July 2, 2022
Telugu Calendar 2021

Telugu Calendar 2021, Festivals and Holidays

Telugu is a widely popular language in the Southern Part of India, the people who spoke Telugu prefer the Telugu calendar 2021, this language is mostly spoken in Andhra Pradesh and the newly formed state Telangana.

This calendar is very much similar to Tamil Calendar and Hindu calendar. Almost every calendar in Hindu significance has been originated from Hindu calendar and Telugu calendar is also originated from Hindu calendar.

According to our ancient writings, Sanskrit (which is oldest language in world) is mother of all languages, as Sanskrit was difficult to write and communicate; Hindi language was originated from Sanskrit which was way easier than it.

Just like Hindi, Telugu was also originated from Sanskrit and there can be many similarities found in both the languages as well as calendars. 

Telugu Calendar holds great significance for the people living in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and other nearby areas. Telugu language is not that popular compared to Tamil and Telugu Language was also formed after Tamil.

According to stats, around 75 million people speak Telugu and hence having a separate Daily Telugu calendar and Monthly Telugu calendar becomes really important.

Some widely known Telugu Calendars

Telugu Calendar 2021
Telugu Calendar 2021

These are some famous and widely know Telugu calendar which are used by the local people, these calendars are listed on basis of sales and market presence.

  • Venkatrama & Co (Venkatrama Telugu calendar 2021)
  • Sri Srinivasa & Co.
  • Panchanga Katha
  • Telugu Calendar Panchang

Significance of Telugu Calendar 2021

Telugu calendar came into the limelight when Telugu language was recognized by the Indian Government; there were many disputes on it as this was second language in Southern region of nation after Tamil which was asking for reorganization.

India is really diverse nation and there are multiple languages being spoken, out of them only 20% has been recognized by the Indian government including Tamil and Telugu.

Telugu Calendar follows the concept of Kalachakra (Time-Cycle) which was invented by Hindu God, “Load Brahma” which is also known as the creator of the earth.

This time cycle resemble itself in every 60 years and hence it is also called 60 year cycle, according to this Telugu Daily calendar will be exact same like it is today after 60 years. 

Telugu Year 

Telugu calendar is also known as Telugu year which works on a specific Era of 60 years which is also combines to make a Yuga.

The concept of Telugu year is simple yet important, according to this the time repeats itself after every 60 years and in some ancient books this is also called a time loop, but the incidents don’t repeat, the dates, days and the events does.

This time circle combines to make Telugu year and this Telugu year is concluded to be Telugu Calendar.

There is specific name of each year and according to this concept the names repeat itself and this process is also Kaalchakra. 

For example the Telugu Year of 1954 was named as Jaya and after 60 years 2014 was also named as Jaya.

Telugu Daily calendar and Telugu monthly calendar’s events are decided on the basis of changing positions of stars moons and other planets but the name of each year is fixed.

Telugu year 2021 is called Plava.

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