November 27, 2022
When is Daughters Day

When Is Daughters Day 2022

Lets talk about when is daughters day 2022- National Daughters day is celebrated every year to honor the parents and their daughters and to show that they are appreciated and play a very important role in everyone’s life. Daughters are special bonds that tie the special knot with their parents and make them happy and blissful. A day when parents realize how special their daughters are for them. 

Daughters day is realized or recognized worldwide and this year we are all ready to celebrate Daughters Day on 25 September.

Origin of National Daughters Day

Daughters day was created in India and marked every year on the last Sunday of September. The day was created by Archies Limited who created this day and raise awareness and promise to balance the bond between the families. As we all know that in India, we have seen that giving birth to a girl child is a social stigma and giving preference to boys has been common in many parts of India. 

This day makes a special space for the daughters in the family’s space and makes them feel proud and educates all of them to show respect and love for them. This day was also created to equalize the imbalance of gender disparity. The issue of gender inequality was raised in front of the United Nations and to fill the gap by educating them and empowering them. 

Significance Of Daughters Day

Daughters Day is marked every year to value our daughter’s day. Daughters or betiyan often share a special knot with their parents. They commonly tend to take care of their parents when they are old. Parents also show affection, love, and respect to their daughters and make them educated and empowered. 

This day has special significance to spread awareness in the society towards daughters, reduce inequality, protect their education, health, and human rights. It also spreads awareness about child marriage, domestic violence against women, and sexual abuse. Along with this, this day also makes awareness of empowering the daughters. The position of women in a patriarchal society is not much better even today. Thousands of feticides take place every day.

How do we celebrate Daughters Day?

Daughters Day is celebrated to appreciate the affection of daughters and make them feel special. To celebrate the day, one can go shopping, go for a movie, or fathers can make them special by making some special cuisines. This will be a great opportunity for the family to show respect and love to their daughters. Celebrating the day with the family can prove to make this day special and blissful.

When is Daughters day 2022? 

When is Daughters Day 2022
When is Daughters Day 2022

To mark this beautiful day, we are jotting down when it is daughter’s day in the coming five years. Daughters day is celebrated to create awareness and make this day special to make the bond special between the parents and their daughters. There has always been a misconception about daughters. 

People kill their daughters in the desire of sons. This is the situation of almost all the developing and backward countries. The United Nations came forward to bridge the deep gap between boys and girls in society and on 11 October 2012, a day was dedicated for girls for the first time. Since then, a day has been dedicated for daughters in every country. Daughters Day is celebrated on different days in every country. When is Daughters Day 2021 in India- 26th September 2021

When is Daughters Day 2022- 25 September 2022 ( National Daughters Day )

Day Date Year
Sunday 25 September 2022
Sunday 24 September 2023
Sunday 22 September 2024
Sunday 28 September 2025
Sunday 27 September 2026

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To conclude, Daughters Day is marked every year and celebrated with great zeal and happiness on the fourth Sunday of September in India. This year we are going to celebrate National Daughters day 2022 on 25th September. Countries around the world celebrate this in their special way. It is a day to show your compassion and love for your daughter. One can send best wishes, beautiful flowers, chocolates, and love and blessings to their daughters.

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