November 27, 2022
World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day 2022

Among the likes of electric cars, luxurious buses, massive trucks and expensive bikes, a very simple, efficient and sustainable means of transport has survived the technological revolution and held its head high, serving the common man even today. As children, learning to ride a bicycle was probably one of the most fulfilling moments for us, world bicycle day is celebrated

The wind rushing through our hair, the thrill of the adventure and the smooth ride downhill; the bicycle has always played a subtle yet important role in society. Recognizing this very fact, the United Nations has recognized the 3rd of June as World Bicycle Day, acknowledging the various benefits of cycling and the unifying role it plays in our ever-dynamic society.

History of The World Bicycle Day

Dr. Leszek Sibilski, a professor of sociology at Marymount University and a former member of the Polish National Olympic Cycling Team, is the man who is behind the establishment of World Bicycle Day. It all started with him writing a few blogs regarding the importance of cycling in our society and the need for its global recognition through World Day. Having worked on academic projects on bicycles, he attempted to find a sponsor for a UN resolution. 

After some initial failure, he worked with the Sustainable Mobility for All initiative (SuM4All) to convince Turkmenistan, a strong advocate of sustainable mobility, to support and sponsor the resolution. On the 12th of April, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly decided to unanimously pass a resolution declaring June 3 as World Bicycle Day, the resolution being championed by approximately 56 countries.

In an interview in 2018, Professor Sibilski admitted that his experience in cycling accompanied by his passion for social work had made him believe that he was destined to bring about such a movement. In its resolution, the U.N. acknowledged the bicycle as a reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable means of transportation and encouraged its member states to promote social development through this productive sport.

World Bicycle Day
World Bicycle Day

Significance of the World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day is a day to remind ourselves of the benefits of cycling. Not only does it increase our muscle strength and reduce body fat, but also helps us maintain a healthy heart. The physical benefits are innumerable. 

But the significance of the day extends much beyond the mere health benefits. Bicycles are a cheap and eco-friendly mode of transport. In times of unexpected levels of pollution, something as simple as a bicycle can go a long way in protecting the environment for our future generations. Its accessibility and ease of operation makes it a popular means of transport among the middle and lower class of people, ensuring that they have an independent method of travelling. According to a study, every 9 out of 10 people in Denmark own a bicycle, which goes to show the appreciation of the bicycle among developed countries.

How to celebrate World Bicycle Day 2022

The theme of World Bicycle Day 2022 is to appreciate the uniqueness, longevity and diversity of the bicycle, which has been used for over 200 years now. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, people used to gather for rallies, races and feasts to celebrate. 

However, in times of isolation and social-distance, people are encouraged to enjoy individual rides on their bicycles and share their experiences as well as fond memories of cycling, on social media. Recognise how this day and the bicycle can bring people together and enjoy the ride! As a Charles Catherine, a para-cyclist from France would say,

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