October 2, 2022
World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day 2022-Everything Know About WFSD

Food plays a major role in the life of every living thing. From plants to animals, it is important to consume nutritious food to lead a healthy life. However, it also matters that the food consumed is of good quality and is cooked properly. As Bethenny Frankel once said “ Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments. To bring this awareness to the public, the United Nations General Assembly in 2018 officially announced June 7th as World Food Safety Day. 

World Food Safety Day 2022-Everything Know About WFSD

The slogan for this initiative is “Food safety is everyone’s business” and as self-explanatory as the slogan is, this year’s theme is “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow” highlighting that it is one’s personal responsibility to respect and take care of their body by providing good healthy food. 

However, we do need to keep in mind that more than eating healthy, it is important that the food is produced, stored, and manufactured in a safe and sanitized environment to avoid contamination. It is also necessary to store food at home at the right temperatures and cook them appropriately. Foods such as raw meat can cause severe complications if not stored and processed rightly. 

Dangers of Foodborne Diseases:

Several deadly foodborne diseases affect people around the globe, according to the United Nations “600 million cases of foodborne illness annually” is recorded, and “420 000 people around the world die every year after eating contaminated food”. 

These alarming rates of deaths are a clear indication that there needs to be strict punishments and rules on producing or manufacturing food. The restaurant industry is one of the fastest-growing industries with a new restaurant popping up every other day, with strict regulations it is definitely possible to tackle these issues. 

Food and the Government:

The government of every country plays a vital position when it comes to the products of a country as they oversee the imports and the exports. As the governing body, it is their responsibility to make sure only good quality products are consumed by the citizens. Most importantly they need to focus more on agriculture and make sure to provide every necessary equipment for the farmers to gain a healthy amount of crop. The government usually does not concentrate on the farmer and only looks at the result, overlooking the hard work done by the farmers.

 A satisfied farmer leads to a good crop for the year and a good quality crop not only benefits the people but also benefits the government economically as the crops can now be exported for a higher price. The government also has control over the food manufacturers and it is essential to monitor them closely and rigorously to avoid any mishaps. In today’s life amidst pandemic, everyone is trying to save lives and not lose any.

World Food Safety Day
World Food Safety Day

How to Prevent Foodborne illness?

Always make sure to wash your hands clean before handling food. This is one of the simplest things a consumer can follow to have a healthy lifestyle in general. As mentioned earlier it is extremely important that meat and poultry are stored at the right temperature to avoid health problems and invariably never store raw and cooked meat in the same container. 

Whenever you have leftovers, refrigerate them immediately to maintain the freshness of the food. Do not buy more than what is needed as food is always better when it is consumed fresh and several days in the refrigerator will just make it lose all its nutrients. Last but not least when you feel like the food is spoiled, just throw it out or you can recycle it by making it into compost as food waste is also a major concern. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Health is the single most critical part of life, without good health nothing is possible. Always remember to put your health first. Treat your body respectfully and it will pay you back surely. Eat fresh, quality products. Happy world food safety day 2022!

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