November 27, 2022
world ufo day

World UFO Day

Space explorations are advancing every day, new advanced technologies are being founded that will take us closer to space. While we are on the topic of space explorations, one thing that always is a mystery is the existence of extraterrestrial objects and living things. One such ambiguous aspect is the existence of UFOs. On June 24, UFO enthusiasts around the globe celebrate World UFO Day to encourage the public to take more interest in helping to discover the truth behind UFOs.

What is a UFO?

UFO stands for “unidentified flying object.” It is often described as a flying disc that can not be identified or explained. However, many testimonials claim to have seen one. These are often related to whether there are aliens or any other extraterrestrial object that we do not know about.  

Why Do We Have World UFO Day?

World UFO Day celebrated to encourage scientific institutions to look deeper into the matter and for the government to “declassify” the file related to the pieces of evidence of sighting a UFO.

How Do We Celebrate World UFO Day?

World UFO Day is not just about UFOs, but it is about the mysteries of the universe that is yet to be unfolded by us humans. To celebrate World UFO Day, you can visit your nearby space planetarium or museums and learn about space and the universe. Then, you can have a family picnic on the terrace of your house, viewing stars and different constellations. 

What is the Roswell UFO Incident?

In the year 1947, a crash took place near Roswell, New Mexico. This crash led to many people speculating that it was a “flying disc”. However, The United States Army AirForces later revealed that it was just a weather balloon that had crashed. This only made the citizens more interested in it and UFO enthusiasts explored and tried to debunk the situation by finding out what happened.

Kenneth Arnold’s UFO Sightings:

world ufo day
world UFO day

On July 24, 1947, American aviator Kenneth Arnold claimed that he saw “nine flying objects in a tandem” that could not be identified. However, the US Air Force had again denied these claims and formally listed it as a mirage case. Arnold spotted these “flat pie-like pan” or “saucer-like” objects while flying in Washington, near Mount Rainier. 

Arnold’s claims were the first time that sparked a lot of conversation between the public about the existence of aliens or alien objects on earth. Using the description given by Arnold, the media termed it as a “flying saucer” or a “flying disc.”

Video Evidences:

Last April, the US Department of Defense released three declassified videos of “unexplained aerial phenomena”. These videos were somehow already leaked in 2007 and 2017, and the Pentagon claimed that they released the video to clear up any misconception regarding the videos. 

There are many speculations on this particular topic. However, we do need to realise that there are many things in this universe that humans are unable to uncover. Maybe in the future, we will have answers to all our questions; until then, Happy World UFO Day!

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