November 27, 2022
Tamil Calendar 2021

Tamil Calendar 2021, Festivals and Holidays

Tamil community belongs to southern part of India, the state Tamil Naidu and other nearby sates follow the language Tamil and those people are called Tamilian. Tamil people follow Tamil Calendar 2021 for all the upcoming important occasions.

India is a very diverse nation and there are multiple caste and culture, one can see changes in language and culture in every 10 kilo meters in India. Tamil calendar is followed by the people who live in southern part and communicate in Tamil Language.

Tamil is a recognized language in India and there is large population in southern part of nation who communicate in this language and hence it becomes important to have personalized things in Tamil Language like Tamil Daily calendar or Tamil monthly calendar 2021.

Daily Tamil calendar or Tamil calendar 2021 works just like Hindu calendar; this calendar too depends on positions of star moon and planets.

There are many similarities in Hindu calendar and 2021 Tamil Calendar as both the calendar works on natural celestial bodies. The major difference between both the calendars are changes in language, despite of language the most of the things are similar in each other.

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Some widely known Tamil Calendars 2021

Tamil Calendar 2021
Tamil Calendar 2021

These are some widely known Tamil calendars according to sales, reputation and presence in market-

  • Om Tamil Calendar
  • Nila Tamil Calendar 
  • Nithra Tamil Calendar 

Significance of Tamil Calendar 2021

Tamil calendar has great significance in major pollution of South India and some minor population of Malaysia, Singapore and Mauritius.

This Tamil calendar can be called a sub calendar of Hindu calendar as the dates, the events and other important aspects are almost similar, it’s just a different language in Tamil calendar.

The farmers of Tamil Naidu and other regions where Tamil is spoken, refer to this calendar for agricultural events as well, according to the people starting cultivation on a specific date, mentioned in Daily Tamil calendar will lead to better crop quality and better volume.

There are many festivals which is celebrated in whole nation mentioned in 2021 Tamil calendar, according to the our research, this calendar follows the concept of “nirayanam vernal equinox” and the new year in this calendar starts from April just like Hindu Calendar.

Tamil Language is highly influenced by old Hindu language and mother of almost every language, “Sanskrit” and the names of months, season and days in this calendar are similar to Sanskrit words. And the people in Southern region carry great significance of Sanskrit language.

The Sixty year cycle concept, which is also mentioned in Hindu calendar, the todays Tamil calendar also follows sixty year cycle which means that after every sixty years all the events, festivals and all other important days repeat themselves in same order as before sixty year.

In simple language the calendar repeats itself after every sixty years and this concept in followed by most of the calendars in India which is more accurate than many modern calendars as well.

Tamil Monthly Calendar 2021; auspicious month for Vrat and Puja

Tamil daily calendar and Tamil monthly calendar has great significance for Tamil Hindus living in southern region and in other nearby countries.

Just like Hindu calendar, Tamil calendar too has some important and auspicious months and days, doing some specific puja with traditional methods and doing Vrat (fast) on these days can help in getting rid of negative things.

Tamil Calendar’s months are decided on the sun’s sift from one position to other and the time when sun is near to earth, that month is considered as good time to pray and the time when sun is far from earth that is not a suggested or good time.

The months of this calendar are decided by the position of Sun as Sun is considered is the power source for whole universe, and the name of days are decided according to stars.

In some rare cases the name of months in Tamil daily calendar is also kept on the name of stars, this depends of any holy event in the ancient history.

Name of Week in Tamil Daily calendar-


Planet or Load Name in Sanskrit  English Calendar Names Name in Tamil
Sun Ravi-vaasara Sunday ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை
Moon Soma-vaasara Monday திங்கட்கிழமை
Mars Mangala-vaasara Tuesday செவ்வாய்க்கிழமை
Mercury  Budan-vaasara Wednesday புதன்கிழமை
Jupiter Guru-Vaasara Thursday வியாழக்கிழமை
Venus Sukra-vaasara Friday வெள்ளிக்கிழமை
Saturn  Shani-Vaasara Saturday சனிக்கிழமை

Name of Months in Tamil Daily calendar-

English Calendar Names  Name in Sanskrit Name in Tamil
Mid of April to Mid of May Chaitra  சித்திரை
Mid of May to Mid of June Vaisakha  வைகாசி
Mid of June to Mid of July Jyaishtha ஆனி
Mid of July to Mid of August Ashadha ஆடி
Mid of August to Mid of September Shravana ஆவணி
Mid of September to Mid of October  Bhadrapada புரட்டாசி
Mid of October to Mid of November Ashwina ஐப்பசி
Mid of November to Mid of December Karttika கார்த்திகை
Mid of December to Mid of January  Margasira மார்கழி
Mid of January to Mid of February Paushal தை
Mid of February to Mid of March Magha மாசி
Mid of March to Mid of April Phalguna பங்குனி

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