October 2, 2022
What is Today?

What is Today Special India ? ( National Day, Festivals, Vrat, World Day, International Day )

What is Today – 26 September 2021

Happy Daughters Day 2021

As the human civilization is developing, there are multiple developments in different channels, most of the things are invented by us and we celebrate different days of different inventions, civilizations, influencing incidents, and many more.

It is important to celebrate days to remember the things, to remember the struggle and life before the inventions and changes.

We have so many changes and days and hence it becomes important to know which day is today? We have multiple days on the same date and day around the globe. In this big world, there are many days which are celebrated on someone’s birth date that brought changes to something. Every day is a special day on its own; it’s really difficult to know which special day is today?

To overcome this problem we are coming with a system which complete list of all the special days around the world. It will be easy to find out which national or international day is today?

Let’s talk about what is today? Today can be a birth anniversary of a famous personality like Dr.Rajendra Prasad, the first president of Independent India. He brought change to the nation by showing a poor born child can become a president of a great nation like India from his educational knowledge.

Today can be a death anniversary of a famous poet who provided some great writings which were impactful and the world remembers the power to pen via him.

Today can be an invention day of Electricity, which brought massive change to human civilization.

We have multiple national and international days daily and hence it is difficult to remember and find out but on the same hand, it is very important to know about these and to promote it, so that we can set up an example to the upcoming generation which special day is today. By doing this we are taking forward our legacy and struggle.

You woke up today and you have no idea today which special day is? You cannot enlighten the next generation about the importance of an important day that can add value to someone’s educational development.

So how you are going to find out today is what day? By sitting in India you cannot know about the days celebrated in other countries with ease because India itself is having a lot of days to celebrate but the days of other countries can also help in developing knowing and learning at least something from it.

What is today?

What is Today?
What is Today?

A very basic question that can have multiple answers, it can be Sunday, it can national sports day, and it can be international yoga day, and many more. There are a lot of days which different yet valuable importance.

And to know what is day is today? You must have some written planner of days. We will be providing those planners every possible day which we can mention in it.

The agenda is to have the exact answers when we question ourselves about today what special day is. So, that we move ahead with some knowledge and pass it to others.

When we discuss what’s today we should know what happen today back in centuries or decades which changed the world, which gave something valuable which helped the human civilization to develop.

We must know what today’s date special is, as the changes are also measured by date, not just only by days. Each date has its own value and it’s not easy to remember and know every possible date but it is possible to have a date planner to remember down these things.

What is the issue in remembering what day is today?

Let’s understand this issue which an example, we are assuming that today is a special day in India, a person was born here who made changes to the world with peace like Mahatma Gandhi.

He followed non-violence and peace for his whole life and resulted in the freedom of India from the British Kingdom. Gandhi Ji practiced and promoted peace and hence 2nd of October is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti, “The day of peace.”

On the same day, there is the death anniversary of a person in any other country who made changes in the world via inventing a new educational system.

One has a birth anniversary that made changes and the other has a death anniversary who made changes, remembering and celebrating both days are important as via proper awareness we shall promote and encourage more people to become like them.

But knowing about those days by different in different location becomes difficult and that’s what we are discussing. The basic and easy solution for this is to make a compilation and frame it into a planner and that’s what we are planning for.

But before solving any issue, we must discuss and understand it. This looks like a very basic problem but once you think deeply about it you will understand the seriousness of this.

We cannot encourage newcomers to become like old ones who made drastic changes until and unless we promote it. The growth chart of human civilization we do not grow without having more people who make changes and to get that we must promote old veterans for it.

Role of the educational system in remembering days.

Educational institutions like schools colleges and universities play a most important role in depicting the importance of days and how they can and how they are bringing changes to the world.

Every educational institution has different fields, different subjects, and different streams, every subject had his/her old veteran who invented something and which turned out to be a great push for that specific subject.

There are many days that are celebrated in different educational institutions to promote and encourage your flowers. There are quizzes, polls, and other healthy competition for better engagements which keeps excitement for those special days.

Many schools have events like Today’s Special, in which they conduct quiz and other fun activities about the days which really helps in keeping the importance of those days.

There are many events in which students compete with each other in terms of day’s knowledge; this really helps in establishing a great connection of young generation with the old one which brought changes to the world.

Today Festivals in India and their significance

India is a diverse nation which has 29 states and different union territory, a nation with multiple cultures and millions of god.

The public in India believes in different gods and the different days are celebrated to worship these gods. There are many chances that today are the birth date of an Indian god who has origin in the southern part of the nation and a day on which an Indian god killed a demon who has origin in the eastern part.

Both the days are important for the people and both the days are celebrated with different methods but the same belief. There can be a person sitting in the southern part of India, somewhere in Tamil Naidu who is worshiping gods of the eastern part.

And there can be a person sitting in the northern part like Kashmir who is worshiping gods of the Western regions like Gujarat.

With so much diversity, it is really important to know the dates and have a planner of these days.

India Vrat Today

We understood the importance, significance, and diversity in gods and Indian belief, the different worship days had different worshiping methods.

Some methods include having a Vrat (Fast), which is a practice of not consuming any food, and not even water in some cases. Indian belief that this is a sign of sacrifice to god and the god will treat us with good health and wealth.

The problem of days becomes very crucial in cases of Indian Vrat as there can be days when two festival days occur on the same and which has different practice methods and different beliefs.

In this case, having information of time becomes the key of the solution, the days in India don’t occur according to dates but they occur according to the Hindu Calendar which operates on days and changing the position of planets and stars.

Having information about accurate Indian Vrat start timing can help in better preparations and once can complete his Puja with ease.

Wake up every morning looking for today is which special day and know the importance of that day and pass it to others, “Bring the change that matters to the world.”

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