November 27, 2022
World Environment Day poster

World Environment Day 2022

World Environment Day falls on 5th of June each year, most of you mustn’t have known that such a day even existed. So basically, it was first established by the United Nations in 1972 and has been going on since. The purpose of allotting an entire day to our beloved environment was to make the interactions between humans and nature healthier and cleaner. The UN has attempted to spread the word that we only have one earth and we should protect it. Its 2021 and the abundance of trees all over the world clearly signifies that we have changed for the better.

History about World Environment Day

The World Environment Day 2022 is being hosted by Pakistan and the theme is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. The theme revolves around greener towns and cities, afforestation, stopping the degradation of nature, etc. Each year there is a new theme which is generally related to protecting the environment.

World Environment Day poster
World Environment Day Poster

The Day has been growing in popularity as many renowned speakers participate to spread the message about the importance of nature, how it helps us, how we are destroying it and why we should have a healthy relationship with it, we know the drill. Almost 50 years have passed since its inception and the environment has degraded at a pace it never has. 

The UN’s attempt to protect nature has not been an entire failure but it has merely made a dent on the speed with which we, humans, are destroying our habitat. All of us humans know where we stand and how important it is to do something now or face extinction within a couple of decades. Many times, we listen to different speakers and get inspired to actually do something about the problem but end up using single-use plastics the very next day. 

Our thinking is extremely short-term, none of us are realising how grave the problem is. Extreme pollution, shifting seasons, increase in carbon di-oxide levels, high deforestation, etc. should have been good enough indicators to wake us up from the dream we are currently lost in. “It’s never too late” is a quote used many times and generally accepted. But it is really true in this case. It will surely be too late if we don’t act now. 

What Reminds Us of World Environment Day

Each year the World Environment Day is a constant reminder of the heinous acts we commit daily to wreck the exact place where we live. Not one person or one country but the entire human race is to be blamed for the failure World Environment Day has been. The UN started it with a very good intention but failed to implement it to the levels it would have originally wanted to achieve.

We have to do something right now to have a chance to save ourselves and our beloved Mother nature. And frankly it is not that hard, even if seven billion of us reform ourselves on a very small level such as not using single use plastic than the difference we could make would be immense. We can do many such things like buy eco-friendly goods, carpool, use public transport, opt vegan foods over meat, etc. These may seem very insignificant individually but if adopted universally, the positive effects will be off the charts. Why not start this World Environment Day? The theme is Ecosystem Restoration. Why not reform ourselves just a bit and strive towards this goal? The environment is pleading for a restoration. We, who have damaged it, are the only ones who can redo the damage caused. 

The Pakistan Government has announced plans to expand and restore the forests in the country through a mega project where a total of five billion trees will be planted over the course of five years. Such a step should be highly appreciated by world governments and each nation should also think how it can strive to plant as many trees as possible. On an individual level we can also plant different herbs and shrubs which will not only help the environment but also help increase fresh air in our houses and make them lively.


World Environment Day 2022 should kick off a decade where humanity restores the glory of our nature. We have to remember nothing is more powerful than nature itself and damaging it will lead to our ultimate destruction.

World Environment Day Date 2022- 5th June 2022

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