November 27, 2022
Vikram Vedha First Look

Vikram Vedha First Look

Hrithik Roshan is one of the most famous faces in the world. He is especially famous for his fit body and green eyes and various incredible stunts performed by him in various movies. Also, he has incredible dancing skills. He is nowadays busy in the Hindi remake of Vikram Vedha.

Vikram Vedha First Look: The first look of Hrithik Roshan’s character ‘Vedha’ was released on his birthday.

Vikram Vedha First Look
Vikram Vedha First Look

Vikram Vedha is a Tamil Blockbuster movie in which R Mahadevan and Vikram’s role Vedha’s role played by Vijay Sethupathi. In its Hindi remake, Vikram’s role is played by Saif Ali Khan, and Hrithik Roshan plays Vedha’s role, and both versions of the movie are directed by the same director named Pushkar Gayatri.

There was a discussion for a long time about making a Hindi remake of this blockbuster movie, and it was decided to make it. But everything about this movie, even the star cast, is suspenseful for audiences, but it was decided that on Hrithik’s birthday, they will out the face of Vedha, and I’m the wait is over for the fans first look of Vedha is posted.

Hrithik is looking incredible in this look with his big hair and blood drops on his face and neck, he is looking in rough and tough character, and everyone is going crazy after seeing this look of Hrithik. He has a big beard and has sunglasses on his eyes.

Now the first look related to the movie is released, but the first look of Saif is not released yet, but I hope it will be released soon. There is also a considerable role of Radhika Apte in the movie, and fans are already curious about the movie. 

Today is Hrithik’s 48th  birthday, and still, he is looking like a 30year young guy, and he gives his fans happiness by giving them the first look of Vedha on his birthday. Hope to see the Blockbuster movie as soon as possible.

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