December 1, 2022
super singer 8 winner is Sridhar Sena

Super Singer 8 Winner, Runner-up Name | Grand Finale Finalists

After a fantastic journey, Season 8 of Super singer has near its end. India will soon get its new champion which will precede his journey into a singing career.

This season was damn successful as Vijay T.V; the channel which telecast this show gained really good TRP’s and this is the reason that Super singer season 8 is that much successful.

It was really difficult to choose anyone, but this is the rule, there has to be one winner to end this beautiful journey. The auditions were really successful and later on, the deciding criteria for qualifiers were shifted to an audience vote.

From starting the candidates were competing in ultimate ways, each one of them was giving more than their best which made the qualifications and selections really difficult and hence the organizers decided to keep 6 finalists.

Out of which one will be the winner, the other will be Runner-Up and Second Runner-Up, the last will not be eligible for any title but yes there will be a lot of gifts and prices.

The winner of Super Singer season 8 will also receive a marvelous trophy and his/her name will be added to historic artifacts of the super singer legacy.

Journey of Super Singer Season 8

The competition started with auditions and there were a lot of regions, there were a lot of raw talents around the nations which visited and showed their caliber to judges, not all of them were but some of them who impressed the judges via their talent marked their place in mega auditions.

Then the show shifted towards Mega-auditions, the bar was raised and now the candidates were competing with the selected ones and only the top 18 were supposed to be selected for next round, this is the toughed round as this is the last stair to enter the show.

Then the show entered into phase 1 where all the selected participants started showing their talents, the voices were so good that some of them were sounding better than the original singers of the performing songs by the participants.

The caliber was massive and these raw talents were literally setting the stage of Super singer season 8 on fire.

Then came the shredding part, the point where organizers and judges starts shortlisting the best ones and this started with the first elimination. 

Later the elimination started happening every week and the result considering power were shifter to viewers and the audience used to vote for their favorite candidate and the participants started to gain their fan base.

Later when the show started gaining TRP and it became difficult to shortlist more and in order to make the Finale more interesting, the organizers gave us the top 6 finalists which will compete on the 26th of September to win the title.

List of top 6 Finalist of Super Singer Season 8

It was never easy for any of them to secure the positions as there were a lot of eliminations and other shredding procedures, these entire finalists gave their everything to reach here and will perform one last time on the stage of this melodious show to win the title.

Here is Top 6 Finalist –

  1. Abhilash V.
  2. Anu Anand
  3. Bharat Rajesh 
  4. Maanasi Kannan
  5. Sridhar Sena 
  6. Muthu Sirpi 

One of them will win the title on the 26th of September and will make a new history; there will be a shining career for all of these.

Super Singer 8 Winner –

Super Singer 8 Winner
Super Singer 8 Winner

Grand Finale is now live and we will post super singer 8 winner very soon stay tune with us.

super singer 8 winner is Sridhar Sena
super singer 8 winner is Sridhar Sena

and the winner is

Super Singer 8 Winner is – Sridhar Sena

Super Singer 8 Runner- Up – Bharat Rajesh 

The Runner-Up and Second Runner-Up will also win the title and secure a place in the history notes.

To know the finalist don’t forget to watch the show and come back here to know the name of all the rank holders.

We will update the name of all the winners on the 26th of September when all these participants will perform for the last time and one winner will be decided on the basis of audience votes. 

Super Singer 8 Winner –

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