps in the unification of the country’s Youth. 

For instance, in 2020, the theme was set as “Channelizing Youth Power for Nation Building”.

For National Youth Day 2021, the theme was “YUVAAH- Utsah Naye Bharat ka” which essentially filled motivation in Youth to progress in a healthy way. The theme for National Youth Day 2022 is It’s All in the Mind. But amidst pandemic and the hardships that people are facing, it would honor the diligent and determined work that everyone puts forth. Their commendable work is appreciated by the whole country. 

Some Teachings of Swami Vivekanand-

The Hindu Spiritual leader held the significance of humanity, responsibility and primary duties. The exemplary figure that Swami Vivekanand was, he spread his teachings overseas and within the country as well. He envisioned to self-assess and devoted his life to making the world a better place. 

His teachings abridged following values that you could follow in your life-

  • For him, Education is the most powerful weapon to bring a change in society and even to win a war. In today’s life that stands completely true and practical. To overcome any kind of problem, from the personal level to national level issues, education is the only tool that could foster growth and give optimized solutions. 
  • Secondly, Swami Vivekanand said that there are three things that could make anyone great in any way. These were the first absences of jealously, the fear of almighty and helping the ones in need.
  • Swami Vivekanand believed in equality in all aspects. Be it gender or caste equality. He believed that a person should not be restrained because of any other factor than his knowledge. 
  • He fostered women’s empowerment in society. He firmly stood on the point that without women’s welfare, society can’t progress. 
  • In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is pertinent to engage in Yoga and Meditation.

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Happy National Youth Day to You!

Now you know all about Happy National Youth Day and its significance. Implement Swami Vivekanand’s ideas, who always hoped for a strong and empowered youth and transform your ideas. Be the change of the future!

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