November 27, 2022
World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour

On one hand, we say children are the future leaders but on the other hand research by UNESCO in 2017 states that 264 million children do not go to school. How do we expect children to be future leaders if they do not even receive basic education? Due to various social and economic reasons, children drop out of school and start working as labour which takes a toll on their education and skill set. World Day Against Child labour was launched by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in 2002 to protect children from predators who hire them for cheap labour. Each year on the 12th of June is celebrated as World Day Against Child labour.

World Day Against Child Labour – A time to act

What is child labour?

What is considered child labour? If a child is forcefully made to work full time in an unsafe work environment with no access to education is called child labour. Children are the most vulnerable group in the world and to exploit these young children for cheap labour is a severely punishable crime. However, it is not child labour if the job in no way affects the growth of the child both intellectually and health-wise. This means helping their parents at home, in the family business, or taking up some part-time job after school hours is not considered child labour. 

The theme for this year’s World Day Against Child labour 2021 is “Act now: end child labour” indicating the urgency of this issue. Many children across the globe are being sold like things for slavery, prostitution, and other illicit activities. By having global days like these the ILO is trying to put an end to child labour by creating awareness of the seriousness of the issue.

World Day Against Child Labour
World Day Against Child Labour

Reasons for child labour?

Despite many restrictions, 218 million children around the globe neither go to school nor get proper nutrition. They are being denied the opportunities many other children get, even the simplest of ones such as proper food and clothing. The main reason behind this is the economic status of the family. In 3rd world countries that have severe rates of poverty, children usually give up education and take up low-skilled jobs to support their family. It is truly sad how at such a young age, they carry such a big burden. 

Another major reason is the lack of quality education. Living in rural areas, not all children have the access to good quality education near them. They often have to travel miles to get a basic education. This discourages the children and parents as some may not be able to afford the transportation charges. 

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The Impact of COVID 19 on Children’s Education:

Living amidst a global pandemic, many parents of inferior economic status are bending over backwards to make ends meet. To help their family, children have dropped out of school and started working. The educational institutions also have had no considerations for this and do not take any steps to reduce the fees to make it affordable for children’s parents who just lost their jobs. Many students also do not have access to internet connection or mobile devices to attend online classes which is another hurdle for students of fiscally weak background. 

How to Prevent Child Labour?

Step one to eradicate child labour is an effective educational system. Children become who they are from the things they learn at school. Every child needs to get a quality education with all the required amenities. Step two must be strong laws against child labour. It is a terrible crime to exploit children and profit from them and there must be severe punishments against it. Only the government of a country is solely responsible to truly bring a change by providing good schools. 

Those who commit this vicious crime do not realize the depth of the issue. By derailing young children into menial jobs, we are forcing them to have a bad future. As adults, it is our responsibility to help children and improve their life and the world around them. Let us use World Day Against Child labour to shine a light on the issue and solve it. 

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