December 1, 2022
When is Friendship Day ( Friendship Day Date 2022)

When is Friendship Day ( Friendship Day Date 2022)

Friendship Day is the day which is dedicated towards bond of friendship, this day is considered as the day for love for friends and their love and affection.

Friendship Day was first introduced into a concept in 1958 by the Republic of Paraguay which is a Spanish Country.

The fun fact about friendship day is initially it was known as greeting card day, as per the old friendship day tradition, people used to give greeting cards to their friends and hence it was called as greeting card day. Later it was changed to Friendship day, as the motive of exchanging greetings was to show affection for friendship day.

When is Friendship Day 2022?

When is Friendship Day ( Friendship Day Date 2022)
When is Friendship Day ( Friendship Day Date 2022)

Friendship day is celebrated on different dates in different countries, according to the data; the very first friendship day was celebrated back in 1958 on the 30th of July. 

Later in the year 2011 Friendship day got its reorganization on April 27th by the General assembly of the United Nations which declared 30th July as the official date of World Friendship day or Friendship day date. But every country has different dates and different concepts of celebrating friendship days.

Let’s discuss when is friendship day 2022 in India? As being a very diverse nation, India has also accepted many western cultures and the friendship day 2022 date in India is the 7th of August as in India the friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August.

In Malaysia, the happy friendship day 2022 date will be the same as India which will be the 7th of August as Malaysia also follows the same concept of celebrating friendship day on the first Sunday of August.

In Nepal friendship day 2022 is celebrated on 30th July, Nepal follows the declared date by the UN and follows the International friendship day concept.

Some other countries like Oberlin and Ohio celebrate friendship day on 9th April every year.

In all other countries, the date for friendship day is the same every year as per the declaration from U.N but the friendship day 2022 dates in India is different every year as the Sunday falls on a different date every year.

When is Friendship Day (Friendship Day Date)

Day Date Year
Sunday 1st  August 2021
Sunday 7th  August 2022
Sunday 6th  August 2023
Sunday 4th  August 2024
Sunday 3rd  August 2025
Sunday 2nd August 2026

The answer to the most common question i.e. when is friendship day? The day for showing love to friends will be celebrated on first Sunday in India and on 30th July in all other countries. 

On this special occasion don’t miss the chance to show love and affection to your friends. On this coming 7th of August be ready with some exciting gifts, greeting cards, flowers, etc. to celebrate this friendship day 2022.

Popular ways to celebrate Friendship day 2022-

Giving Greeting cards – This the oldest way to celebrate this day, today’s generation doesn’t prefer giving greetings cards. But this old tradition was the basis to celebrate this day.

Giving Flowers & Chocolates– Flowers and chocolates can be gifted to anyone on any occasion and if you are not convinced to give greetings and want to try something new for a change then gifting flowers and chocolates can be a good choice.

Exchanging Wrist Bands– This is the most popular trend, which came into the limelight in early 20’s, people buy wristbands and tie it to their friends which is a great way to keep love into your bond.

Happy friendship day 2022 date in India is the 7th of August and on the same date, Malaysia will also celebrate friendship day, stay tuned for information about days.

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