July 2, 2022
World Elephant Day Poster

All About World Elephant Day 2022, Theme, Posters, History

The day has been created to bring the world together to honor the big beast, to help them, to spread awareness about them so that they are not hunted or brutally killed by the poachers for their tusks. World Elephant Day is marked every year on 12th August to spread awareness about the threat they are facing and bring some positive solutions for the same. Let us have a look at some of the important facts about the day and what is the need to celebrate.

Why is World Elephant Day celebrated?

The day is marked every year to create awareness about the wild beast so that their illegal hunting and poaching could be banned. It is a vehicle organization to create awareness and rally together and voice their issues to be able to protect them. The world elephant society was founded in November 2015 to support this cause and parting education for elephant conservation worldwide. 

Organizers of World Elephant Day 

World Elephant Day is an international initiative co-founded by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation and Patrica Sims, founder of the world elephant society which is a charitable organization that helps to spread awareness about the conservation of elephants around the world.


How is World Elephant Day celebrated?

People all over the world mark this day and celebrate in their own way by writing slogans, poems, creating awareness about the threats they are facing. Some of them even donate to the organizations to conserve and protect them, many signed pledge also to stop their poaching and hunting. 


Why World Elephant Day is celebrated?

The first international Elephant Day was celebrated on 12th August 2012 and since then this day is dedicated to the elephants and their protection. This day makes us understand and creates a mindset that people need to protect the tuskers and to improve the illegal poaching and trading of tusks, better treatment of the captive elephants. 


Threats faced by the Elephants

  1. Illegal hunting
  2. Friction of human-animal
  3. Bad behavior during captivity
  4. Poaching and killing for the ivory


Solutions to combat the threats faced by the Elephants

  1. Working together towards the better protection of the tuskers.
  2. Improve the illegal poaching and hunting
  3. Conserve their natural homes 
  4. Better treatment during captivity.

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Initiatives at the global level to conserve Elephants

For the conservation of elephants, a program MIKE ( Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants ) was established by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora( CITES). Around 28 sites participate in the Initiative MIKE in Asia and own fact, India has 10 sites that took part in the global step. 

World Elephant Day 2022 theme

This year again for one more time, we are all set to go to mark this day on Thursday, 12th August 2022 but this year under a new theme to protect this huge living animal. To celebrate the event, wildlife SOS has also announced to launch the ‘Toegrey’ campaign to solve the problems of chronic foot in the elephants.

World Elephant Day posters

World Elephant Day Poster
World Elephant Day Poster

World Elephant Day Poster 2021

All over the world, elephant lovers have designed so many posters with persuading messages and slogans to take urgent action at the global level to conserve, preserve and spread awareness for Asia and African elephants. Here we are sharing some of the beautifully made posters.


Here in the above article, we have jotted down about world elephant day and also mention the significance of celebrating this day. We have mentioned the threats faced and how to combat those threats with creative solutions. It is indeed imperative to understand that there is an urgent need to tackle the problem. Happy World Elephant Day 2022

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